Astrology Forecast for Creatives, Friday, December 14th | a whole lot of Pisces lunar action - get responsibilities out of the way early, boundaries are thin, letting go, the cycles of life, emotional compromises, healing, creativity, don't drink and drive

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Today's Pisces Moon is very active.

She (as we) is going to first sextile Saturn (2:31AM EST) then conjunct Neptune (11:34AM EST), then conjunct Ceres and finally move into a conjunction with fiery Mars at 9:18PM EST.

Now that I think about it, today kind of feels like the whole week's energy repeated and rolled into one day, doesn't it!

That sextile (opportunity) to sober Saturn while we sleep tells us to tackle our toughest tasks early in the day. Buckle down. Get things done. A focus on your responsibilities and doing what you have to do will pay off.

Just before lunch (EST) as the Moon merges with dreamy Neptune we could find ourselves drifting off course - this might be a good day to pack it in early if we can. This is excellent energy for creativity, healing, spirituality, but not so good for practical doings. Boundaries will be thin, stuff is dissolving. It will be hard to know where our emotions end and another person's begin. One drink at lunch could lead to three. One Netflix episode could lead to a marathon. Stay grounded. Meditate. Listen to soothing music. Pray. We could be caring for someone sick now.

With Mars in Pisces this month, for the first time in two years, things that are hanging on by a thread are more likely to let go - this is designed to be a soft, cushiony landing, but will depend on how hard we are hanging onto what is leaving. People, animals, plants who are very ill, jobs and businesses and houses that people are hanging onto by the skin of their teeth - all kinds of endings are possible now. Know there is right timing here. Allow yourself to hurt/grieve as long as you need to.

Today's boundary-less Pisces Moon elevates whatever we have going on to encompass more than what it looks like is actually happening. Grief about your dying ficus isn't really about your dying ficus. It's about all the other times something you cared for died. All the times you blamed yourself for circumstances and reactions that had nothing to do with you. You are actually healing the Redwoods and the Amazon rainforests with your tears. You are healing your relationship with your mother and the mother.

Today's Moon's trine to Ceres (if you have something near 13 degrees Scorpio you might be feeling this strongest) following yesterday's exact Ceres/Neptune trine, still in play, makes me think of the seasonality of life, the ways we move from one stage to the next through pain and joy, about the ways we are forced to compromise.

The Moon's meeting tonight with fiery Mars (a spiritual warrior in Pisces, but still Mars) speaks of a need to merge with the sacred masculine. Something here about being a woman in a man's world. We could be feeling defensive or feeling the need to defend someone. Watch for angry responses. Avoid dark alleys and risky situations. We are still not pushing. Don't fight for that last open space in the mall parking lot, because, even if you get it, you will be ruminating on the other person's actions all night or your own actions and it will spoil your holiday shopping. There might not be a way to actually win. Know this going into something, even if you decide to go in anyway. Channel Ceres - think compromise.

If we need to be assertive or competitive or get things done tonight this energy will help.

xo all

Note the Moon is void all day tomorrow until she moves into Aries at 7:44PM EST. A good day for reflection until that Aries Moon revs everything up. No big purchases or launches during that void. Sunday has some BIG, bold energy - back tomorrow with that.

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