FULL MOON in Sagittarius June 2nd | the BIG Picture | Speak the TRUTH

I like tonight's Full Moon. Yes, we have lots of Gemini energy, so we are going in all kinds of directions at once and we have to do things again. We'll just roll with that. Mercury is Retrograde so we are kind of looking backwards to avoid falling into that hole in front of us and I know this makes no sense, but it's just how it is.

It carries the gift and the challenge of the past.

(I have lots of re-do's going on with my business and have been listening to a book on Audible that takes place in the 60's and watching a TV series on Netflix from the 60's and feeling uber nostalgic for simpler days even while knowing it was all smoke and mirrors)

We have an opposition to Mars with this one so someone else is facing us and bringing either passion (PASSION!) or competition or we are just pissed off at them or something they are handing us to deal with.

Jupiter, Sagittarius ruler, currently in Leo, has a nice alignment bringing the potential for growth, happiness and prosperity. Do I hear a HELL YEAH!

Full Moons are peak times. Think of them as that moment of our breath when we have inhaled and are FULL. 

We immediately start to exhale. 

The Moon is full. It is bright and fills the sky. It is illuminating. 

We can see (if we open our eyes and sometimes things will happen to pry our closed eyes open) what we are holding onto. 

Are our arms filled with starfish or alligators?

Hearts open during the Full Moon cycle (it's actually a very good time for heart surgery).

This Moon forms a Yod to Pluto in Capricorn. So, with Jupiter sextile Mars we have boldly optimistic actions and options and a powerful urge to take that leap, Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn as the focal point will require us to be accountable for our actions and outcomes.

Now, remember with Capricorn as the focus, ambitiousness is a good thing. Ambitious gets the brass ring with this one. It also brings power struggles. Even if you think you are no longer playing this game, you can get embroiled. Be honest with yourself about the things you think you want now - will they make you stronger, smarter, expanded in some way? We need to choose our goals carefully because we are more likely to attain them!

Our thinking will be expanded. Thoughts are things people, although we can take anything too far, expanded thinking leads to expansion - a definite good thing!

Now - the fly in the ointment, yes, there is always a fly in the ointment - sometimes the fly ruins the ointment and sometimes we just scoop his little ass out and the ointment is just fine.

Dreamy Neptune is squaring Sagittarius making for BIG dreams and fading boundaries. BIG dreams and things not being quite as good as they appear. BIG dreams and pie in the sky thinking. There is no need to hurry. If something seems too good to be true we can wait until Mercury goes direct mid month when things will be clearer.

We have to use our intuition and our discernment now. What is this Full Moon shining a light on for you?

BACK TOMORROW with my new series! xo all - get outside and walk in this moon - it doesn't matter if it cloudy and you can't see it - it's there. Also a great time to detox - think milk thistle and an epson salt bath. Or just have a great big CRY that works, too.

The local Native Americans called this Moon the Strawberry Moon and we've got this (the strawberry motherload) going on here - planted 6 plants last year, we now have about 50 plants, you just have to cut off the leaders as the sprouts take root. We've eaten at least 100 strawberries each in the last couple days! ----->

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