Sun Square Neptune | CAUTION, not the time to make a big decision/move, the lifeguard has left the pool area and we are swimming at our own risk, hard to tell what is really real here, excellent energy for prayer, meditation, forgiveness

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Today's chart is stressing me out just looking at it.

We have the Sun (13 degrees Sagittarius) squaring Neptune (13 degrees Pisces) with Mars moving in for his conjunction. We have Mercury standing very, very still (and powerful) preparing to move direct in Scorpio and the Moon in Scorpio AND Chiron very strong and still and preparing to move direct, too.

This is a giant CAUTION sign blinking at us from the universe.

This is a very strong KEEP YOUR FEET ON THE GROUND.

Unless you are going to just dive in - many people are going to have 'awakening' experiences in December and diving in and almost drowning will certainly wake us up - just know you are diving in at your own risk. There is no lifeguard on duty today. Dad isn't home, either.

There could be overwhelming emotion here - the potential for sadness and confusion. There are whirlpools and rip currents.

This is the dream/fantasy/escape/even "deception" thing squaring (tension/stress) our Sagittarian beliefs/truth/expansion. Are we doing the thing because we really want to do the thing or because we really don't want to do the other thing? What are we avoiding? Truth squares illusion but the truth is stretchy, too.

Something here is not quite knowable. Or there is something we are not wanting to face.

We could be enticed/advised into something that is not such a good idea - especially by ourselves. Remember we are playing a long game and Sagittarius loves her shortcuts.

Give yourself a break today. Don't over promise, because I can guarantee you will not be over-delivering! Don't play the victim/martyr. Don't be a sucker. Stay far away from any power plays or manipulative situations. It will be hard to bear the harsh realities of life now, so let's give ourselves and other people a break.

Slow down. Take a breath.

If we leap now expecting the net to appear, it is almost certain the net will have a hole in it big enough for our ass, yes, even the Thanksgiving turkey and pumpkin pie ass, to fall through.

The Moon is waning - it is a time of release, not a time to be taking on anything more. More is not really more, more is too much.

Be careful with drugs/alcohol. Be careful driving and operating machinery. One drink when driving is probably one drink too many with these skies.

The Moon goes void from 4:53PM EST to 9:49PM EST. Things will feel more solid after the Moon gets into grounded Capricorn.

Excellent day for imaginative work, writing, creating, healing, prayer, compassion, forgiveness.

xo all

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