Astrology Forecast for Creatives | A New Year and intense January kicks off with a bang - fired up, passions return, report card time, seeing what's real, words that hurt, words that heal, walking our talk, relationships require adjustment, the first eclipse of the year gives us a glimpse of the big 2019/2020 Capricorn energies, buckle up buttercup

The Warrior by Cala-Rossini

This week is HUGE! 

MONDAY  - Mars into Aries
WEDNESDAY - Sun conjunct Saturn
THURSDAY - Mercury square Chiron
FRIDAY - Mercury into Capricorn
SATURDAY - New Moon Solar Eclipse in CAPRICORN (15 degrees)
SUNDAY - Uranus stations direct (all systems GO)

I'll do some dailies where we talk about the Moons and the day-to-day stuff. January's astrology is intense. We have had more than one week lately where Friday's energies were a replay of the entire week, ie Friday morning was like Monday, Friday afternoon like Tuesday, etc.

This is kind of like January and the rest of 2019. This month is kind of a preview.

Like last year we start the year full steam ahead. You will want to get the new stuff started by March (on January 6th all the planets will be full steam ahead and we don't get that often).

I was going to get a 2019 post up this weekend, but Mars came along and punched me in the nose with a sinus infection/head cold thing.

The big story of 2019 is the drum beat/movement of Saturn toward Pluto in Capricorn - exact in January 2020. Five eclipses. The North Node in Cancer (where we are headed) - going home, being vulnerable, nurturing what matters, turning within. The South Node will be in Capricorn (and this is extremely important because we are going to have a big old stellium here in early 2020 and this is going to clobber us over the head if we don't do our 2019 work while that South Node is in Capricorn) - this is what we are releasing - fears, dead stuff we are clinging to, crumbling structure, limits, rules, authority, walls.

The two major planetary aspects that are repeated in 2019 will be Saturn sextile (opportunity) Neptune - this one is about making our dreams come true through hard work, getting a grip on addiction/escapism, making something lasting with our art (and other things, of course). The other is Jupiter square (challenge) Neptune - this one is about big promises that have no legs. We are going to have to be ready to cut our losses in 2019 quickly. You might already be thinking how will I know which dream to work hard on and which dream is made of hot air? Well, that is the process of the year. If this was easy, there would be no point in any of it. And yes, I know, I want it to be easy, too! I'm tired. And I'm out of the soft tissues with the soothing lotion and have moved on to the scratchy bathroom stuff. Winter isn't coming anymore. Winter is here. Hard work is the new black. But you already knew this and you already do this (trust me on that second part dear reader)!

There is nothing to fear here, but fear itself. It's just a long, winding road to figure that out!

Neither Mars nor Venus go retrograde in 2019 - this is good news. We have Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune - all strong and functioning the way they are made to function, in their home signs this year - that is good news, too. Time is on our side. Luck is on our side. This year is going to be intense - and so will the next few years folks, it's what we came here for! We are changing paradigms that are thousands of years old. It's time.

Back to this week -

On MONDAY night, Mars will finally drag his tired ass out of tired Pisces, taking that square to Chiron out-of-sign (thank you Universe!) and charging into his home sign of Aries. This is going to feel energizing. But could be so fast that it feels too energizing. We, and other people, might take this sudden burst of Martian energy too far, so if you plan to be out and about on New Year's Eve just stay alert and safe. No dark alleys looking for kittens. Protect your head. Yes, I said your head. You know the drill.

Aries is the initiator sign - the baby being birthed from the womb of Pisces. Think about how fearless a little baby ventures into life. We all have that power within us. Aries in our chart shows us where, in our journey, we have reached the space where we need to get braver.

This is not the energy of the general who plans the army's every move; not the guy who thinks strategically. This is the energy of the soldier who runs into battle with his sword held high (think Braveheart's Scottish warriors with this one). These guys may have been running to their deaths, but for their Aries energy this was more rapture than suicide.

Aries is the starter. They are the first one to shrug their shoulders and jump into the untested, murky water. If Aries jumps in (now they may or may not come out alive although they probably do more than any other sign) - they have evolved that Aries energy, regardless of the outcome (remember we are not here for outcomes we are here for experiences, Aries energy teaches this, too).

And this jumping in is what Aries is here to do over and over again.

Aries growth is always found after we do "that thing we are afraid to do".

Playing it safe will never work and the space Aries resides in our natal chart is the space where it will not work for us to play it safe either. What house does Aries rule in your natal chart? It is about to WAKE UP.

With this transition into the Aquarian Age we all get the opportunity to learn more about our relationship to fear (aren't we the lucky ducks?).

Mars move home to Aries really kicks off 2019.

Just keep in mind we are still a few days from the New Moon and moving into eclipse season which is going to shift a whole lot of our plans. Saturn isn't about rushing and neither is Capricorn. We can catch our breath, take stock of where we are and what we have (probably more than we think we do) before starting this new chapter. The urge to move is going to be strong though and I don't easily discount our instincts! But check tomorrow's astrology first ....

On WEDNESDAY, we have our annual Sun/Saturn conjunction. Report card time. Once a year these big guys meet up and we get to see clearly what is really happening in our world and in the collective.

A light (the Sun) is thrown on reality (Saturn). Here is where we see the consequences of our actions.

If things are not going well, if stuff is falling apart, if we are beating our head against the wall (it's not a coincidence the wall is playing such a big part in U.S. politics right now)- these are all signs we need to change direction.

If things are going well, if we have achieved something, there will be rewards now for a job well done.

With Saturn (hard work, commitment, time, responsibility) so close to the Sun (our life force) there will be limits to whatever we are dealing with.

The good news, if things are not going well, is that changes made now can smoothly and simply move us toward different timelines. We are at ground zero.

A new semester always starts after report cards are given out. We all get a fresh start. We don't get a do-over though. That report card is on its way home to Dad. Doing the same thing we did before will not work.

Doing something new gives the energies at play something to work with!

Our muses grow tired of seeing us bang our heads against the wall, too. They whisper to us to go outside and shovel the snow (stretched muscles create the space for us to stretch ourselves in other ways, too).

I was born during one of these Saturn/Sun conjunctions (I have these planets within 1 degree) so can't really feel this energy clearly because I am always feeling it - it's background noise and probably a bit like carrying a stern father around in my head. And yes, he sounds like Dumbledore and likes to be called "Albie" ... but only by me.

This is a good time to care for the basic structures of our life - the stuff that supports us.

We are living in a time of disintegrating safety nets, but there are things we can do to give ourselves a steadier ground to walk on. It could be as simple as cleaning our house and putting in place sustainable systems to keep it clean. The same could be said about our money/resources.

On THURSDAY, Mercury is going to square wounded healer Chiron on his/her way out of Sagittarius. This could be about painful conversations. Information that hurts. Painful sibling situations. She is going to move right into a trine to Uranus - and Uranus is sitting very strong and very still now. So something different will be our way through this. We might feel alone. We might need to be brave. Mars is in Aries and Uranus is answering to a strong Mars now. And Mercury will immediately change signs, so whatever this in - we move on in a sober manner.

On FRIDAY, Mercury moves into Capricorn. Capricorn is a serious sign. It rules the dead of winter and that indomitable mountain goat who just puts one foot in front of the other until he reaches the summit.

With Mercury (thoughts, communication, ideas) moving into Capricorn today, our words will want to be taken seriously. Communications will be fact-checked. Sentences will be properly punctuated and spell checkers will be applied. Ideas will be more traditional. Words that are focused and precise are most effective now.

Traditional stories and songs will resonate.

This isn't Mercury's favorite place to hang out. He prefers words be fast and flexible and Capricorn is the opposite of this. Words are solid and stable here. Flowery language isn't welcome. We mean what we say and we say what we mean.

When we take our words and ideas seriously other people will, too. Contracts inked and promises made during this transit (Mercury will be in Capricorn until January 24th) will be long lasting, so let's be certain we want them to be. Write those resolutions. Make that bucket list. Start that book.

Yes, Eclipse season is going to mess with our plans. It is still worth taking the time to get things down on paper now though.

On SATURDAY we have the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn. This is foreshadowing the entire year and January 2020 and needs its own BIG post by sign. Back with that.

xo all

There is a beautiful, and gentle, Grand Water Trine between our Scorpio (Venus), Pisces (Chiron) and Cancer (North Node) houses this week that we will talk about in the dailies, too, when we look at the Moon!

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