Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of June 29th | Love WINS
This week is all about - LOVE (yes, it totally wins), CREATIVE PROJECTS, CHILDREN and FUN.

Yes, I'm shouting - it's that kind of week! Whatever we have going on in these areas is where we want to focus our energy for the most support.

We saw the preview of the power of this building Venus and Jupiter in Leo period (the first one aspecting Jupiter trining Uranus) - with the Supreme Court (Jupiter rules legal issues, the media, weddings) supporting marriage for everyone (Venus rules love and our values and Leo rules true love and pride).  

This is the summer of love and we are only just beginning!!
Monday and Tuesday are great days to get alot of work done. The Moon goes void Tuesday afternoon so that's not a good time to start anything new.

On Wednesday, Venus officially unites with Jupiter in Leo adding positivity and expansion to our Venus ruled love, money, and values. And since Venus rules Libra, currently ruling our North Node - it will make it easier to work with other people to get what we want. Win wins will be everywhere. The caveat is we must have skin in the game and commit our heart to this journey.

Whatever that important news was we got last week when Mercury finally cleared his shadow will act as an invitation to pull our story forward. Mercury moves 10 degrees in the next week so communications and information is zipping along. With Mercury full steam ahead we are as clear as we are going to get right now about what is coming next. If we are unclear we can go back to what we used to love and do that. Doing what we love pulls everyone forward now.

We have a Full Moon on Wednesday/Thursday in Capricorn. This is the culmination of the New Moon from January when we set our New Year resolutions. Where are we with that? Things feel quite different now, huh?

This Moon opposes Mars and the planet of war has just moved into emotional Cancer so likely the stuff that is culminating from the beginning of the year will involve some kind of competition and likely some kind of angst. I know we are so over competition.

Mars though, still likes a good head to head, and since he is one of our personal planets he hits our personal lives as well as the world at large with this one. It's OK we are up to it. Lots of fire to work with. Remember the dream doesn't have to be BIG. It just has to be OURS (think Leo in your chart!). Focus any potential disappointment or anger toward our next move. We've got this thing. It's not a race - we are in no hurry.

We have a Cancer Sun now so are all burning Cancer fuel (this is the time of year we all get to see what it feels like to be the tender bellied crab). The Sun trines Neptune retrograde in Pisces on Thursday, too.  

So that Full Moon culminating our Capricorn ambition will be fueled by our emotions (Cancer) and our dreams (Neptune) making the most impractical suddenly quite practical.

Remember we have all working that North Node (where we are going) in Libra and South Node (where we've been) in Aries for the past year and we have been shown why we need those pesky 'other people' and the ways going it alone just doesn't work for us. The Full Moon squares the Nodes so whatever it brings to light will move this part of our story forward, too.

Saturn is back in Scorpio through mid September so something from December (when he moved into Sagittarius) comes back around and (if you are old enough), think back to the summer of 1984 and what story we were working with then! If music helps with memories (it does me) think - Springsteen : Dancing in the Dark, Lauper : Time After Time and all the music from Footloose!

xo all

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of June 22nd | Comfort Zone RESET

comfort zone quote by neil donald walsh | misty michelle design
We have four astrological events this week worth talking about!

And I am writing this on the Summer Solstice (today's chart sets the scene for the next 3 months) so lots going on.

We'll start with a challenging aspect we have been kind of muscling our way through since May 9th when Mercury (in Gemini, where it rules) began squaring Neptune (in Pisces, where it rules).

This has not been an easy aspect.

We might have been hit hard with information we received or things hidden may have come to light. News out of the blue we didn't have the grounding for, issues regarding balance and our relationships with others, lots of nostalgia and crazy weepy feelings these last 6 weeks have strained many people. This stuff is karmic. The good news is this aspect begins to wrap up on Tuesday and every day after that continues to lessen.

Our comfort zone has been permanently RESET.

One of the best things about astrology is it lets us see the cycles and gain some perspective on why things happen when they do and also see when challenging cycles are going to begin to smooth out.

The potentials for this Mercury and Neptune square started in 2011 when Neptune went into his own sign of Pisces and continues until 2024 when Neptune moves on. We have not had this exact aspect since the mid 1800's so know that whatever came up for you over the last 6 weeks, and this could apply to someone near you and your karma is to help them through it, for example (you could think past life or family karma with this) it is probably very old.

This aspect has been happening at some point every May or June for the last 4 years but until this year has only lasted a couple days - this one lasted 6 weeks. There is another dousy in 2021 - if you haven't been playing out some long karmic situation these past few weeks, your turn will probably come up then. I know you will still be remembering this blog post in 6 years right?!

It is important to think about what has happened to us since May. Depending on your birth chart this will hit everyone in different spaces but it is the same basic theme of choices that need to be made and news we needed to deal with. Our response matters, but mostly just having dealt with whatever came up will move us forward. 

Lots of breakthroughs can come from these annual transits, too. Artists will create the best work of their lives, big romances (one of the great loves of your life regardless of outcome), medical breakthroughs, spiritual awakenings. We also have asteroid Chiron, the wounded healer, shadowing this transit for 4 more years so there are many opportunities for great healing.

When you heal any aspect of your story you heal the collective story - when anyone lets in more light, there is more light for all of us. 

On Monday we have a big, powerful trine between Jupiter in Leo (growth, happiness) and Uranus in Aries (fast change, action) shaking something up and breaking us out of our rut. This is the final one that started back in late September - what has expanded in our life since then?

Uranus is always about landing us (yes, sometimes with a kick in the ass) where we need to be when we can't quite get ourselves there.

By this week the groundwork will be set for this so we likely have some idea of the potential for a positive something or other shaping up in the background, paving the way for something BIG and something NEW.

If an opportunity just comes totally out of the blue now, I would say go for it. Whatever is growing will begin to blossom between now and mid August. This is about hope and opportunity. It's all good.

And it's another comfort zone RESET.

Venus in Leo trines Uranus from Thursday through the beginning of next week and then joins with Jupiter next Wednesday. Venus adds love, money and our values to the mix. While there are no guarantees, of course, our best bet is to reach beyond what’s comfortable or common. The opportunity will lie within something's newness now.
On Wednesday Mars enters Cancer. Anything uncomfortable - feelings or issues should probably be confronted head on. Sensitivity could bring on anger or vice versa and mama bears will be dangerous. Don't say I didn't warn you.

This cycle through August 8th will focus us on Cancer favorites - security, home, real estate, family, roots, renovations, etc.

I am going to do a post later in the week about various summer aspects we will all be working with!

xo all

seeding without weeding .... how to destroy your business by using Etsy fundamentals outside Etsy

Weeds for Sale © 2011 Mufidah Kassalias
Many people I know with maker businesses started their business on Etsy. It is understandable when, as they move their business outside Etsy territory, they might stumble a bit.

You'd think it would be easier for someone who had a business before Etsy, but I seem to make all the same missteps and then invent a few of my own.

(and now that I think about it this is the same thing that happens to me when dancing although I am excellent at that dance move Courtney Cox does in the Springsteen video, yeah that move)

1.  On Etsy more is more. More options, more variety, more opportunities to draw more people into our shop, more price points, more for sale = more sales.

 (this more is more will actually cause our business to break down on Etsy, too, or give us one, but it does usually produce more sales, at least until it doesn't)

Some of us have been seeding without weeding our Etsy shops for years.

But outside Etsy this more is more stuff doesn't work at all.

At shows - now for in person sales, we need a certain amount of product to sell a certain amount of product. At a craft show for example, I want to make 10X my booth fee and I stock with 2.5-3X that to make it happen. So if my booth fee is $100, I want to make $1000 and I bring $2500 - $3000 retail of my makings.

(of course I still need the weather and the foot traffic and the location and the right show to make this happen, but much of that is outside my control, the parts I can control and inventory is one of them, is how I give having a successful show my best shot)

So, let's say my retail price point was $30 and I was bringing $3000 worth of makings - that would mean I was bringing 100 items with me. Now, on Etsy the way to more sales would be to have 100 different items for sale and just remake things as I sell them. At a show this doesn't work of course and would be a very bad idea anyway. You might think more choices would give you something for everyone, but my experience tells me something different happens.

Given too many options people face overwhelm and can't decide.

There is an infamous 'jam' study about this. Lots of options = more eyes on our stuff. Lots of people stop and look, but then they more often leave without buying than when we have fewer options.  

There is a sweet spot with this between too few and too many and it is our job to find it. 

Since I sell mostly picture jewelry the customer has to like a particular style of jewelry and then they have to like a particular picture. This is easy on Etsy where I can offer almost limitless options.

In person this is trickier.

So I limit the options on a particular style down to say 12 options, sometimes as few as six. The customer who likes that style can make a decision and a purchase much easier.

(And yes, sometimes they ask if I have something I do have but didn't bring - I just hand them a business card - most of the time I will never hear from them anyway. I find that when I have a customer who says something like "oh I love this style I wish you had an owl" and I whip out an owl, will just as quickly respond "oh I wish he was blue" - they don't really want to buy anything even if they think they do. This happens to me in Anthropologie where I often like everything but nothing enough to buy it - like if that same plate were in the drugstore I would snatch it up but in Anthropologie surrounded by lots of amazing whoseewhatsees I can pass it up. I'm not sure we can totally eliminate this.)

Remember also at shows we have just a few minutes to get a buyer to purchase. They didn't just come to see us (although that doesn't mean we aren't totally adorable and have minty fresh breath). Unlike Etsy where people tell me they return to my shop again and again to decide - that isn't going to happen with in-person sales.

We need to be weeding.

On our own website -When I started my own website I just pulled all my listings over from Etsy and made a huge mess of it. I have been weeding it ever since (yes, my back hurts and my gardening gloves have holes worn through the fingers). I do not suggest anyone do this.

On our website things need to make total sense - for your customers, stores that stop in and for SEO.

1. We need to be selling the things we are talking about (this is why I am absolutely moving the astrology posts off this site this summer, I know I said it before and backpedaled because it was so sad for me to see the traffic stats on the new site, but this time it's all moving - it will always include astrology since it's a passion of mine, but I need to have many more posts using the words I want Google to affiliate with what I make) - blogs are necessary SEO tools for our website, assuming of course we update them regularly, but can be detrimental if not used correctly.

We need to weed.

 2. We need our lines to be consistent. For example if we sell lip balms and lotions we probably need to have the same flavors/scents for both. We need to sort things out seasonally. If we have a line of necklaces and sell bracelets - we need that line of necklaces to work with that line of bracelets or we probably need to just ditch the bracelets. Things need to make sense and be consistent.

We need to weed.

3. Our websites do not have the SEO strength that Etsy has and people are not often randomly Googling the thing we are selling.

How often do you buy from a random website? Well, that's about as often as everyone else does. People aren't just going to Google "necklace" and stumble into my website. People need to be looking for me.

Which means I not only have to be selling something people want - they have to have heard about me. All that social media/promotion stuff we haven't wanted to do

(and yes, I know I am just talking about myself here, but I think many makers can relate)

 - well with a website it is no longer an option. This stuff is going to take a lot of time and since we sell things we make and not just something we purchase and bag up there is not a lot of time to do this part.

If we set up our website the way we set up our Etsy shop - no one will ever find us. We need to figure out what works and what doesn't with this stuff and trust me we don't want to be late to the party - and when it comes to social media I am often late to the party.

(I think because they didn't serve wine and cheese and finish it off with chocolate cake, that would have had my butt in line much, much sooner)

Although to be fair to myself I jumped into Twitter with both feet, was a little more tired by the time Facebook came along and maybe gave it more of a one legged hokey pokey kind of effort. With Pinterest I was years behind the curve and just started my Instagram a couple weeks ago! Gulp!

We need to make time to do this stuff if we are going to have a website and we need to choose which social media to focus on - we don't have time to do it all.

We need to weed so we can focus.

A diluted focus will always lead to diluted priorities, diluted enthusiasm, a diluted brand and a diluted bank account.

Wholesale - Off-Etsy we might decide to sell to stores and we might need to sell to stores in order to make a sustainable income. Store owners are busy people. They don't have time to be figuring out how to work our website or read our 10 page linesheet. We need to be streamlined and consistent.

They want stuff that is new and interesting but they also want stuff that has a track record and sells. These are not things that go together. We have to figure out how to give them both these things. For example with my new aromatherapy lockets I tell stores about the popularity of aromatherapy and the popularity of my regular line with customers on Etsy. So they get something new and exciting, but they do not feel they are going way out on a limb with me.

We need to weed through our losers and seed our winners for them because we want them to be successful and we want them to come back and buy more from us!

There are many changes we need to make as we maneuver outside Etsy, and maybe you have been weeding all along. But if our weeding is really only dictated by the Etsy expiration date feature we need to take a better look at this. Continuing to seed new stuff without weeding out the old makes the life we are creating for our business as short and unattractive (unattractive as in both ugly and not able to attract) as the life for our garden.

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of June 14th | One Part YES and Two Parts Pure Panic

every sunrise by the amazing aimee dolich of artsyville
So, we have a lot going on!

We now have Jupiter, Uranus and Mercury direct!

Are we ready to start? Within a week something is likely to kick into gear and life is going to look a whole lot different for a whole lot of people. In Gemini there will be choices - but we know the one that sets our heart on fire is the one we need to reach for - something that is likely one part pure YES and two parts total panic. Something new.

Do that thing Yes, that thing. There is luck here. And things are different now. We will grow with the situation. One step will lead to the next.

Mercury is direct and by the New Moon on Tuesday communications begin to pick up speed and then late June (Mercury totally out of his shadow) many hanging plots will be wrapped up.

We have a retrograde Saturn back in Scorpio today for the next three months. If you are a very late degree Scorpio, or have very late degree Aquarius, Taurus or Leo planets you will feel this strongest.

 (if you have planets in very early degree mutable signs - especially Sagittarius but also Pisces, Gemini and Virgo - you will feel Saturn's brief absence from Sagittarius and his restrictions easing up, so use this time to reflect on what Saturn in Sagittarius has brought you so far - likely some kind of roadblock

You’ll get a Groundhog Day style repeat when Saturn returns to Sagittarius in September - maybe there will be something you can do differently with that second chance?)

We will all be tying up loose ends from his Scorpio transit of October 2012 through December 2014. Yes, a recap of two years worth of lessons in three months ... oh my. This is heavy and, in fact, significant decisions or shifts in consciousness are happening.

If we ignored the stuff this stern taskmaster planet asked of us then, this will be one last chance to get our crap together. Situations will crop up that allow us to see if endings, boundaries and commitments we made are still valid and still being honored.

This will give all of us an opportunity to confirm why we ended that thing we ended or why we made that new commitment or took on that extra obligation in the first place. Are we sure this is the way we want this thing to go down?

Stuff we thought we were finished with can show up again. If this makes us feel like giving up, and it might at times, like we are going in circles, know that Saturn allows us to complete this stuff once and for all. This extra step back for another opportunity to get this right (ie step into our responsibility) will be a gift in the end. I want this. This is where I am going. This is what I am going to do. By going back over everything that confirms our choices - we will be certain.

On Tuesday we have a New Moon in Gemini. Here's some excellent New Moon posts. This Moon is sextile Eris (female warrior), conjunct Mars (masculine warrior) and squaring Chiron (wounded healer) in Pisces and Black Moon Lilith (outsider, rebel) in Virgo. This feels like, YES, stand up for yourself and for what you believe in and for those who cannot stand up for themselves! We can use Gemini logic, intellect and maybe even humor for whatever shows up. This is also an excellent moon, Gemini is the twins after all, for another look toward that damn flock we need if we haven't found it yet! The Moon goes void within hours so don't start anything new right at this Moon.

Mini astrology lesson : The moon is called "void" or "void of course"when she makes no aspects to any other planets. This is important.

Our moon lives in imagination where all our possibilities are kept alive simply because we never choose to live them out. So, in astrological terms, the Moon has to make an aspect to a physical planet before she leaves the sign she is in, before she 'changes the subject' so to speak, for anything to actually happen in the physical realm.

When an action is taken under a void of course moon - nothing will come of the matter.

Now sometimes this is a good thing. I got a letter on Friday (Mercury direct) from the IRS that they are missing our 2012 tax return. WTH! Thank goodness they have our money. So, I need to file/refile. A void of course moon is the perfect time because I want nothing further to come of the matter. I want the matter to end there. No one wants any further dealings with the IRS, right?

But now with most things we do, we want something to come of them, so should avoid starting things at the void moons which occur every couple days or so for a few hours. Here is a list of void moons for June.

xo all

owning our gifts | part II

awakening by elif demir
You can read the prequel here
and part I here

(this is starting to feel like Jurassic Park, which yes, I'd kind of like to see, have to find a kid to drag along)

I heard from a couple people last week who were not really feeling it when I wrote about letting go of the idea of "hard work". I know where this is coming from because we might like the idea of being a "hard worker" and "paying our dues".

(although I think if we are honest with ourselves we like these things best in hindsight when they have led us to victory or some kind of reward or achievement and not so much when they just lead us in circles - feminine energy is not linear, circles are our friend now)

If being a hard worker means doing the best job possible, I'm totally with you. If paying our dues means putting in the time it takes to get really good at something, you and I are in total agreement and maybe should go on vacation together or at least have a sleepover and do our nails.

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of June 8th | POTENTIAL

We start the week with the Sun and Mars hugging it out

(both in Gemini making us all feel like an "action Jackson" Aries)

sextile Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries. Sextiles may be the least potent of the harmonious aspects but with everything else that is happening thrown in we have a really nice sized nugget of POTENTIAL here.

(let's just say if this was Gold Rush, Parker Schnabel and his grandpa would be two very happy miners)

Jupiter (opportunity, expansion) plus Uranus (new, revolutionary) could feel like whatever is happening is too big to handle, maybe some opportunity we think we are not quite up to or maybe some change that feels like too much.

owning our gifts | part I

pandora by mary pohlmann
"One person who did not listen was Pandora. Her story comes from Ancient Greece and her curiosity brought a whole heap of trouble."

When I googled Pandora's story this was the first couple sentences to pop up. And it's pretty much the way most people remember the story - the first woman on Earth, made by the Gods, she wasn't satisfied and wanted more, more, more, had to open that damn box and it unleashed untold agony on the world. 

She is the ancient Greek's version of the Eve story and a key foundational block of the patriarchy paradigm we've been living.

Now that the sacred feminine is rising (and the sacred masculine) this isn't about the feminine energy taking over - we had a matriarchal society prior to patriarchy - this is about the merging of the two. 

miranda was not a morning person .....

10% discount this week for blog readers in my Polarity Locket shop on Etsy with coupon code MORNINGPERSON.

(which I actually am, how about you?)

and I'm not sure why I thought this was so clever an hour ago, it makes no sense - I guess it should read - Miranda didn't like having her picture taken ... but she did like to show off her kick-butt jewelry

so we'll just pretend it says that! xo

Believe in Your SELFIE | Magnetic Venus Roars Into Leo on June 5th

On Friday Venus moves into firey Leo.

(we talked months ago about that Leo space in our charts being uber important this year and this is one of the reasons - it's always the space we are meant to take center stage and SHINE, but now it will make us more attractive to others, too)

Venus is the invisible force of attraction - love, relationships, art, friendship. Venus pulls these things together. Venus is always reminding us to honor our natural attractions - the people, colors, tastes, art, animals and interests we are drawn to.

Venus doesn't have hobbies - she has passions. She is the space in us that carries this energy. 

Our attractions are our primary clues as to how we can make a unique contribution to the world.

She has two aspects to her - one is contemplative - observing patterns of relationship - between people, within our art, in nature, etc. The other aspect is dynamic -  paintbrush meets oilcloth, girl meets boy, writer meets publisher, etc.

On Friday (and Friday is named for Freya's Day - the Norse Venus) she (and this invisible force of attraction within us) moves into LOOK AT ME Leo which you might remember is currently housing our largest planet the expansive and opportunistic Jupiter.

What does this mean for us?

Well, the Venus space in our charts is where we experience value. She rules the second house of the things money can buy and the things money can't buy. Now she transits the sign (Leo) that Jupiter has been expanding all year. Where is Leo in your natal chart?

(if you don't know email me and I will find out for you)

Because she is about to go retrograde this will be a long and important transit for everyone and especially for anyone doing creative work. We will do it now and then we will relook at it when she retrogrades over these same degrees later in the summer.

If we have something we are passionate about or are seeking to attract something (or someone), this is an excellent period for taking this seriously. 

We can work now to attract the community and resources we need. 

We can put the work we have already done out there. 

We can be more visible in the world. 

We can work more easily with other creative people because we can see the creativity in others and be more generous with our encouragement.

Through mid July (and especially after Mercury moves direct next week) we will be moving forward with this. 

It is also an excellent time to make anything, including ourselves and our work, more beautiful and attractive

Whatever we put our energy and passion into now (especially if it falls in the realm of that Leo house) will attract what it needs to thrive. 

With Leo the proud and Venus the sign of ownership - this will be a transit about our self respect. How do we feel about the work we put into the world? About our relationships? Are we proud of what we project and what we attract? A light will be thrown on this stuff so we can see clearly how the outside and the inside of things in our life line up ... and how they don't. Nothing is all wine and roses. This transit isn't about how this stuff looks as much as 'how we feel about how this stuff looks'.

She has a long retrograde coming up starting in late July so now is the time to make the things we are passionate about more attractive - including our work and ourselves. Whatever action we take will have the blessing of her magic.

We will be working with relationship, self-esteem, financial and appearance (the outside matching the inside) matters.

If we are lacking passion right now - see what shows up for us over the next few weeks. And do some fun Leo things to get re-immersed. Leo rules the 5th house of children, fun and games, love, creativity, romance, luck and inner joy. Making time for these things now will move us into the space we need to be.

It is more important to do what we are doing with passion than it is to "find' our passion. Doing what we are currently doing with passion allows our passion to find us.

Remember we are not the water - we're the faucet! Stuff flows through us it doesn't come of us. Thinking like that always helps me be more productive with my ideas.

Also remember she supports both the contemplative and dynamic aspects of creativity so whatever space you are currently working will be supported. Her long transit is an excellent gestational period for something to be birthed in September or October.

We have her here until mid July when she moves all of us into the Virgo cycle. She retrogrades a week later (a retrograde Venus is not the time to make any drastic changes to how anything looks, also relationships started with a retrograde Venus will change when she moves direct) and then the following week pulls us back into Leo (she will be retrograde so we will be moving over past stuff then - stuff began now) until early September when she begins to move direct again and she will be fully direct by October. If you have natal (or progressed) planets 14-29 degrees Leo (and the other fixed signs - Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus - heads up, too) you will feel the retrograde transit the most, but everyone can benefit from the Venus transit in Leo starting on Friday!

xo all - Back to that new series tomorrow. I thought it was important to get this out since it is one of the reasons this summer is so important.

FULL MOON in Sagittarius June 2nd | the BIG Picture | Speak the TRUTH

I like tonight's Full Moon. Yes, we have lots of Gemini energy, so we are going in all kinds of directions at once and we have to do things again. We'll just roll with that. Mercury is Retrograde so we are kind of looking backwards to avoid falling into that hole in front of us and I know this makes no sense, but it's just how it is.

It carries the gift and the challenge of the past.

(I have lots of re-do's going on with my business and have been listening to a book on Audible that takes place in the 60's and watching a TV series on Netflix from the 60's and feeling uber nostalgic for simpler days even while knowing it was all smoke and mirrors)

We have an opposition to Mars with this one so someone else is facing us and bringing either passion (PASSION!) or competition or we are just pissed off at them or something they are handing us to deal with.

Jupiter, Sagittarius ruler, currently in Leo, has a nice alignment bringing the potential for growth, happiness and prosperity. Do I hear a HELL YEAH!

Full Moons are peak times. Think of them as that moment of our breath when we have inhaled and are FULL. 

We immediately start to exhale. 

The Moon is full. It is bright and fills the sky. It is illuminating. 

We can see (if we open our eyes and sometimes things will happen to pry our closed eyes open) what we are holding onto. 

Are our arms filled with starfish or alligators?

Hearts open during the Full Moon cycle (it's actually a very good time for heart surgery).

This Moon forms a Yod to Pluto in Capricorn. So, with Jupiter sextile Mars we have boldly optimistic actions and options and a powerful urge to take that leap, Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn as the focal point will require us to be accountable for our actions and outcomes.

Now, remember with Capricorn as the focus, ambitiousness is a good thing. Ambitious gets the brass ring with this one. It also brings power struggles. Even if you think you are no longer playing this game, you can get embroiled. Be honest with yourself about the things you think you want now - will they make you stronger, smarter, expanded in some way? We need to choose our goals carefully because we are more likely to attain them!

Our thinking will be expanded. Thoughts are things people, although we can take anything too far, expanded thinking leads to expansion - a definite good thing!

Now - the fly in the ointment, yes, there is always a fly in the ointment - sometimes the fly ruins the ointment and sometimes we just scoop his little ass out and the ointment is just fine.

Dreamy Neptune is squaring Sagittarius making for BIG dreams and fading boundaries. BIG dreams and things not being quite as good as they appear. BIG dreams and pie in the sky thinking. There is no need to hurry. If something seems too good to be true we can wait until Mercury goes direct mid month when things will be clearer.

We have to use our intuition and our discernment now. What is this Full Moon shining a light on for you?

BACK TOMORROW with my new series! xo all - get outside and walk in this moon - it doesn't matter if it cloudy and you can't see it - it's there. Also a great time to detox - think milk thistle and an epson salt bath. Or just have a great big CRY that works, too.

The local Native Americans called this Moon the Strawberry Moon and we've got this (the strawberry motherload) going on here - planted 6 plants last year, we now have about 50 plants, you just have to cut off the leaders as the sprouts take root. We've eaten at least 100 strawberries each in the last couple days! ----->

owning our gifts | part I | prequel - yes, I am having prequels and sequels now, I'll blame the movie industry and the summer blockbusters

Full Moon (June 2nd) post tomorrow which will cover this week's creative forecast, too. Expansion time people!

We are living through some major paradigm shifts - which is really one shift, the rising divine feminine and end of patriarchy (which isn't a woman/man thing, although it may play out this way at times - this is archetypal energy, we all hold feminine and masculine).

One of the spaces that is shifting for everyone is our relationship between money and hard work. We have a Full Moon in Sagittarius (the sign of expansion ruled by Jupiter) tomorrow night, so this seems like a good time to start a series about what this shift might look like for us.