Today's Astrology Forecast for Creatives | doing something different, detaching from the problem, money/resources can only be stretched so far, expecting the unexpected, expecting to be BUSY, taking another look at something from last April, thinking before we speak, double checking the paperwork, slowing down for a minute

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The Moon makes her monthly waxing inconjunct - this month between Taurus (Moon) and Sagittarius (Sun) at 28 degrees - likely offering some "rock and a hard place" energy between our money/values/self-esteem/resources and our beliefs/hopes/plans for whatever we are wanting to expand.

Maybe the money/resources just isn't there for whatever it is we are wanting to do - who is going to invent that money-growing tree anyway? Musk - forget those self-driving cars and get working on that tree, ok?

Working with "what we already have" (Taurus) challenges our hopes/dreams or maybe a literal Sagittarius issue - travel, higher education, weddings, politics, legal issues, the media, publishing, foreigners, everything outside our comfort zone, exploration, your beliefs and higher thinking.

THE GOOD NEWS - at the same time the Sun is awkwardly aspecting the Taurus Moon (that rock meet hard place thing), the Sun is trining (brakes off) an impulsive and liberating Uranus (retrograde in Aries).

The way through this money/resources/values/self-esteem muddle - do something different. Innovate. Detach a bit from the situation. Give the situation the space to expand in another way. Be yourself. Be independent. With Uranus we can expect the unexpected

This new thing may not be totally new, because Uranus and the Sun had this same meeting last April - so we could be going back over something from that time.

The Moon (after a Void overnight and into the early AM EST) moves into multi-tasking, communicative Gemini at 9:34AM EST. Count on being BUSY for the next couple days even as that waxing inconjunct asks us to slow down and consider our options.

Keep in mind Mercury is in Sagittarius so our Gemini Moon is opposing him/her (Mercury rules Gemini) - think before you speak, double check that email before hitting send, recheck that paperwork you are about to sign off on, double check the address before you set off, call the shop to see if something is in stock before you drive across town, expect difficult sibling situations to be difficult, expect your computer to run slowly, expect your poorly running car to act up, expect your package to show up late, etc. It could be like a mini Mercury retrograde - although I hope not!

Take care driving.

We still have Mars in Pisces (thank God once we get through this he won't be back here for another two years) - losses, endings, nostalgia, regrets. Ceres in Scorpio - loss of beloved pets, distance from beloved daughters/children, grief, despair, loss of control, nostalgia, seasons of life, moving on issues. Chiron finishing up in Pisces. I am going to write a post about all of this before the end of the year, but know if this is hitting your chart it is major, major and Mars still needs to conjunct wounded healer Chiron, which, although possibly bringing things to a pinnacle, will hopefully bring with it some gratitude and understanding and release as we move on from the grief/suffering, if we allow that to happen. As always keep in mind all of life is a transit and all transits are transitory.

Everything changes.

We have a MAJOR new start coming within the first few weeks of the New Year and we are going to need both hands on the wheel in January and our eyes facing forward - we need to be doing whatever it takes NOW (rest, slow down, allow the emotions to come up and out, release, forgive, meditate) to clear some space for that.

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DancingMooney said...

Thank you for this post Cat! So aligned with this!!

Love you Much!! Merry Christmas!! ♥


Catherine Ivins said...

Merry Christmas Janell!! Hope things are Merry and Bright! xo