Merry Christmas | Mercury square Neptune, Moon in Joyous and Celebratory Leo - fuzzy thinking, big words, reality vs illusion, did a jolly someone really come down our chimney last night and does it really matter, celebrate early, tensions around love and money and control, power struggles in the p.m, focusing on the joy, Merry Christmas ya' filthy animals

Merry Christmas from Sully

Yesterday morning the Moon moved into Sun-ruled fiery Leo - turning our attention to Leo themes - recreation, children, fun, romance, joy, creativity, what we take pride in - for the next couple days.

What more can we ask of a Christmas Moon?

Mercury (still in big-picture Sagittarius) squared Neptune (in dreamy Pisces) yesterday afternoon and its influence continues today. This can make our thinking fuzzy or we might pick up the nuances of what others are really saying when their words and feelings are not really lining up.

We could be gaslighted or we could see/feel the gaslight coming a mile away. I would imagine a great many people had too much to drink last night.

The energy is waning today (EST), but it's still a good idea to drive safely, pay attention to where you put your keys, double check directions, etc. People will be wanting to talk about the things they know and everyone will think they know more than they do. A crisis of faith is possible. Can we believe in the spirit of Christmas and let go of the man in the bright red suit? Or has our eye been on the red suit? Wishful thinking could bring some disappointment.

As for that fiery Leo Moon, she is uber busy today trining Jupiter (10 degrees) and Mercury (14 degrees) - making the morning and early afternoon the best times for social gatherings, communications and our holiday celebrations - squaring Venus (17 degrees) and Ceres (18 degrees) bringing some tension re our money, resources, love, women, beauty, nurturing, things we can't control, cooperation - later in the day. At night our Leo Moon will inconjunct (that rock and hard place) powerful Pluto - maybe we want to play, but there is a need for seriousness for some reason. This feels like a grown-up telling the child to go to bed (and grow up while she's at it!). It seems the time to put away our Christmas toys comes too soon. It may be best to be tucked in our beds early so the only power struggles we are dealing with are over the covers ....

xo all and Merry Christmas!

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