Today's Astrology Forecast for Creatives | a push away from what is no longer needed, intense emotions, going deeper, intimacy, vulnerability, tears, back into the financial/relationship issues from a new, stronger perch, more SCORPIO

Tender. by Black Proserpine

Some of this week's major aspects are:

SUNDAY - Venus re-enters Scorpio, the Sun squares Mars
MONDAY - Uranus squares the North and South Nodes
TUESDAY - Mercury trines Chiron and North Node
WEDNESDAY - Sun squares Neptune
THURSDAY - Mercury stations direct (!)
FRIDAY - NEW MOON in Sagittarius
SUNDAY - Chiron stations direct

I am going to need to do dailies again, because my Sundays are not my own this month!

On MONDAY morning the Moon (in Libra) is going to oppose Uranus (retrograde in Aries). This speaks of a surprising situation with another person. This could be exciting (good) or shocking (not so good). We could also kind of instinctively (Moon) rebel (Uranus) against anything that has us feeling cornered or restricted.

People's emotions will be unpredictable.

With Uranus squaring the Nodes of Fate now - it might be the best way to deal with a disruptive situation is 1. to do what is most nurturing, especially self-nurturing 2. to allow ourselves to be vulnerable - not in some idiotic way with someone we can't trust, but we don't have to know everything/be solid and perfect - we can let our guard down a little bit and just be ourselves.

It's Uranus's job to force us away from what is no longer needed. Keep that in mind now.

Note - as that South Node moves through Capricorn over the next year, and as Saturn moves through Capricorn and toward Pluto - we are releasing alot of things that used to stabilize us - patriarchy in its own way was stabilizing. This is happening both individually and as a collective. The things we used to count on may not be there and we need to figure out - and this is what the last few years has been about - how to move forward on shifting sands, how to have faith in ourselves and in each other and in life. We will find the people in our lives who we thought were very stable and secure are not as secure/stable as they used to be either.

Mercury is back in Scorpio today and Venus re-entered Scorpio on Sunday. This is alot of water energy and Scorpio water can be stagnant. It's been there for a long time. Intense emotions are likely. Regrets about things we didn't do or the things that didn't go our way. The dark Moon is moving into Scorpio this afternoon, too - after going void from 1:16PM EST to 2:55PM EST.

There is much energy available for healing wounds that are very old and very deep.

Many things are reaching a conclusion now. We are releasing. There are endings. If you need a good cry, have a good cry. Sweating helps, too, if you have access to a sauna or just get some intense exercise. Water is everywhere this week!

Today we have the Moon retracing the steps Venus just made on Friday and then she meets Venus at 0 degrees Scorpio this afternoon. This is excellent energy for real intimacy - relationship/financial.

xo all

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