Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, July 30, 2020 - overblown words/ideas, confrontations, differing points of view, adjusting, working the process

The Moon continues her journey through fiery and hopeful Sagittarius - trining Mars at 10:01AM EDT (go, go go - we are fired up!) squaring a retrograde Neptune at 3:20PM EDT (this could take some wind out of our sails/have us second guessing ourselves) then goes void at 8:07PM EDT off an opposition to Venus.

Mercury (at 20 degrees Cancer) opposes a retrograde Jupiter and trines a retrograde Neptune.

From the weekly:

"Maybe we are thinking (Mercury) big (Jupiter) and having lots of ideas. But not everyone is in agreement here/not everyone is on the same page. Or maybe we don't have the relationships/money/resources to make this stuff happen. It will be easy to slip into a Neptunian delusion, so keep your feet on the ground. Meditate. Create. Pray. Ask your ancestors for guidance. 

We are looking at the trees, but the forest is pressing in on us, too. Or we are looking at the forest and a tree branch hits us in the eye. We might have misinterpreted something because we have been glossing over the facts to make everyone comfortable and we can't not see them. We could have over-promised and now that is biting us in the butt. We could easily over-promise now. We (or someone else) could be all talk and no action.

At the same time, Venus, out of her retrograde shadow now and covering the last few degrees of Gemini for the first time, inconjuncts (rock and a hard place) powerful Pluto, retrograde in Cappy. Gemini/Capricorn is the difference between keeping things light and flexible and getting serious/committed. So how do we make that work? Adjustments are needed and then not everyone will be happy anyway.

Or maybe situations conspire to remind us of the dead values/relationships/resources we are carrying around or have hanging over our head. I said in 2019 that anything 'dead' we were still carrying in 2020 was going to feel like it was eating us alive (ideas, jobs, relationships) ... have you checked your ankles for bite marks lately?"

The order this all happens is important.

Mercury will oppose Jupiter at 10:17AM EDT - Mercury is in Cancer - and he's been here a very long time and probably growing tired of feeling his way through words and every conversational landmine - and keep in mind he is answering to the Moon (this is why we can't make a decision, see what is true/fact - because our brain/thinking is answering to the  Moon who changes signs every couple days!) and the Moon is in Sag answering to Jupiter and Jupiter is squashed in Capricorn - and moving backward.

So, here is big words/conversations - opposite ideas/points of view - interpersonal/social interactions can be challenging. If you are trying to iron some kind of negotiation out today or come to a decision with something important well good luck with that. Or maybe this is more home/inner life vs work/outer life drama and whatever it is it will have its roots in the past and be OVERBLOWN.

By 2:45PM EDT when Mercury trines Neptune we might be waving a white flag or maybe here is where our imagination (and this could be a good thing or maybe not) takes over. Pray. Meditate. Talk to wiser energies. Then the Moon, in hopeful and adventurous Sag, and remember she has already trined Mars (action/passion) and is moving toward an opposition to Venus (and an opposition is exactly what it sounds like and this is our two biggest feminine energies), moves into her square with Neptune - tension/frustration - everything is not as it appears to be! And I am just realizing Black Moon Lilith is at 20 Aries today, so toss our rebellious feminine/pissed-off outsider energy into the mix!

There is an intensity/maybe a tendency to make a mountain out of a molehill - to think our delusions are facts (on all sides) or that we know more than we do. Things could seem to make sense when they don't make sense/cents. There could be confrontations.

By tomorrow we should have a clearer head/our goals more grounded in reality.

The Moon will be in Capricorn and making easier aspects, so if something can wait one more day - let it wait. This doesn't mean we don't have to move through today's machinations - today is a process that moves us to tomorrow.

We can't skip steps by hiding, but we don't need to toss ourselves onto the train tracks and wait for a locomotive either ....

xo all

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Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, July 29, 2020 - strutting our stuff, expanding our reach, recognizing an opportunity, seizing the day, adjusting to old rules and strategies

The Moon moved into optimistic Sagittarius at 3:25AM EDT - nourishing us through the big-picture, adventure, expansion, travel, education, religion, the media, publishing, politics - for the next couple days.

Her only aspect today this month's Waxing Trine (brakes off) to our powerful Leo Sun at 3:46PM EDT.

This speaks of our ability to confidently step into the spotlight, have faith that things will work out, recognize opportunity, have an adventure - live LARGE.

If you need to bring attention to yourself/to something you have created - here's the energy for that.

The only fly in the ointment (yes, always a fly, maybe the ointment wouldn't be the ointment without the little buggers) - is a square between Mars and a retrograde Pallas at 16 degrees (Aries/Cappy). We want to move ahead/do what we want to do, but maybe there are certain old restrictions/rules/codes of conduct/thinking about how things should be done that we need to adjust to. 

If we have been in the lalaland of Venus/Neptune which can make us feel kind of numb - this aspect, as annoying/stressful as it might be because it brings tension/frustration - can get our ass moving to push through re-vised plans/strategies with re-newed enthusiasm, passion and initiative.


xo all

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Today's Astrology Forecast | Tuesday, July 28, 2020 - decisions, commitments, getting stuff done, what we have been avoiding, fated choice points, moving forward

Our deep and probing Scorpio Moon makes all smooth aspects today -

she trines Mercury at 5:04AM EDT, sextiles a retrograde Jupiter at 11:07AM EDT, trines a retrograde Neptune at 11:17AM EDT, sextiles a retrograde Pluto at 4:05PM EDT and finally goes void off a sextile to a retrograde Saturn at 12:01AM EDT (our Sag Moon, tomorrow will make good aspects, too!).

The end of the week will get more challenging, so take advantage of these energies while you can. Good for communication, making progress with old projects. Dealing with old emotional issues. Scorpio brings focus/intensity. Good for work/goals. Being productive. Getting things done.

Venus - our money, our relationships, our  values and self-esteem - comes out of her retrograde shadow (starts walking new degrees at the end of Gemini) and forms the focal point of a Yod (Finger of God) with the Moon and Jupiter/Pluto.

Fated energies are woken up around love, money, our values, our resources - choices, decisions, forks in the road.

What have we learned the last few weeks with all this back and forth of Venus in Gemini ABOUT WHAT WE REALLY WANT/VALUE?

Once we make a decision/once we commit - life can gather our muses/our support system behind us - they rub their hands together, "Oh boy, now we've got a project!". But while we are all wishy-washy, doing some cray-cray yoga position trying to keep every door open, they can do little besides stand around, hands on hip, amused by our predicaments.

The Scorpio Moon is bringing the intensity - the feeling like it's now or never or maybe an actual dead-line. Jupiter/Pluto are bringing us back to an old opportunity/project/goal, maybe something we left dangling - Venus brings the NEW, in Gemini, maybe something with a Gemini theme - communication, words, ideas, writing, teaching, learning, something connected to our local community, to education, to transportation. Lighten things up. Think local. Think flexible.

What house does Gemini rule in your natal chart? What is the theme of that house?

If we are avoiding any "facts", because mostly our problems are self-created through avoidance right now, stuff could be nipping at our heels (whether these are puppy nips or alligator bites depends on just how much we have crammed under the bed and is clawing its way out). If we have been covering up any "facts" they could come out now. 

After today, Venus will start working through her inconjuncts (rock meet hard place, dealing with reality) with the Cappy planets as she makes her way to her conjunction with the North Node (our best collective way forward) on August 5th - destiny is calling folks.

So, it's not really like we decide and that's it - no, because everything isn't up to us and we have all these inconjuncts before we get to the North Node - but, we all know by now everything isn't up to us - but in some ways, yes, we decide and that's it.

The doors ahead may only still be barely open. But our decision closes other doors/tosses some of that sh*t behind the sofa into the rubbish bin/makes space for what we need/want to find us. Maybe creates the breeze that blows the doors we have left, open a bit more.

And, we might want to get something figured out before Mars starts squaring the Cappy planets in mid-August!

Working on a BIG Mars blog post because that Aries/Cappy square is going to explode,

but in the meantime if this "decision-time" thing isn't ringing any bells for you - think about what you have learned over the last few weeks about what you value most. About your close relationships - especially partnerships. About your money/resources. About your self-esteem. About your Gemini house theme? What's dangling? What can bite you in the ass later if you don't take some action now/make some decisions/check under the bed?

Keep in mind, our ability today to use that Scorpio Moon for focus/depth - because in general focus can be challenging these days - choose to look at what is working/growing and not what is falling apart! 

Turn off the news/the distractions/the chatter. 

The gold is right in front of us (with its roots in the past, so what did we miss?) and we will see it as soon as we take our eyes away from what we think we are losing.

xo all

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Weekly Astrology Forecast for Creatives | July 27, 2020 - August 2, 2020 - finding the solid ground, bursting bubbles, challenges and opportunities, covering fresh territory, a long story kicks off, changes and shake-ups

Here' s a look at the aspects in the week ahead (minus the Moons, other than Monday):

MONDAY - Jupiter sextiles Neptune, Venus squares Neptune and inconjuncts Jupiter, Mercury squares Mars, Quarter Moon - Scorpio/Leo, Mercury opposite Pallas (WTH!)
THURSDAY - Mercury opposes Jupiter and trines Neptune, Venus inconjuncts Pluto
FRIDAY - Sun trines Chiron
SATURDAY - Mercury opposes Pluto
SUNDAY - Sun squares Uranus

I am writing this pretty late and pretty fast and there is a cray-cray amount of aspects to unpack - so when I say 'unpack' you can kind of picture the clothes strewn all over the hotel room and know we are going to have to iron them out later in the dailies!

This is a powerful week and pulls us toward next week's Full Moon in Aquarius.

Mercury is walking new degrees now and by mid-week Venus will be, too.

So, multiple story lines are wrapping up and we are moving FORWARD. By next week Venus and Mercury will both be in new signs, so this week we may have some uncomfortable loose ends to work through/tie up before we get the hell out of Gemini and Cancer!

Mars, on the other hand, starts walking the degrees in Aries - starting at 15 degrees - he will walk two more times between now and the end of the year. So whatever we are doing now, taking action on, have going on (in our personal lives and collectively) with our natal Aries house theme is GOING TO BE A LONG, BACK AND FORTH PROCESS - keep this in mind.

There is a heads-up with this that will come in now, this week (actually starting last Friday), so pay attention - although with all these aspects - life will certainly have our attention!

There will be plenty of reshuffling of the cards as we move forward. Venus and Mercury try to hash out with Pluto their positions with the old power structures, while Uranus threatens to tip over the poker table, if people just continue to play the same old games by the same old rules.

So, here we go!

MONDAY - let's start with the Moon - in Scorpio now, so nurturing us through truth/depth/getting to the bottom of things even when the bottom is kind of gunky. She will square the Leo Sun (8:32AM EDT at 4 degrees). The shadow vs the shiny outside coating. What we do in the light of day vs what we do in the dark. Squares are tension/frustration. Maybe we want to roar/have some fun and we have this serious other thing to deal with.

(collectively in the U.S. this Quarter Moon as the follow-up to last week's New Moon in Cancer where we talked about, yes, uh, porpoises shooting from our fingers, but also about the government stimulus programs during the virus/and its ramifications - changes to which are being ironed out by Congress today - Leo/Scorpio - a spotlight on important financial decisions, with Leo - the Sun, also the father, standing in for the New Moon's Saturn - I would expect some serious behind the scenes scheming)

Jupiter sextiles Neptune - this is a repeating aspect and takes us back to late February when both planets were direct. Maybe an old opportunity re-presents itself. The fly in the ointment here - always a damn fly - is we have Venus (in Gemini for only a few more days) squaring Neptune and inconjunct Jupiter at the same time, so we are going to have to really look at the details/facts here. Something could look better/bigger than it actually is. This is the third of three for the Venus/Neptune square, this is the one with Venus direct and Neptune retrograde, so we should be clearer on what we want now. This is mutable energy and squares bring challenges, we are going to need to be flexible.

Mercury squares Mars for the second time (first was in early June). This speaks of the possibility of tension/frustration/arguments around family/home/real estate/mothering/security/foundational situations or your natal Cancer house theme. Our thinking is at odds with our actions. Cutting words. Verbal conflicts. With Mercury opposing Pallas - it can be hard to see the smart move/to see the patterns we need to see. Negotiations are challenging. We could feel like we are walking on egg shells. THE FLOOR IS LAVA.

The smooth energetic - the sextile - is Jupiter/Neptune, so Cappy/Pisces - building the dream stuff. Both planets are retrograde, so we have been here before. Reality and our imagination working together. Earth and spirit.

THURSDAY - Mercury (covering new ground in Cancer) opposes a retrograde Jupiter while trining (brakes off) a retrograde Neptune. So, now conversations, ideas, family, home, real estate, mother, home business, family business, security issues are pulled into the Jupiter/Neptune "opportunity".

Maybe we are thinking (Mercury) big (Jupiter) and having lots of ideas. But not everyone is in agreement here/not everyone is on the same page. It will be easy to slip into a Neptunian delusion, so keep your feet on the ground. Meditate. Create. Pray. Ask your ancestors for guidance. 

We are looking at the trees, but the forest is pressing in on us, too. Or we are looking at the forest and a tree branch hits us in the eye. We might have misinterpreted something because we have been glossing over the facts to make everyone comfortable and we can't not see them. We could have over-promised and now that is biting us in the butt. We could easily over-promise now. We (or someone else) could be all talk and no action.

At the same time, Venus, out of her retrograde shadow now and covering the last few degrees of Gemini for the first time, inconjuncts (rock and a hard place) powerful Pluto, retrograde in Cappy. Gemini/Capricorn is the difference between keeping things light and flexible and getting serious/committed. So how do we make that work? Adjustments are needed and then not everyone will be happy anyway.

Or maybe situations conspire to remind us of the dead values/relationships/resources we are carrying around or have hanging over our head.

I said in 2019 that anything 'dead' we were still carrying in 2020 was going to feel like it was eating us alive ... have you checked your ankles for bite marks lately?

FRIDAY - the Sun (in Leo) trines Chiron (in Aries). Courage/following our heart/being generous/stepping into our own white-hot spotlight are healing. Fun is healing. Kids are healing. Romance is healing. Expressing ourselves is healing. Our vulnerabilities. Our ego. This light on our weaknesses is maybe not such a bad thing after all.

SATURDAY - Mercury opposes a retrograde Pluto. Our words/ideas/information is challenged. Mercury squared Pluto back on April 25th just as Pluto stationed retrograde. Pluto has backed up one degree and Mercury has finished up Aries, traveled through Taurus, Gemini and Cancer (some parts of Cancer three times) and now they meet again - this time by opposition. We want to take care with pushing our ideas on other people/manipulation. Obsession. Power struggles. We will probably be overthinking everything. Maybe a home or career situation reaches a culmination.

SUNDAY - the Sun in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus. Something unexpected. Maybe our Leo pride gets shaken up. Or we go way out on a limb seeking attention/applause/risk/following our heart. This is a square so change brings tension/frustration. Changes with money, resources, our values. Bridges could be burned with this one, folks.

xo all - back with the dailies on Tuesday and a big picture post this week! please excuse any typos!

photo by the talented Fanny-Schwal

Today's Astrology Forecast | Sunday, July 26, 2020 - the one where things start out smooth and easy and then get heavy and complicated, the galactic year begins

The Moon is in Libra now - nourished through relationships, balance, fairness, peace. She will trine Venus at 6:44AM EDT and then things get more tense as she starts squaring that Cappy pile-up (all retrograde) - Jupiter at 8:41AM EDT, Pluto at 1:12PM EDT and goes void at 9:08PM EDT off a square to Saturn. Squares speak of tension/frustration (and lead to the opportunities for growth that come as we work through them/experience them).

She will be void until she deep-dives into Scorpio at 12:11AM EDT.

So, something can start out smooth and easy and then get more complicated/heavy/uncomfortable fast (maybe our expectations are too high to start with). Clashing beliefs/power struggles when that Moon just wants everyone to play nice/keep things civil. 

That final square to Saturn, a limit/wall/rule - what we can't do/can't have.

Venus/Saturn can make it hard to feel the love. The love feels conditional - maybe it is hard to live up to certain standards. It can make it hard for us to connect to our own sense of worth.

Ending in Scorpio, maybe we get to see what's really going on under the hood (if we dare to look).

We merge. We purge. Whenever the Moon dives into Scorpio after a Libran square - especially late at night - it makes me think of the powers of make up sex, but also the ways it keeps things unresolved sometimes. All these planets are retrograde, so we are working the process with whatever we are dealing with.

Figuring out how to get along with other people/keep things in balance during very complicated times.

Yesterday was "the day out of time" based on the lunar/Mayan/galactic calendar system - 13 lunar months with 28 day cycles leaves that one day every year at loose ends - think 'hanging chad' here. Today, July 26th, starts the Galactic New Year and with the Moon in Libra and Venus (Libra's ruler) moving out of her shadow this week and answering to Mercury (out of his/her shadow tomorrow and ruler of the North Node this year) through Gemini - choices/changes/fresh conversations seems especially well-timed. This new year, will have its emotional roots in our relationships, our finances, our values (Venusian themes).

The New Year speaks of fresh energy/a fresh start and so do the ending of those retrograde shadow periods - both Venus and Mercury start walking fresh degrees.

Whenever the astro shows us the same thing in multiple ways - we can trust it. Things are changing. BIG choices are coming.

Keep this in mind.

Ultimately, Venus and Saturn are great friends. And relationships with people whose planets hit our Saturns are incredibly potent opportunities for growth. Such people don't fall for our "performance" and require we learn to be more honest. And then in the end, because we can't fool other people, we have to take up the problem ourselves ....

xo all - back with the weekly tonight!

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Saturday Night Mystery | the astrology of Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson and Covid-19

Let's try something different this week. Let's look at the charts of a couple people (whose charts we can access) who have contracted Covid-19 and see what we might discover.

Not all researchers are in agreement of what is happening in our bodies if we contract this, but some believe when the virus reaches our lungs, it most especially impacts the alveoli - tiny air sacks where oxygen transfer takes place. For some people, the body's immune reaction gets exaggerated and in an attempt to kill the virus, kills the cells the virus is in. The cells fill up with all the mucus and gunk the immune reaction causes, grow in number, and, sometimes rapidly, overwhelm the lung's ability to breathe.

Astrologically, we would suspect some combinations with Mars (inflammation, fever, aggressive movement, overkill) and Neptune/Pisces (virus, lack of boundaries), 6th houses or Chiron (health), chart angles, Gemini/Mercury (lungs, breathing). 

Here I have also added asteroid Wuhan and asteroid Hygiea - which BTW is the 4th largest asteroid in our solar system, so no joke, AND about alot more than hand-washing.

Anyhoo, back to mid-March and Tom and Rita -

On March 12, 2020, (three days after the Virgo Full Moon that kind of launched everything into the stratosphere), Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson, in Australia where Hanks was shooting a movie, announced they had both tested positive for the corona-virus.

The inner wheel is their natal chart and the outer (blue area) show the transits.

Let's unpack their charts!

When Hanks and Wilson announced their positive test results -

Tom had transiting Neptune within a one degree conjunction to his natal Mars (and his Mars was one degree from the Sun during the Virgo Full Moon three days prior). Mars/Neptune in his 6th house of health and would be exactly what you might expect with inflammation (Mars) from a virus (Neptune).

Happening conjunct his descendant - 7th house of partnerships - made it likely it would connect to another person, maybe he would pass it to his wife or she had passed it to him. They would go through this together.

The ruler of his 6th house (health) is Saturn (restriction, something sobering) in his 3rd house (lungs, communication, serious news). His natal Mars in Pisces in the 6th is setting him up for a health issue exactly like this one

(and of course it also represents his uber successful work as an actor - taking action (Mars) through work (6th house) in a Piscean realm - the entertainment industry/the imagination)

and then that Full Moon in Virgo (with the Sun on his Mars) and Neptune in Pisces triggered his natal energies by transit.

His natal Mars (in Pisces) is answering to his Neptune in Libra (partners) and disposited by Venus (partner) in Gemini (lungs) in his public 10th house (what becomes known). His natal Venus is conjunct his mid-heaven (again what becomes known) and asteroid "Wuhan".

Hanks was born with 2020's big three-peating aspect the powerful Jupiter/Pluto conjunction - you will find your natal aspects activated when transiting planets form the same aspect.

They are in his 12th house (our other health house) in Virgo (health). Tom was born with Asteroid Hygiea at 25 degrees Capricorn and sandwiched, at the time of his announcement and illness, between Jupiter and Pluto.

The transiting North Node at 4 degrees Cancer is conjunct his natal Mercury (news/information) in that public 10th house. And Mercury, of course is the ruler of Virgo (health) and Gemini (lungs), AND his first house/Ascendant, so his chart, and his 10th house of public life.

Kaboom - the world is hearing about and talking about Hank's announcement

(his natal North Node in confident and hopeful Sagittarius and natal chart-ruling Mercury and Sun, both in comforting Cancer, allowed him to say just the right thing at just the right time).

I mean you can't make this stuff up folks. It's like one of his jobs during his time on planet Earth was to catch this thing at exactly the time we needed some Forrest Gump-style comforting and announce it to the world -

"life really is like a box of chocolates ...".

Transits are symbolic indicators of the activation of something within us which is demanding recognition and space in our lives, especially if it has been stifled before (he hadn't stifled these energies, he had worked them, and so, in a sense, sailed through this because obviously it could have been worse, but believe me these transits have impacted his life greatly).

We could probably find a few more things, but let's move on to Rita's chart.

They were born a few months apart, so they have some similarities including their Mars in Pisces (inflammation/virus) - his at 17 degrees and hers at 14 degrees, so he must have been born with Mars direct, then Mars went retrograde, stationed direct, got almost back to his degree and Rita was born.

She has transiting Neptune conjunct her natal Mars - again virus/inflammation or aggressive virus - and the transiting Sun conjunct the IC of her chart - which is one indicator for her physical body. This is all opposing her "lucky" and public Venus/Jupiter conjunction. Transiting asteroid Hygeia is in her 6th house (health) in Gemini (lungs) and conjunct her descendant (Hanks/7th house partners) and opposing her natal Saturn (restriction) and answering to her natal Mercury (health, communication) in Libra (partners) conjunct her natal Neptune (virus). Both her natal Mars and transiting Neptune, the Sun and Mercury are in her third house (lungs). To me, this looks physically harder on her and I believe that is what they have since stated. Her natal Asteroid Hygeia is, like Tom's, at 25 degrees Capricorn, so sandwiched between transiting Jupiter and Pluto.

One of the things that is happening in the world

(as the patriarchy falls and the Age of Aquarius is born)

is the total transformation of these final Capricorn degrees, so people carrying the energies of these late degrees, either through natal planets/points in Cappy or by opposition in Cancer or by squares in Aries and Libra - are facing situations where they are dealing with power/loss of power/the great collective humbling.

In order for the new world to rise, a great many people have agreed through soul contract - to fall (ie lose/release in some way, the old-school energies of control/power).

Historically, these degrees carry alot of weight and that weight is being forcibly shifted - this has been going on for the other Cappy degrees, too, since 2008 when Pluto went into Capricorn and especially since Saturn got there at the end of 2017, but most of the losses for the people/structures with the early degrees have already happened.

Very powerful people in history/powerful events whose energies need to be pulled up by the roots lay in late Cappy and so the big 'time runs out' stuff is focused here.

I have a brother-in-law with paranoid schizophrenia. He lived with us during a particularly tumultuous time back in 2012 and his chart, and others with this disorder I have looked at since, have a similar story playing out, but in the mind instead of the lungs (both Mercury's domain through Gemini)
an inability to define boundaries (or friends or foes) and the inappropriate responses such abnormal perception triggers. Something to think about in our lives and the collective as we work through this thing.

One temporary solution, enforcing Saturn/boundaries - ie social distancing/masks, etc, works to an extent, but also creates a whole other set of problems because Saturn as a band-aid for Mars can create a kind of "identity under siege". And depression.

Next week we are going to look ahead to August and I am probably going to do a few less dailies in August to make some space/time for some bigger picture stuff.

We've got at least two more acts to come in this cray-cray year.

xo all

To recap a couple previous mysteries - in the case of the two year old boy missing in Philadelphia that we looked at HERE - the babysitter has been arrested and charged with murder (as the chart indicated, even though the chart was based on her lie). This is a good example of how you need to dig into charts and not just look superficially because remember we had his significator in Cancer (the sign of the mother) and Ceres on the descendent (the perpetrator, also the sign of the mother) - it was only because we dug deeper and looked at Cancer in the 11 house, Nessus conjunct Ceres and all the Virgo - we we able to see past her lies about King's mother to the babysitter's guilt.

Another case we looked at - a woman who went missing on a bicycle ride (which may or may not have happened) on Mother's Day and her husband's tearful Facebook plea - may have some news this week as Venus gets back to the same degree she activated for the 911 call and his social media post, so we'll see what happens - that case is HERE.

Today's Astrology Forecast | Friday, July 24, 2020 - getting it done and out, making it work anyway, it feels good to get organized/clean things up, comforting words, letting go/saying good-bye

The Moon in practical Virgo is going to oppose a retrograde Neptune at 6:22AM EDT, then goes on to trine a retrograde Jupiter at 6:46AM EDT, a retrograde Pluto at 11:05AM EDT and goes void off a final trine to a retrograde Saturn at 7:07PM EDT. She moves into Libra at 9:54PM EDT.

So, today after we get past whatever this Neptune thing is this morning we move into a smooth channel linking the Virgo - work, health, our pets, day-to-day stuff, paperwork, co-workers, employees and the Cappy - authority, structure, business, career, our goals and ambitions.

Get to work. Get it done. Get it shipped. Great energy for finishing up the work week.

(note this energy can also pave the way for a "control" agenda to be put into action/practice by those in power, so something to be aware of)

If, you, like me, have been dealing with a certain amount of inertia (partly due to this long Venus in Gemini story changing our values/what we want and making it sometimes hard to get fired up over the things we used to) - keep in mind if we always need a square/challenge to get off our ass there are plenty of squares/battles coming and they might be even more challenging than they need to be if we don't make even a small effort now to clean things up/get it out or done while we have these trines.

When in doubt about your next move - clean the house. Sweep the floor. More than dust bunnies are tidied up/eradicated with a broom.

Also today we have Venus (in Gemini) inconjunct Pallas (in Cappy) - so I guess not all smooth sailing - which is a good thing or nothing would ever get done - although I guess that's a very Cappy way to reason through things. Adjustments to our goals/game plans as our values shift. Figuring things out. Making it work anyway.

We also have the third of three trines between Mercury (still in Cancer!) and a retrograde Ceres in Pisces. Comforting words/conversations. Mom can finally say the right thing. Maybe something here about what we are releasing - familial burdens? old stories? We had this aspect on June 7th and then again on June 26th when Mercury was retrograde, so this won't be a new issue. Sometimes Mercury will connect to a sibling, transportation or electronic (computer, etc) issue, maybe this final trine to Ceres in the final/final sign of Pisces can allow us to LET GO.

xo all

In the next post - tonight or tomorrow morning- we will talk a bit about the period between now and 8/8/20; the 2020 Lion's Gate - and especially July 25, 2020 (the Mayan's time out of time, tomorrow - release the old, clearing the ground) and July 26, 2020 - (Solar New Year/ Sun with Sirius, Galactic New Year - bringing in the new) a powerful time to open ourselves to our best/highest path forward. Not so much about setting intentions as being receptive to the unfolding energies - but setting intentions and making vision boards, as long as it doesn't take us out of the moment can be powerful. In this time of being "in-between" worlds and at a time when alot of our 'outer' outlets have been closed off and we are forced back into ourselves - this will be an especially compelling energetic this year ...

photo by the amazing RaphaelleM

Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, July 23, 2020 - getting our act together, small things creating big changes, comforting and realistic words/news, something about smother/mothering, something needing to be released

The Moon is in Virgo now - nurturing us through practicality, organization, dotting our i's and crossing our t's, being of service, cleaning up our act. Our focus could be on paperwork, the details, our daily obligations, our health, our work, our pets.

She will trine (brakes off) change-maker Uranus at 1:16PM EDT and go on to sextile (opportunity) Mercury while opposing Ceres at 2:47PM EDT.

The trine to Uranus incorporates change and that 'one step in front of the other' process Virgo is so good at. Take steps toward something else. Small things create big changes. Things should slide into place. This is where precise meets innovative. It pays off to step outside the box, so step outside the box.

The sextile to Mercury - putting the Moon who rules Cancer and Mercury who rules Virgo in each other signs and strengthening BOTH OF THEM - speaks of comforting words/news. Speak from your heart. Keep it practical.

At the same time the Moon is getting comfy and realistic with Mercury, she is also opposing her girl Ceres (in mystical and unbounded Pisces).

If there is some over-nurturing going on/or our own demands for nurturing are somehow overblown and cannot be sated - an opposition to the Moon in Virgo can mean a step-by-step process to dial this back is needed. Virgo is the 'fixer' and the opposition could be showing us a situation that cannot be fixed and needs to be released. Virgo/Pisces are health signs - so we want to be practicing good self-care now, especially our mental health (remember Ceres in Pisces - she was at the big meeting in January - is one factor in play with the virus, too). Ceres also rules change of life issues and in Pisces can be about letting go. Note - Mercury (in Cancer) will be trining Ceres tomorrow and this is building today - there are ways to communicate that are comforting/soothing. Keep in mind with Mercury in Cancer we need to stop every now and then and ask ourselves, "am I feeling the actual situation or am I feeling my thinking about the situation?".

Also keep in mind anytime we talk about Mercury now, the North Node (our collective way forward) is in Gemini - answering to Mercury, so our words/communications/information can be more powerful/more impactful than we might realize in the moment. Mercury's LONG journey through Cancer this summer has meant we are feeling what people are saying/feeling the information we are absorbing.

Our own words will be impacting other people emotionally, too. Keep this in mind.

xo all

photo by the talented Pandora Selezneva

Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, July 22, 2020 - Void Moon, the king comes home to his castle and calls his lawyer, brainstorms and lightning bolts, getting fired up, getting some sun

The Moon , void in Leo, until 7:40PM EDT when she moves into Virgo will make no aspects until she trines Uranus at 1:16AM EDT (tomorrow). Keep in mind our Void Moon Mantra if things get wonky "nothing will come of this". This is not the day to start something/launch something you need "something to come of". Time gets stretchy. Excellent for routine concerns and getting things done. When the Moon gets into Virgo tonight we will be feeling the need to get organized/clean stuff up.

Mercury (in home/family centered Cancer) sextiles Uranus (in steady-as-she-goes money/resource/values centered Taurus) for the third and final time.

This is our final chance to change our thinking/change the conversation/latch onto one of those Uranian ideas floating around the cosmos just waiting to grab the right person's attention.

Keep an open mind today. Think about what you are thinking about - look for different thoughts/ideas. See what words get stuck in your head (song lyrics, phrases, words) and give them some thought. Life (universe/our subconscious/our guides) speaks to us in mysterious ways. This is a smooth connection. No static. And it's the third time we've got this message so we should be paying attention!

We previously had this aspect on June 5th and then again on June 30th when Mercury was retrograde. Pay special attention if you have any planets/points near 10 degrees Taurus/Cancer. BRAINSTORM.

Coming off that painful conversation/words/news yesterday - here is where the energy can change if we move toward something different.

The best news today, in a year when we could really use some, is the Sun comes home to Leo for the next month!

I am pretty sure he is 'fired-up' to be here and shocked at what Pluto/Saturn has done to the place. He is probably talking to his lawyer while pacing the pool as we speak.

The Sun's (ruler of Leo) move into fiery, proud and performance-focused Leo offers multiple layers of good news. The Sun (our life force) gets out of the firing range of that Capricorn opposition. YES! He exits lunar ruled Cancer and moves into the sign he rules. YES!

In Leo, we focus on what our heart wants, children (our inner child), romance, fun, creative projects - we (and everyone else) want attention, love, to feel good/generous.

Your Leo house (like the house of your natal Sun) is the space you are meant to SHINE.

Prepare to get very shiny!

This year, this won't be about garnering applause or even the center stage (although some will) - serious times call for serious attitudes - this is still about putting our own needs first though. Doing what we do best/love to do and attracting by virtue of our shimmering glow the best we line up with through our previous choices/actions and taking action from where we are right now - who doesn't like shiny!

(and yes, I am talking about that warm summer glow, not a slick layer of gunky Coppertone coconut oil)

Keep in mind next year when the Sun is home in Leo (and the year after that) we will have Saturn, opposing from Aquarius, and then we'll start moving into an era when Pluto opposes from Aquarius.
Let's suck the juice out of this one, keeping in mind we are the king now with the honors and also responsibilities that entails - this is the space of EGO - don't be an asshole.

The Sun will be in Leo until August 22nd.

For, today, keep in mind the Moon may be void, but she is in Leo answering to a strong Sun in his home sign today (unlike yesterday) - requesting that we show up and get more personally/physically involved in our own happiness!

Life's an inside job folks. Happiness is a choice. We lose sight of this at our own peril.

Get into the SUN.

xo all

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Today's Astrology Forecast | Tuesday, July 21, 2020 - taking action, making changes, painful conversations, widening our focus, making today count

The Moon has moved into fiery Leo now - our focus turns to our creative projects, children, romance, recreation, our heart, our natural 'spotlight', our happiness.

We are nurtured through fun/attention/generosity.

She will square Uranus (in Taurus) at 10:22AM EDT - a surprise twist will need to be dealt with, trines Mars at 3:22PM EDT - heart-felt/passionate action and finally goes void off a sextile to Venus at 8:27PM EDT - good for connecting/socializing/opportunities with love and money.

This is also the day we have the third (of three) squares between Mercury and Chiron. Painful/emotional conversations. Our thoughts could turn to our fears - maybe the ways we are afraid of standing up/taking care of ourselves/even being alive in these challenging times. Our vulnerabilities are raw/maybe on display.

Since this is the final square, something here should be wrapping up.

We want to be looking at why these words HURT.

There could be a conversation that needs to happen. Information that needs to be looked at - with Mercury in Cancer this could be about the family/past/childhood or maybe a home/real estate situation. Maybe we are confronting a painful memory. It might feel like no matter what we say we can't win/feel good and that's OK, some things may still need to be said. This won't be a new conversation.We've been here before.

Like the first time we had this aspect, it is quickly followed by Mercury's sextile to change-maker Uranus (exact tomorrow, but with the Void Moon tomorrow we might be better off using this energy today) - an opportunity to change. 

It's not the time to stay stuck in the past. Talk about what's next.

At the same time we have Vesta (from 20 degrees Cancer) trining Neptune in Pisces.

Our focus can naturally widen. The picture becomes less defined. Boundaries more fuzzy.

Maybe with Vesta in home/family oriented Cancer, our familial circle widens. Or we can see that home/family situation from a more spiritual/higher perspective. Maybe (remember yesterday's New Moon speaks of self-care and so does Vesta here) - we need some Neptunian self-care ie extra sleep, relaxation, music, art, water, meditation, prayer.

Trines are smooth energetics, things just fall into place, we won't have to push. If some kind of Piscean sacrifice is needed for family/home business/mom, etc - it will come naturally to us. And, on the other hand, if we are already swimming with the fishies (lost in Pisces through a personal natal transit) and need some footing, the contact with Vesta could bring that Neptunian energy into a healthier focus.

A heads up tomorrow is an all-day Void Moon, and TODAY we have the Leo Moon trining Mars and sextiling Venus - so it would be a good idea to MAKE TODAY COUNT, especially the time between 3:22PM EDT and 8:27PM EDT.

xo all

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New Moon in Cancer | July 20th, 2020 - a second chance, endings and new commitments, the one that's like a New Moon and a Full Moon happening at the same time, the one where the porpoises spring from our fingers

On Monday, July 20, 2020 at 1:32PM EDT, the Cancer Moon meets the Cancer Sun at 28 degrees giving us another New Moon in Cancer (we had one at 0 degrees Cancer in June). Two New Moons in the same sign is very unusual and, I think, indicative of a need for MORE TIME here.

This one is EXACTLY opposing a retrograde Saturn (in Capricorn - and with Saturn ruling Cancer's polarity sign - making this kind of like a New Full and Full Moon AT THE SAME TIME) and EXACTLY sextiling Sedna (in Taurus - we'll have to think about what this might be about).

Cancer rules home, family, our roots, mother, mothering, our ancestry, real estate, country, patriotism, home businesses, family businesses, the root of the matter - our emotional security - and, of course, the theme of your personal natal chart's Cancer house - this is where we get the new beginning - YES, AGAIN. The first one was at 0 degrees, so now we are all the way to the very end of Cancer to 28 degrees.

It's like, oops wait up, we need ANOTHER shot at this! A second chance.

(For some people this SECOND CHANCE will be about nurturing and maybe especially self-care - are you taking care of yourself?! Or maybe we are trying to rush through the wee beginnings of something? Saturn can slow our roll - help us, over time, create something longer lasting.)

It's not an easy Moon, by any stretch of our imagination (which if you are feeling anything like I am is already stretched quite thin). With the Moon and Sun, opposing a retrograde Saturn there is stuff from the past that still needs to be dealt with. A stop sign. Limit. Rules. Authority. Ending. Unfinished business. Maybe a need to set boundaries. Maybe a commitment begins or needs to end or a responsibility needs to be stepped into or dissolved. There could be regret. Fear.

That strong Saturn opposition tells us this New Moon beginning (keep in mind, this is part ll, we've been here before, but not exactly right here) comes with a pronounced ending/outcome/responsibility and with Saturn retrograde, this won't be a total surprise, we'd have to be half-baked (and we are, but we aren't) not to see this one coming

(something could connect back to early March when Saturn was first at this degree and we will be back here again at the end of November).

Collectively this would be a new beginning with that home/family/inner security situation connecting to an ending/responsibility/limit connected to our career/public life/outer security situation.

It's like we finally get mom and dad on the same page/in the same room/on the same sofa and here's the boss yelling "everyone get back to work!" and the kids are like "what about us?". This will show up in different ways for different people, but most likely external responsibilities/pressure will impact our personal lives over the next month and especially the next couple weeks.

OK let's unpack the chart!

The Sun and Moon are meeting at the critical final degree of Cancer. This is the first Cancer New Moon we've had in a couple years that hasn't been an eclipse and this one should put a definitive PERIOD to the end of this summer's eclipse season. Stick a fork in her, she's done. YAY for that.

Having two New Moons in Cancer in a row suggests there is something here we need extra time to nurture. Lining up with Saturn as she does (that darn opposition!) denotes heavy responsibilities, possibly an ending (yes, I know this is supposed to be a New Moon, sorry!) - there is maybe something here about what we just CAN'T have/can't do/can't say.

BUT this is still a New Moon/new beginning.

So, if one door closes another door will quickly be opening!

This could be the virus restrictions/the virus itself/the virus ramifications (that Cappy pile-up) interfering with any actions/fresh start we are desiring or people wanting to be focused on home/family, etc and instead needing to worry about job security and paying the bills. Also a second chance, a temporary opportunity because remember Saturn is retrograde, to use authority/restrictions/responsibilities while prioritizing home/family/safety to reduce the virus's ramifiactions. We get another shot at prioritizing what matters most/determining what is most valuable. Balancing this stuff.

We are learning to accept/live with certain restrictions and insecurities and figuring out HOW TO KEEP MOVING FORWARD anyway.

At the same time we have Mercury applying to a sextile to Uranus - this is exact on Wednesday and we have the Moon/Sun exactly sextiling Sedna and Saturn exactly trining Sedna.

Sedna is a dwarf planet named for an Inuit Sea Goddess - her story is of a woman betrayed by her husband and then her father whose death birthed the sea creatures she later ruled/protected. Yes, we are talking mythology again - stay with me!

She wanted so much to believe in the promises of a comfortable, easy life (from the trickster bird she would marry) she didn't look too closely at the fine print. When she called to her beloved father to bail her out of her predicament, he came to her, but then later, when his own life was threatened, betrayed her also - in a most gruesome way by chopping off her fingers as she clung to their boat before drowning.

She seems to connect to our "victim" story, father/patriarchal issues, loss connected to not seeing the way something is simply too good to be true/to last.

In Taurus, this could be connected to our money/resources and is making me think of what is happening in the United States with cuts to the pandemic unemployment program that are being voted on this week in Congress.

Maybe the sextile/trine (softer aspects) will make the "cuts" (from father/government) less drastic/easier to take.

Whatever happens - because the things outside our control are outside our control - keep in mind what the Inuits tell us happened to Sedna when she lets go of her victim story/fears that she couldn't take care of herself ... she moves into her immortal identity/her soul .... she gives birth to all the creatures in the ocean.

(yes, she ends up dead, but we almost certainly won't and now there are dolphins, people ... dolphins!)

Building at the time of this New Moon and exact on Wednesday we have the third of three sextiles between Mercury (in Cancer) and Uranus (in Taurus) - so new conversations/information about our money, our resources, our values and self-esteem. There could be positive news if we have been insecure about our money/resources and/or indicate the final conversation in this area - just don't go all 'Sedna seduced' with promises of an easy/comfortable "happily ever after".

Bottom line and you know I like words way too much to want to "cut" to that - whatever is started now will require time, responsibility, dealing with boundaries and rules. Things that seem too good to be true will be and there could be cuts and cut-offs and feelings like we are being tossed overboard.

The day after the New Moon we have that final Mercury square Chiron - maybe a need to stand up for ourselves, situations conspiring for us to know we can take care of ourselves no matter what happens, our vulnerabilities triggered by words that HURT.

Almost immediately Mercury moves into a positive aspect with "expect the unexpected" Uranus. We are talking about what's next/looking to the future. Opening to new ideas. Changing our mind.

The overall vibe here, is the repeating nature of the Moon - THE SECOND CHANCE - and the Moon/Sun powerful conjunction - remember the Moon rules Cancer, this is HER New Moon - opposing that retrograde and restrictive Saturn (which can feel heavy so hang in there) with Sedna urging us toward the birth of our immortal identity ...

I am not guaranteeing porpoises and jelly fish will spring from our bloody fingers if we get 'cut off' but some good is going to come from this -

if one door closes another door opens. 

That's just how this works.

And with the Sun at 28 degrees Cancer we know it's almost Leo season, so hang in there - just having the Sun in his home sign is going to make all of us, regardless of our situation, feel BETTER!

xo all

Saturday Night Mystery | the astrology of the death of Jeffrey Epstein - Saturn's final stoplight, Pluto on his mind and the revenge of Juno

In July 2019, Jeffrey Epstein, a previously convicted sex offender was re-arrested and charged with sex trafficking by federal prosecutors.

A few weeks later, on the morning of August 10, 2019, Epstein was found by prison guards, dead in his jail cell. He was 66 years old, had been denied bail as a flight risk, was facing a lifetime prison sentence and was believed, by prison authorities to have attempted suicide three weeks earlier, but was not on a suicide watch at the time of his death.

The NYC Medical Examiner ruled his death a suicide by hanging (ironically given his crimes, by bed-sheet, since there appeared to be cords in the room) but a controversial forensic pathologist (Michael Baden of HBO's "Autopsy" series from the mid 90's), helping to fuel massive internet/public skepticism, stated he believed the evidence pointed to murder, noting what he called 'unusual fractures' in Epstein's neck.

Considering the powerful people he ran with (he was friends with Presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton as well as Britain's Prince Andrew and others) and the possibly unsavory secrets he might be privy to, certainly the possibility of his death being a murder made to look like a suicide should be investigated

(and it was, although we will never know for sure precisely how well, and confirmed a suicide and Michael Baden's ultimate determination was that it was inconclusive).

But what does the astrology show?!

Let's unpack the chart.

The inner wheel is a chart for the time of the 911 call made when prison guards found him unresponsive/dead in his cell and the outer chart is his birth chart (time unknown). I have added asteroids Epstein, Ixion and Chaos and will explain why as we move through his.

First, we go to the ascendant/what is rising on the horizon.

Imagine we are looking at the chart as a scene and the ascendant, and first house, is the victim - who/what is right in front of us. The ascendant is 24 degrees Leo conjunct a 25 degree Mars. Juno conjunct the ascendant and Mars in that 1st house. Leo is ruled by the Sun in the 12th house

(which rules places and people put away, like those in prison, the 12th house also rules endings, endings in small or confined spaces, suicides).

Also keep in mind that as we are looking at the Ascendant, the first house, the 12th house is behind us, so not everything that happens in the 12th house can be seen - it's a house of mysteries and holds the secrets people sometimes carry to their graves.

An archetypal Leo would be an older male, strong features, thick blonde or reddish hair, ruddy complexion.

That Mars (violence) conjunct the ascendant could indicate anxiety/a triggering situation/self inflicted injury maybe to the head. Notice Epstein's natal Pluto (death, power) is sandwiched between the death chart's Mars (violence) and Sun (standing in for Epstein).

We have Venus (young women, also ruler of Taurus/the throat and in this chart the 10th house of public life/the events of this chart becoming known) conjunct the Sun (Epstein).

The other significator (stand-in) for Epstein is the Moon.

Shown here in the 5th house (Leo's house that can lead to excess - gambling, recreation, children, romance) in Sagittarius (justice, the legal system), along with Sag ruler Jupiter which is in the chart's 4th house of home as well as 'the end of the matter'. So, the 4th and 5th forming a little closed loop. The excesses that lead to his legal situation and this chart's 'end of the matter'.

Case closed.

Two other energies in Sagittarius (both exactly conjunct each other and the Galactic Center/our cosmic homing signal!) are the Part of Fortune and Ixion. We will get back to the significance of this when we look at the mythology, including Juno, at the end of this post!

Let's move over to the 7th house cusp/the descendant/the perpetrator.

The descendant is 24 degrees Aquarius. There are no planets in the 7th house. Aquarius on the 7th can sometimes imply a perpetrator who feels the victim has or might impede their future or it might imply criminality through humanitarian related issues  

(so is this a hired job at the bequest of some rich SOB or did Epstein, the sex-trafficker/blight on humanity do this to himself?).

Aquarius is ruled by ancient ruler Saturn and modern ruler Uranus.

Saturn is in the 5th house (again Leo's natural house of excess) and at 15 degrees Capricorn is exactly conjunct Epstein's natal Chiron (his old familial wounding). So Saturn (death, endings, karma) at the time of his death is EXACTLY where Chiron (unhealed wound) was when Epstein was born.

(also note transiting Chiron is conjunct his natal asteroid 'Epstein" - he is born/marked by Chiron, as Chiron touches asteroid Epstein at his birth - we can't see what house, although his chart could be rectified and time of birth determined - and dies as Saturn touches that natal Chiron! Epstein a Chironic character in the sense he may hev used people's wounds/vulnerabilities and secrets against them)

Saturn (the stand-in for the perpetrator) is applying to a conjunction with Pluto (approaching) and Pluto is EXACTLY conjunct Epstein's natal Mercury at 21 degrees Capricorn

(Kate Spade had transiting Pluto exactly conjunct her natal Mercury at 18 degrees Capricorn when she committed suicide).

Mercury/Pluto - thinking about death. Making death reasonable. Pluto transits take away your power and leave you with what really is your power.

Or in this case, nothing - since we've got that 21 degree Mercury, 21 being Juno's number, the number of the power we get through our connection to the powerful and his connection to the powerful had ended.

Saturn's modern ruler Uranus is in Taurus answering to Venus in Leo answering to the Sun (Epstein).

The 8th house (house of death and whatever the means we know there is a death here) is home to Neptune in his home sign of Pisces. A mysterious death. Neptune is conjunct Epstein's natal Mars/Venus conjunction - so draining that charismatic aspect he always counted on, leaving him, in a sense - impotent. Also activating his watchful/natal Juno as we will talk about when we get to the myths.

The transiting North Node (17 degrees Cancer) conjunct his natal Uranus (at 15 degrees). And Uranus in this chart being co-ruler of the Descendant (perpetrator).

Also notice he was born with a natal Neptune/Saturn conjunction allowing him to elude authority/responsibility/limits as Neptune dissolves those Saturnian 'stop signs', but eventually, at a time with his natal Neptune's power dissolved by that square to Pluto and with transiting Saturn conjunct his natal Chiron (and transiting Chiron conjunct his natal Moon in that 8th house of death) - and remember Chiron at his birth was powerfully imprinted to asteroid "Epstein" -

Saturn's final red light can't be avoided. Fate (Saturn) steps in and he is STOPPED.

I would expect, if Epstein was murdered, to see something representing that in the 10th (authority), 7th (perpetrator) and 6th (people hired) houses, maybe the 2nd house, but those are ALL EMPTY.

The indicators I see of the possibility of murder - are the 10th house ruler (Venus) in the 12th (secrets) conjunct the Sun (Epstein), but we saw in another case where the perpetrator committed suicide when he was trapped, a significator for the victim(s) in that house with him - in this case Venus representing the young women Epstein raped and, with Venus in Leo, the risks he took with the reputation/his resources/what he valued - his downfall. The other indicator for murder that Aquarius 7th house, a possible indication of "a perpetrator who feels the victim has or might impede their future" and answering to Saturn in Capricorn (natural 10th house ruler/authority) and Uranus (who is answering to Libra, the 10th house ruler in this chart).

Whether these indicators are strong enough to over-rule the indicators for suicide laid out in the rest of the post I will leave up to you to decide.

Mysteries are mysteries for a reason though. The chart is always going to show some ambiguity with a story missing a clear-cut ending that's why it becomes a mystery.

I believe, based on this chart, his death is most likely a suicide. But since if it is a murder, it is designed to look like a suicide, it would not be possible from this chart to be 100% certain. I do think though his natal chart itself shows the possibility of suicide with the right transits.

OK, let's get back to the myth of Ixion because his namesake asteroid is conjunct Epstein's natal Neptune/Saturn conjunction (Neptune/Saturn btw being the signs we'd expect to see prominent in a suicide chart) and transiting Ixion exactly conjunct the Part of Fortune for this chart (the final outcome).

I warn you the myth might only add to the mystery for you!

Ixion, in Greek mythology, was the son either of the god Ares (Mars) or of Phlegyas (a notorious bad guy), and king of the Lapiths in Thessaly. 

He married Dia, daughter of  Deioneus to whom Ixion promised a sizeable dowry. Some time after the wedding with the dowry payment still unpaid Deioneus steals some of Ixion's horses in revenge, a crime Ixion quickly discovers. 

He invites Deioneus to his castle for a feast, but when his father-in-law arrives, Ixion pushes the older man onto a burning bed of coal and sticks and kills him. Note this is the first murder in Greek mythology related to someone killing 'family' and so Ixion is often labeled by astrologers as an indicator for murder or a murderer and that might be true sometimes, and even here if the myth ended there, but it doesn't.

Ixion, reputation and soul, ruined by this act, is driven mad. The other kings are so offended by his act of xenia (poor hospitality, which was held sacred) they refuse to perform the rituals of catharsis (probably think Pluto's death and rebirth here) that would cleanse him of his guilt/sin. 

So, Ixion is shunned and made to live as an outcast.

(we can connect this part of the myth to Epstein's original sex abuse convictions, over a decade before his death, that he 'got away with/received a slap on the wrist' - via a secret, highly controversial plea deal in 2008 thanks to former U.S. Attorney Alex Acosta, who is now Trump's Labor Secretary - much as Ixion did, but which did result in Epstein's powerful downfall/public shunning and desertion of his powerful friends and his life as an outcast - although a wealthy outcast - before an in-depth series of articles by the Miami Herald - keep in mind Jupiter rules the media as well as the legal system - sparked renewed public outrage over his sexual crimes and the judicial inequality of his sentence)

OK, back to the myth.

At some point, Zeus (Jupiter, king of the Gods to the Romans) takes pity on Ixion and instead of making him pay for his crimes decides to offer him a seat at his table where Ixion in another act of xenia (poor hospitality) begins to lust over Zeus's wife Hera (Juno to the Romans, and right on the ascendant of this chart). 

In disbelief when he is told of this, Zeus (Jupiter) sets a trap for Ixion by forming a cloud into the shape of his wife and placing the Hera (Juno)-cloud naked beside a sleeping Ixion (what a temptation!). 

When Zeus (Jupiter) discovers Ixion having sex with the Hera (Juno) cloud - and impregnating it/her (?) - the ultimate act of poor hospitality and ABUSE OF HIS PARDON - Zeus/Jupiter expels Ixion from Mt. Olympus with his thunderbolt, binding Ixion (via Hermes/Mercury) eternally to a winged fiery wheel that is always spinning - 

and I didn't mention Mercury in the post, but notice he is in that 12th house of the death chart, the house containing Epstein/the Sun and at the powerful/critical 28th degree of Cancer, so answering to that Moon (Epstein) in Sagittarius (the law). 

The sex Ixion had with the 'cloud' named Nephele (nephos meaning cloud) produced a child named Centauros who later mated with the mares on Mount Pelion creating the race of Centaurs, including Chiron.

Are we looking at ancient archetypal patterns playing out through the life of a man called Jeffrey Epstein (which no more absolves his guilt/sin than anyone else's) or have I gone mad as a hatter? Both?

Although archetypes are impersonal patterns of influence that are both ancient and universal, they become personalized when they are a part of our individual psyche. Encoded in all of us to enable us to fulfill our sacred purpose/contracts while on Earth, but how high or how low we go with these energies - we do have some free-will here, of course - is up to us ....

Endowed with the rain-making gift of creating from thin air (his reputation/financial abundance) and charged with tests involving his use of xenia "hospitality" (think about his plane and island), his acts through sexual abuse/excess/no limits, used in perversion - turning young people into inanimate objects for his own pleasure.

And it is not only Saturn and Pluto that end Epstein's excessive lifestyle/life.

We can see Juno (Hera), an essential Goddess necessary for sustaining life, on the ascendant - bringing Mars and the noose - as echoing that Uranus in Cancer - remember we are always on the lookout for repeating patterns - since Juno's revenge is unleashed when the integrity of the social structure is threatened by behavior that might destroy the family unit and the social cohesion that is dependent on it.

Social taboos are part of her domain.

The need to create family structures is inherent in nature and we violate Juno's territory at our own risk.

Notice in Epstein's natal chart Juno is conjunct (we might say looking over) his Mars/Venus conjunction, that love/passion aspect that can bring charisma/contact with powerful people/an urge toward too much sex - watching what he does with that. 

Juno is "violated" by the chaos that ensues when individuals cannot control their instincts ... and she always has her revenge.

Also Juno is about the power we hold through our connections to the 'real' power/the king and what we will do to hold onto it - Juno a powerful player in his chart and life story. 

So there are a kind of 'deep-state' murderers at work here, but maybe they are the ancient archetypal ones we carry inside us and misuse at our own peril.

xo all

Today's Astrology Forecast | Friday, July 17, 2020 - communication, errands, small stuff, finishing up, going with the flow

The Moon finishes up in Gemini today - she met Venus at 2:40AM EDT and later (5:15PM EDT) will go void off a square to a retrograde Neptune. She will be void until tomorrow morning (10:24AM EDT) when she comes home to Cancer and starts setting up this year's rare second New Moon in Cancer on Monday.

The Moon/Venus (exact late last night, but will unwind today) shows a need to chat/socialize. Share information/our feelings - keep things light. With both the Moon and Venus answering to a newly direct Mercury in Cancer maybe home/family situations are on our mind/lips. The Moon is waning - finishing up - as she heads into her dark phase this weekend. A time of rest.

The square to a retrograde Neptune could have some wistfully looking backward - at what we used to have or thought we would/the way it's supposed to be? Words/promises could feel empty. Keep in mind our life has always been more about what we "notice" than about what is actually happening. We can choose to change/soften our focus. Neptune is like anesthesia. We don't want to sleepwalk through life, but we don't want to have surgery wide awake either. Everything has its time and place. If we are feeling drained/anxious get some extra rest/sleep. Get into the water. Listen to music.

Know everything you hear/see, maybe especially in the late afternoon and then during that Void Moon will likely be somewhat delusional and can unwind quickly.

This would not be the day to make any important long-term decisions.

Just roll with what happens.

Chat. Do errands. Write. Communicate. Call your sibling. Keep things light.

Get small things done.

This weekend will be all about home and family stuff (a Cancer weekend Moon is the stuff working men and women's dreams are made of, but things could feel a bit 'empty' due to her balsamic phase if we push, so just let things move at their own pace). 

Keep in mind always we are all in this together ....

xo all

photo by the talented Ceecore

Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, July 16, 2020 - getting busy, making adjustments to what we call nurturing, staying curious, finding a new way through

The Moon is in multi-tasking/curious/chatty and information hungry Gemini now - there is enough to keep everyone busy like it or not. This late in the lunar month the Moon might have been happier yesterday in slow and comfortable Taurus.

Now, maybe she starts to feel rushed, like she is falling behind somehow.

On the other hand if she (as we) will just roll through this day (stay in the moment and flexible as the pace quickens and shifts), getting this done and that done this can feel very good, too!

The Gemini Moon will sextile Mars at 10:26PM EDT and meet up with Venus at 2:40AM EDT (tomorrow).

In Gemini our focus naturally turns to Gemini themes - information, communication, errands, education, writing, teaching, our siblings, local community, transportation/electronic situations. 

That Moon/Mars sextile from Gemini/Aries is a trigger to be curious. Get out there into your local neighborhood. Make the call. Write the email. Do/think/talk about something NEW.

This is also the day Venus (in Gemini) squares a retrograde Ceres (in Pisces) again. 

Maybe we can see the ways  nurturing without boundaries isn't really nurturing. What/who are we smother mothering with our good (or not so good) intentions? Venus is Gemini likes to keep things light/humorous/curious. Maybe mama Ceres needs to chill out. 

(my daughter obviously tunes out when I talk about "important" things, but when we chat about recipes, quick plans, newsy gossip, etc, and I allow her to decide when a heavier topic can be broached ie wait for her to initiate - my thoughts are more welcomed. And I knew this already, but must have forgotten and have been reminded again lately)

Conversely this might be something about how too much frivolous conversation/flitting from this to that keeps us from really connecting/listening. Ceres in Pisces wants the complete merger. Gulp! 

Ceres also rules season of life issues/things outside our control and Venus in Gemini is about wanting different things/being attractive to and attracting a variety. Maybe something about baby steps toward something else. Be curious.

(Ivanka Trump's - somewhat premature/ill-timed - campaign with business leaders, "find something new" is on target with the North Node in Gemini - should have been announced during the Gemini Moon though instead of comfort/stability-loving Taurus and probably with a Leo Sun! - I have no idea if the actual plans have any meat on their bones or it's just a fluffy headline, but the idea "find something new-ish" is going to be the way through for all of us, sooner or later, unless we want to be just hanging onto everything by our finger nails until they are ripped out, too.)

Ultimately Gemini/Pisces are mutable signs and Venus is the queen of balance and Ceres got what she wanted when she learned to compromise. 

This ain't our first rodeo with this square (we had this on June 8th with Venus retrograde and Ceres direct), so what have we learned? 

xo all

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Today's astrology Forecast | Wednesday, July 15, 2020 - making the most of this powerful day

Heads up - the Moon is making some EXCELLENT aspects today (tomorrow, too).

In Taurus she will sextile a retrograde Neptune at 7:15AM EDT, trine a retrograde Jupiter at 9:56AM EDT, sextile the Sun at 12:50PM EDT, trine a retrograde Pluto at 1:01PM ED and finally she goes void off a trine to a retrograde Saturn at 11:21PM EDT.

When have we ever had this many positive lunar aspects in one day?! AND the Moon is EXALTED.

Will they make up for the challenges of the Sun opposing Pluto - we will see!!

Focus. Eliminate distractions. Do something. Alot can be accomplished now. Confidence. Courage. Taurus rules our money, our resources, our values and self-esteem.

This is solid ground. Practicality.

These planets are retrograde so if something didn't work before - TRY AGAIN!

Influence matters. Assistance is possible. No manipulating. No need to push/confront. The sky; so rich with potential and consequence.

The Sun is opposing Pluto (power struggles/projections) and shining a light on what we might not want to look at (we talked about this in the weekly HERE) - remember Pluto is retrograde. We are going back over this stuff. Going deeper this time. There is NOTHING HERE we don't already know about. Even if we don't think we know, we know.  

This is the Cancer/Cappy polarity with "work" feeling dangerous and "home" feeling safe and so now what?! A feeling of increased neediness (I want my mommy!) - with Pluto opposing that Cancer Sun - maybe an issue with authority/maybe a domestic power struggle/the death of something familiar/comfortable.

There will be a New Moon at this degree (23 degrees Capricorn) in January 2021. And this is also the degree Jupiter/Pluto met in April. So, a hot degree - watch for big news about powerful people (AND something coming up from the dark about the virus since it conjuncts 22 Cappy and involves the same players - Sun/Pluto) and in our personal lives can tie events together from these dates. Take care with power this week - don't give it away, don't manipulate others - stay in your integrity.

Keep in mind the Sun is just off that opposition to Jupiter - worries and fears can be exaggerated.

The Moon is giving us the support to handle whatever this is if we lean into her ... practical, grounded, slow and steady wins the race.

The Moon sextiling the Sun is this month's waning sextile. This is Taurus/Cancer and they LOVE each other. Cancer trusts Taurus to know the value of what we already have. And Taurus trusts Cancer to keep it safe. Things we no longer need can be released smoothly. We move forward with ease.

The second Cancer New Moon of the year will be here in just six days. It's got some challenges opposing Saturn - we will have to work for whatever we get with it - but it creates the opportunity to make something extra sticky/stable/lasting. 

In the meantime this energy is excellent for wrapping something up or working on something started BEFORE all the retrogrades.

The Taurus Moon loves comfort, routine, quality, good food, taking her time. Keep this in mind today.

Use your powers for good.

xo all

more in the weekly HERE

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Today's Astrology Forecast | Tuesday, July 14, 2020 - hurt feelings, powerful endings, brave and deliberate action, intuitive knowledge, keep moving

The Moon, in Taurus now, sextiled Mercury (in Cancer) at 12:55AM EDT (emotional agreements around money, resources, what we value, important communications, moving forward) and then meets Uranus at 10:14AM EDT (change of moods maybe based on unexpected financial news, we could find comfort in unusual situations and people - do something new).

We have Mars meeting Chiron and the Sun opposing Jupiter (on his way to opposing Pluto tomorrow, maybe all one thing).

We talked about this in the weekly HERE.

Mars/Chiron is actions that hurt (keep in mind Mars is squaring Mercury for pretty much the rest of the month - so there could be angry words, short fuses, a general feeling of antsy).

With that Jupiter aspect at the same time to the Sun let's not take things too far. Don't burn any bridges right now. Don't act the ass. Impulsive actions create accidents and regrets. There IS something here about confronting our own vulnerabilities that won't be avoided and how grown-up are we by now to deal with that. Not by stuffing our feelings either. The practical Taurus Moon will help. Big girl/big boy pants on. Invite the "pain" to the table - "I see you little girl and I know what you need". Nourish her and not with ice cream. 

Avoid projections. Think before you act/speak. Are we mad at them or are we mad at ourselves? Are they mad at us or someone else?

We could be feeling regret over losses/things that didn't work out/actions we didn't take. The Cancer Sun will make this whole thing emotional.

Fears around not having enough/not being able to take care of ourselves/not fitting in/feeling unsupported/maybe about our personal safety might come up.

If you have planets/points from about 8-10 degrees and 21-23 degrees of the cardinal signs - Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn - you will feel these energies strongest, but we will probably all be dealing with someone who is feeling them.

This stuff is fierce.


Old familial wounds. 

Some action could be required, so keep it measured. Grounded. Be deliberate. Be brave.

Oppositions can bring ENDINGS and the Sun can bring things to culminations and into the light so we can get a better look whether we want to or not.

Keep in mind the big picture - we are birthing a new world. One that we are part of, but cannot control. On our worst days/on our best days - this is what dying feels like ... without the dying part. We get to start over without having to be a little baby again or a teenager with pimples and mood swings. The catch is we have to start from where we are RIGHT NOW. That's the rub. Pressure. Uncertainty. Moving without knowing where we are going. Growing/changing without knowing what the hell we are turning into. And sometimes we are not going to like ourselves and that's OK, too.

But let's give each other a break. Yes, even the "Karens". Maybe especially the "Karens". Not in some condescending way either. We are all Karen sometimes. We are ALL fighting a hard fight. Even when our fight isn't as hard as someone else's on that exact day. We don't know anyone else's real story even if we think we do. Let's be kind.

We also have Pallas (retrograde in Capricorn) sextiling Neptune today. If we tap into THAT there is inspiration here. Intuitive knowledge. Smart art. Our intelligence/planning is being spiritually guided. Pray. Meditate. Practice gratitude/compassion.

Alot more on TUESDAY in the weekly HERE.

xo all

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Astrology Forecast for the Week of July 13th - July 19th, 2020 - self esteem crisis, avoid over-reactions, power struggles, endings, stuff coming to light, let go or be dragged, eyes wide open

OK, here we go. Another week of life on planet Earth. Are we still on planet Earth?! Are you wondering about that, too :)

This week looks challenging - we can see those oppositions and squares BUT we will have some good stuff, via the Moons, we'll pull in and talk about those in the dailies.

Let's jump right into it -

TUESDAY - Mars conjuncts Chiron, Sun opposes Jupiter
WEDNESDAY - Sun opposes Pluto
THURSDAY - Sun squares Eris, Venus squares Ceres

On TUESDAY, Mars (in Aries) meets up with Chiron (retrograde) at 9 degrees.

Action/anger spark old wounds/pain/insecurities/vulnerabilities. We are TRIGGERED. We might need to step into our own authority/overcome self-doubt/stand up for ourselves or even fight for what we need.

However this shows up - DON'T EXPECT IT NOT TO HURT.

Don't expect it not to touch you this week. Maybe make some room for it. If you feel old fears pressing on all sides of you, open the door, and find out what they came for. Have some compassion for yourself and your situation - yes, even if it is in some ways a self-created mess. It will shorten the lifespan of every internal argument and let you get straight to work. Thoughts are things and being a "fear" is really hard.

Know that things can get out of control quickly with Mars in Aries - this is about being assertive and brave NOT aggressive or impulsive. 

We need to be conscious of what we are doing. Responding and not reacting. Let's think before we act. Let's think before we speak.

Life can become a sh*t-show quickly if we go unconscious and let this stuff run unchecked. We need to be careful with our physical bodies now, too. Some people will be more accident prone.

Luckily for us, despite Mars upcoming retrograde, this meeting with Chiron is a one shot deal! We are learning something deeply personal, unique to ourselves and our life/choices, but at the same time it's a piece of our collective's universal story. We owe it to life, to ourselves, to our ancestors and maybe especially to our children and their children to do our level best with this.

On October 1, 2020 we are going to have the Full Moon in Libra that will exactly oppose this point, so it could be something that Mars triggers now, will culminate or connect to something then.

Stay strong. Act responsibly. It's OK to get angry if anger is appropriate, but it's not OK to act like an asshole. Big girl/boy pants on. We can use this Mars push to take action. We don't have to be perfect. We will try to be our best, brave self. We will do the next right thing. That will be enough. It will have to be.

Physical activity and exercise will greatly help - give Mars something to do!

On TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY - the Sun (in Cancer) is opposing a retrograde Jupiter in Capricorn (22 degrees) and then a retrograde Pluto (23 degrees).

Now keep in mind the Sun opposes these powerful energies once every year, it's just this year we get them all together! That's OK, we'll just say to ourselves, "OK, let's get this OVER WITH!".

Oppositions can bring endings/culminations.

They can also bring exactly what they sound like they bring - people or situations that will feel like they oppose us. Things could come to light now. Since these planets are retrograde they won't be totally new things.

The Sun opposed Jupiter - maybe something about GOING OVERBOARD - if we are doing something that we could put the word "over" in front of - overspend, over-promise, overstep, overwhelm, over-indulge - maybe 'check yourself before you wreck yourself' this week. With the Sun what we do will be visible.

The Sun opposed Pluto - power struggles, something that feels like LIFE AND DEATH. Maybe our ego/pride gets bruised because Pluto don't play. We could be dealing with manipulation. Compulsion. Jealousy. If we have been stubbornly resisting some change - things can break down. Keep in mind since an opposition is culminating energy - this is the RESULT of the build up of the Cappy energy in our chart/life.

Collectively all this stuff is Cancer/Capricorn - our emotional needs vs our physical needs, home vs career/ambition, mother vs father. Yes, this same stuff we have been dealing with. AND Pluto, Jupiter and Pallas are all retrograde, so these are not totally new situations.

The themes of the house Cancer/Capricorn rule in your natal chart will make this more personal for you. Expect intensity. If things/people feel like they are working against you/coming at you. Know you are projecting this stuff. Stop and take a closer look at it.

Keep a cool head. Be a grown-up. Where is the Sun in your chart? Do your Sun. Let's be gentle with each other we are living through unprecedented times. This stuff ain't for sissies.

Finally on THURSDAY,  the Sun will square Eris. And at the same time Venus will be squaring a retrograde Ceres.

Venus/Ceres is a repeating aspect. They squared back on June 8th when Venus was retrograde and Ceres was direct and now the ladies have changed positions. We have been working out nurturing issues within our relationships. Who gives what and how much? What do we need to give/to get? What feels like too much? Venus in Gemini can be flexible. What needs to be adjusted? What needs to change? Venus also rules our money/resources and the square to Ceres (which triggers fears/anger/grief about losses we can't control) could also show up as stressful financial issues.

With the Sun opposing the energy that brought us 2020's "time runs out" radically powerful Cappy dismantling of our lives and particularly the ramifications of the virus - expect our attention to go there. Maybe things will come to light about the virus's origins. The statistics will surely be illuminated and what they mean re-hashed. Don't allow yourself to go back into that fear. We know ALOT more now. We are figuring this thing out and moving through it. 

The main themes this week could be our triggered vulnerability, dealing with anger issues/arguments, those solar oppositions that can bring challenges/endings. If we are still carrying around that dead Cappy baggage this week will be more challenging.

Time to let go or be dragged folks!

Alot of this oppositional energy, because it opposes the January "virus" degrees - could be us/our will (the Sun) wanting to do something we cannot do or have a life we cannot have because of the virus/restrictions.

We'll unpack this all in greater detail in the dailies when we add in the Moons.

xo all

photo by the amazing firebomb