Building toward the Winter Solstice | Full Moon in Cancer - a spotlight on something painful, the courage to do something new, good news, big, bold words, the emotional stuff that comes up when we push forward with our outer-world goals, coming home to our pack, forgive your ancestors, call your mother

SATURDAY'S Full Moon in Cancer at 0 degrees, this year coming just hours after the Sun's move into Capricorn signals the Winter Solstice (meaning the Sun stands still), means we get a bright night sky on the longest night of the year (north of the equator, switch that around for parts south).

That sounds promising already!

Here's the chart. We have never seen anything like this --->

This chart has been building all week, so let's take a look at the different energies/stories in play.

On WEDNESDAY, the Sagittarius Sun will square wounded healer Chiron (in Pisces) and then moves on to trine Uranus (in Aries) on THURSDAY.

So a spotlight is shining on something painful, a flaw, something that makes us feel vulnerable, something that can't really be "fixed", maybe an ending, maybe something needs to be adjusted, maybe something we have placed "on faith" in - and it is creating tension/stress and the process of putting ourselves back together/moving forward will require we have the courage to do something different. We had the square back in March when Chiron was direct, so it could connect back to last spring.

On FRIDAY, Mercury (in big-picture, bold Sagittarius) conjuncts Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) at 9 degrees. This is the big-picture/the forest (Jupiter) and the details/the trees (Mercury) coming together. This could connect back to the end of November when these planets met up during Mercury's retrograde - maybe an idea/conversation/communication from back then gets green-lighted now. An answer/information comes in. Plans are made. There can be clarity/wisdom here BUT keep in mind Jupiter is full of hot air, so things can seem bigger (and better) than they actually are. This energy can bring good news and is in play all week and during the weekend's Solstice and Full Moon.

This could also be about a situation involving a sibling, community issue or transportation situation (all Mercury ruled). A good day for commerce and communication. And with the Moon in multi-tasking and conversational Gemini and answering to Mercury we are likely to be VERY BUSY.

Also on Friday, Venus (in Scorpio) moves into trine (brakes off) with dreamy Neptune (in Pisces) at 13 degrees. This will probably give whatever is happening a touch of magic - a kind of surreal feel. People with planets/points in their natal chart in the middle degrees of the water signs will feel this energy strongest.

On SATURDAY the Sun moves into Capricorn - - as we celebrate the Winter Solstice (Summer Solstice down-under) - kicking off an intense Capricorn season, hold onto your hats for January, folks - which comes crashing in with an eclipse - there are five eclipses in 2019 and SIX in 2020. The Solstice chart (very similar to the chart above) impacts the entire winter. The Winter Solstice carries the energy of Capricorn - traditions, history, our structure, what we need to get us through the winter, our paternal heritage.

At 12:48PM EST the Moon moves into Cancer and opposes that Capricorn Sun giving us the Cancer Full Moon at 0 degrees.

Full Moons are times of culminations and peak energy, of endings and things "coming to light", but with this one at 0 degrees - we have all of Capricorn to plow through AFTER the Full Moon - and impacted by the Winter Solstice (start of a NEW season) there is maybe something starting here, too.

The Cancer Moon is sitting all alone in the Full Moon chart. We, and everyone else, will be feeling very emotional. Although out of sign, an opportunistic sextile to Uranus is again supportive of change and innovation. Opportunities through friends and groups and with the dreams that bring us into connection with other people.

All the energies we talked about this week are in play now.

We have the moon (where we've been, what we know, feminine energy, being) and the sun (where we are trying to go/be, masculine energy, doing) as far apart in the sky as they can be from our earthly perspective during a full moon.

In Cancer/Capricorn - and remember this is where the Nodes of the Moon are now and we will be talking about these energies alot as we move through 2019 - this is the polarity of male/female roles, work and the world vs home and family, how we push ourselves toward meeting new goals vs how we care for ourselves and meet our needs for safety and security, dad vs mom, also money vs love stuff - lots of family patterns and soul group stuff coming to the surface now to be released if we are paying attention.

This release is our gift to ourselves and to the world. It's bigger than anything that jolly, red cloaked fellow can carry in his pack this holiday season.

Cancer rules mothering, motherhood, mothers, vulnerability, nurturing, self-care, home, family, emotions, safety, security, our ancestors, patriotism, country. Cancer energy does not want to be vulnerable - although it almost always benefits from showing its humanity, its vulnerability - it wants to play it safe - there are mother connections to this stuff and how we were mothered and how we mother and nurture ourselves and others. This is about how the sacred mother energy, our matriarchal inheritance, has been erased. This is about home and our roots and the ancestral DNA we get to work with. There are some big energies here. This is the time of the rebalancing of masculine/feminine energies on the planet.

The spaces in our life where we lead (Capricorn) are asking us to be more open-hearted (Cancer) now.

The astrology of these two years (2018-2019) - the bridge years that bring us to the 2020 meet-up of Saturn, Ceres, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn (patriarchy, government, inequality, banking, business, authority, hierarchy, competition, power) is about us creating/surviving/thriving through the collapse of the structures/limits that are standing in the way of equality (Age of Aquarius).

People are telling me they can't wait for the patriarchy to collapse forgetting that we are the patriarchy!

If we are awake now, the bad news (which isn't totally bad news) is that we are in an AP class, the good news (which isn't totally good news) is we are grading ourselves now ...

If Saturday's Full Moon (point of fullness, like the moment in our breath when our lungs are full) feels heavy - it is a good time to GIVE SOMETHING AWAY. Clean/clear a space. The new stuff is right outside your door, but if your house is too full to welcome it in, there it will sit!

No matter how cold it is outside - be sure to get out and walk in this one even if it is cloud covered - it is still there. If that isn't possible - soak in a hot bath while you release 2018, then maybe imagine all your cares literally flowing down the drain with the water when you are finished.

Back with a look ahead toward 2019 and beyond. Most of us are ending 2018 very differently than we expected. Let's see how we move forward from this somewhat unexpected space ...

xo all

heads up we still have Mars in Pisces and Mars is still on course to meet Chiron - we are working with the pain and vulnerability a while longer ... keep moving, keep feeling, no pushing

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