Venus opposing Uranus | a conclusion with that financial/partnership situation, something unexpected, cleaning closets and inboxes, whatever we own owns us right back so dumping whatever we are not loving equals greater freedom

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As Venus reaches 29 degrees Libra today she opposes Uranus at 29 degrees Aries.

Venus is still in her retrograde shadow - walking degrees she has walked before - and this is her third and final meeting with the future-leaning, freedom-loving, chaos and disorder providing Uranus.

This time she is strong in her home sign, although keep in mind she will be back in Scorpio on Monday (and a retrograde Mercury will be back in Scorpio tomorrow).

This aspect has been in play for awhile and now reaches an exact opposition. Squaring the North and South Nodes of Fate (Cancer/Capricorn) whatever we have going on is significant, even life-changing!

With Venus and Uranus at the powerful FINAL 29th degrees of the signs they occupy - this feels like the conclusion. They first opposed each other in mid-September and then again on Halloween - there could be a connection between those dates and what is happening now. Keep in mind though, both Venus and Uranus were in different signs then (Scorpio/Taurus), so the story has shifted.

Uranus is fast change and Venus rules our relationships, love, money, our values, resources, women and self-esteem. Something could wrap up now or change quickly on us. Oppositions appear to come from the outside and appear to be "outside" our control.

What houses do Libra and Aries rule in your natal chart?

EXAMPLE for Cancer/Cancer Rising - Venus in your 4th house vs Uranus in your 10th house speaks of a home/family/real estate/ home business situation. There could be an unexpected development or a conclusion regarding your living situation/people who live with you/your physical home/roots/mother possibly coming through authority/a public situation/you stepping into your own authority or greater responsibility. You have been back and forth with this situation. Your confidence is increased. You know your value now. You are making decisions/taking action from this stronger space. As Venus moves back into your 3rd house on Monday (and you may already be feeling this) you will be communicating, making decisions, signing contracts - from this stronger place. If you are doing this right - changes should offer greater freedom and have you leaning into your future. The North Node is in your sign Cancer - what can't you do?!

With the Moon in Virgo and making all kinds of aspects yesterday and today all of us could be stressed and BUSY.

Our focus might be on paperwork, getting organized, cleaning things up, our work, co-workers, our pets and our health. The Moon will be making nice with Pluto this afternoon - an especially good time to dump whatever is cluttering up our lives. Excellent energy to finish something, end an annoying or wasteful habit, cut the unnecessary crap from December's schedule because believe me we are going to be busy.

Tomorrow morning, after an early, short void, the Moon will move into Libra and Mercury will retrograde back into Scorpio. We will be more diplomatic and cooperative. Our thinking will shift from "big-picture" back into the details.

Back tomorrow with more on that.

xo all


Debby said...

OMG your example for Cancer is exactly what is happening to me - does Cancer rising mean Cancer in the first house? I have Cancer in my first house.

Catherine Ivins said...

Hi Debby- yes, Cancer rising is Cancer on the cusp of the first - a Cancer ascendant. Glad it fits - xo