Today's Astrology Forecast for Creatives | December 4, 2018 - going with the flow, following up, finishing up, words opening old wounds, reaching for solid ground, information that allows us to move on, the cracks are where the light gets in

Water fairy by fly10

We start the day with the Moon in Scorpio sextiling (opportunity) serious Saturn (strong in his home sign of Capricorn). The more disciplined (Saturn) our habits this morning, the better we will be feeling (the Moon). This is good energy for the feminine to be dealing with authority figures or stepping into authority. There is a comfort with established rules/boundaries here.  

The opportunity comes through being responsible and doing what we have to do now. 

By 12:24PM EST, the Moon will be trining (brakes off) Mars (action, initiative, masculine - in Pisces now, so the divine masculine) and then by late afternoon trining Neptune (imagination, illusion, delusion, spirit, escape, addiction, healing).

A good day for all kinds of inspirational projects and activities. Life is flowing.

All the aspects the Moon is making while in Scorpio - through late tomorrow afternoon - are positive aspects, so although there is alot of water in the current chart and our emotions are intense - we can trust our intuition now. We go with the flow (there isn't really a choice anyway). We are in deep emotional waters, but the currents aren't dragging us toward a jagged shipwreck or the open mouth of a whale. This doesn't mean they can't drown us though, so remember to come up for air.

Keep in mind the Moon is in her Balsamic phase, preparing for the New Moon at the end of the week. This is the best time of the lunar month for completing things, following up on stuff we started previously - not so great for launching brand new things (which would be better kicked off after the fiery New Moon and Mercury moving direct, so after the end of this week).

We have Mercury at 27 degrees Scorpio and Chiron at 27 degrees Pisces and the North Node at 27 degrees Cancer - all our water signs occupied at the same degree and forming a Grand Water Trine.

If you are feeling uber emotional right now - this is the reason. The Moon's smooth aspects today should help with his.

What are the themes of your Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces houses? Those energies are working together now. 

Mercury is retrograde, so he/she has already walked 27 degrees Scorpio at the end of October/beginning of November. There is a message here from that timeframe - maybe something we were thinking about/communicating about then.

We could receive some information over the next couple days (and the last couple days) that allows us to finally release something, to begin to move on ...

This energy will be in play for a few days - words/information/ideas can be both painful and healing AND be exactly what is needed to get us moving in a new direction. Speak with compassion now. People will be feeling what they are hearing/reading.

Actually we are all feeling everything right now - and it will be hard to tell our own thoughts and feelings from those of other people!

Words are opening old wounds. Painful issues are being processed.

There is great healing/enlightenment here and the possibility of the physical loss that allows it to come up. The veils are thin - everything is flowing both ways.

And I've said lots of water already, right? Lots and lots of water.

Use that early Saturnian sextile to put some solid ground beneath your feet, before the rest of the day flows the way it wants to go ...

xo all

Remember Jupiter is in Sagittarius and Saturn is in Capricorn - we have both luck and time on our side now - just don't rush anything. Now is the time for finishing up, following up and WAITING. Timing is tricky now, but our intuition is powerful. Rushing and pushing are not such good ideas. We could be more accident prone now. We could be forgetting things and misplacing things. We could agree to things we later regret. Guns could be jumped and we could be tossed out on our asses before we even get started. Can you sense the quiet of the Moon? The things that are unwinding? The lure of Neptune to just go with the flow, to allow, to release? Just breathe.

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