Mars Conjunct Chiron | the wounded masculine, the sacred masculine - healing/hurting/surrender, losing the battle to win the war, healing through right action, healing through righteous anger, healing through acceptance

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Last night Mars (our action, initiative, courage, masculine) met up with Chiron at 28 degrees Pisces. Wounded masculine meet our collective wounding. I have been feeling this building for weeks.

Maybe you have, too.

Contact to Chiron brings a physical/psychological/spiritual pain to our attention. Not with the intention of healing the pain (maybe more around the intention of feeling the pain). Although, yes, we want to heal our pain. We don't want to go around hurting or wallowing (and I hate this word "wallowing" like we are ducks in a pond swimming in circles, and it's not the right word because of course this is mostly an unconscious thing) in suffering.

But, whether Chironic wounds can be healed is uncertain. It's not likely. It is something we just have to learn to live with.

We didn't get what we wanted here and with this Mars contact we have to learn to live with the anger, the frustration, the resentment, the sadness of that.

There is the opportunity now - through Pisces, so that means water, forgiveness, connection, meditation, prayer, spirituality, God, compassion, letting go, endings - to release very old anger stored in our physical bodies. What is happening now is activating other times when we didn't get what we wanted, when we lost, when we had to let go of something/someone we loved, so everything is amplified.

Touching our collective wounding, we heal the collective when we heal ourselves (yes, even you with the runny nose - slow down, take care of yourself, stop pushing).

The key for people not working a major storyline this month, or being touched by someone who is, have likely been found in situations that require us to use the "right" amount of force. Asserting ourselves without pushing. Expressing our anger and frustration in healthy ways. Moving our physical body. Noticing that we are attracting angry people when we can't express our own anger. Yada, yada. You get the idea.

We are going to get past this, but not without feeling it.

At the least it is uncomfortable. At the most it will knock our legs right out from under us.

Keep in mind, we are here, on planet Earth, for the experience. Going through life looking at experiences as "lessons"  is very patriarchal thinking. It requires there be a right and a wrong way. It requires that someone else is grading how we are doing. Forget all that shit for awhile. Try thinking of what is happening as an experience you are having. Just having the experience changes us. All this "what did I learn from this?, what did I learn from this?" questioning, takes us out of the experience. Don't think too far ahead - didn't the last year with the South Node in Aquarius teach us anything? - we might just need to survive the f*cking experience. That might just be enough.

The story doesn't end here. The story never ends, but a new chapter is coming very, very soon and something is desiring a close. If we have reached some kind of "acceptance point" by now that might be a good thing (in the sense that it works in time with the energies). Grief can't be rushed and Chironic wounds can't be healed. But at some point some space of acceptance, some space of re-adjustment needs to be (and I guess will be) reached.

Today we also have the Moon (in Libra) squaring the Sun (in Capricorn) and then moving on to square Saturn - this is all early in the day EST. The Libra/Capricorn square is often balance issues around work or what we do in the world. Libra needs things to balance out. She needs to feel valued.

By 11AM EST the Moon is in better spirits for a couple hours as she sextiles Jupiter in optimistic Sagittarius. It's a good time to have a good time. Here's hoping we are all feeling that one as the 3rd quarter square (Libra/Capricorn) wanes. Avoid overdoing the alcohol now. Notice your triggers and innate escape mechanisms. Take care of yourself.

Next week we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn (15 degrees) that is going to kick off the next year. Have I said the biggest news of 2019 actually comes in the very beginning of 2020? Well, next week gets that story started - it actually starts on New Year's Eve when Mars finally comes home to Aries. We will all feel the "go, go, go" of that one!

In the meantime figure out what house is ruled by Capricorn and where Saturn (Capricorn's ruler) sits in your natal chart. Or email me or leave a comment and I will figure it out for you. The theme of that house - and its polarity - is about to become major, major for you.

Back tomorrow with the weekly and we'll start to look at 2019.

xo all


Mammo said...

My Saturn is in 12th house of Gemini
My Capricorn sits in 8th house along with Jupiter and North node. Thankyou for any advice with this.

Anonymous said...

I would appreciate to know where Capricorn is in my birth chart dob 08-14-56 time 125 p.m Thank you for your time sharing this information with me

stregata said...

May I ask you to have a look at my chart, dear Cat?
Thank you in advance, if you can find the time.

Catherine Ivins said...

Definitely Renate - just a general 2019 thing or something specific? xo

Catherine Ivins said...

Diana - Where were you born?

Mammo - 8th house transits can be challenging because it is the realm of things we often don't have as much control over. This is about realities around your boundaries and your partner's boundaries. Intimacy. Paying your debts or a major financial investment could be part of the agenda. Whatever is happening comes with a price tag that involves hard work and commitment. Power struggles. Life and death transformation. Uncomfortable truths. I don't know if that 12th house Saturn includes a disappeared father, but there is karma, past life stuff here that could come up during his transit. Read the 8th house stuff here - what degrees are your Jupiter and North Node?