New Moon in Capricorn | the climb

climb by little-moonshine
Today's New Moon is at 8 degrees Capricorn.

The New Moon is always a time of Sun conjunct Moon. They come together once a month (from our perspective) - the Moon is hidden/dark and we start a whole new cycle.

Let's look back at 2016 and see what we have survived and what we have achieved. Let's not worry about where we 'should' be or what we 'should' have done. Let's just look at where we are now. Where we are now is the perfect place to be to get to where we want to be next. There is nothing pie in the sky about Capricorn energy, It's a 'just the facts Jack' time of year.

Things are serious. Serious doesn't scare us.

This month we also have a retrograde Mercury joining the Sun and Moon. This is significant. It gives additional significance to this Mercury retrograde, too.

If you remember Mercury was just about to conjunct Pluto when he stationed retrograde pulling his energy away from Pluto. We know the things Mercury rules - communication, transportation, our local neighborhood, siblings - as well as the theme of our natal Capricorn house (where is Capricorn in your natal chart?), will have important roles to play over the next 28 days.

There is a lot of energy in Capricorn now (ruled by Saturn) -  responsibility, stability, maturity, security, ambition - this is serious stuff.

Can you feel the weight of everything that is happening in the world; the seriousness of it all? I can, too.

The Moon is squaring Jupiter (in Libra). Jupiter is opposing Uranus (in Aries). Uranus is trining Saturn (in Sagittarius) and tomorrow Uranus will finally move direct. There is momentum here. It feels a bit like a powder keg to me ...

Maybe the most important aspect is that Uranus trine (brakes off) to Saturn since a stationing Uranus is uber powerful and we still have Saturn in Sagittarius for the entire year of 2017 and Saturn is the ruler of this Capricorn New Moon.

There are opportunities here for people who are not distracted by the newest bright, shiny objects and can stay focused on the work necessary to make these opportunities pay off.

This isn't the best time to make choices, but choices are really mostly our rationalizations anyway. The reasons we cite for our choices are often coming from some other space in the past. Moving away from old habits is tricky ...

It is almost accurate to say we should make our choices based on what feels good. This way of looking at things breaks down the habit of self-rejection/sabotage by allowing us to embrace pleasure as our friend

(and for those who think making choices based on what feels good means the dishes never get done and the trash piles up - well, that might happen for awhile, but at some point it will feel good to clean it up - and that's when we'll clean it up). 

And 'what feels good' is different than addiction, which feels familiar, and that's something else to think about.

The energy of 2017 is very different than 2016 which was dominated by the Saturn/Neptune square of dreams vs. reality (and often illusion vs reality). The Saturn (sobering) in Sagittarius (truth) is sticking around though. Good-bye 2016, don't let the door hit you on your way out - or maybe go ahead and let the door hit you 2016, you deserve it.

The first two thirds of 2017 will be dominated by the Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto stuff and of course we still are dealing with that 'sobering truth'. And we have so many retrograde planets next year! We'll talk about this later.

Let's look at what this New Moon energy squaring Jupiter (with Jupiter opposing Uranus) might look like through the signs. Plus that Saturn trine. This is complicated, so your sign might sound a little all over the place.

Anyway here goes .... (if you know your rising sign - 1st house sign on the cusp - use that for best accuracy, and also check your Sun sign)

Saturn Square Chiron | Sun Conjunct Mercury - taking ourselves seriously

novooo by nikelena

The Sun is conjunct Mercury. A baby born today would be a good communicator, using language and interacting with others very early - later he would probably be a better talker than listener though.

For the rest of us, this transit can make for a very mentally active time. We could also be going here and there - lots of errand-type activities (Mercury rules not only the transport of words and ideas but the transport of everything else as well as the things we use for the transport like our telephones, computers and cars).  

With tomorrow's New Moon in Capricorn this is an excellent time for planning. 

With a spotlight (Sun) thrown on communications (Mercury) now - there could be answers. With Mercury retrograde, the answers may lead to more questions. Or maybe someone from our past reappears. Whatever happens now, whatever we are making happen now, it is probably best to use this energy to plan our way forward and take action on what shows up, but not make any firm commitments or decisions since all the cards are not on the table yet ...

Saturn is squaring (tension) Chiron. This one hurts. Maybe we get a 'no' from an authority figure. On the other hand maybe we need to step into our own authority and say no. It's a good time to remember we learn from experience not from success or failure. The results of our actions are often out of our hands.

Maybe some obligation or responsibility or debt needs to be lived up to - did we make a promise or commitment near December 2nd? Maybe some rule is rubbing us the wrong way or restricting us. Maybe something about whatever is hurting feels very familiar - that would be something to think about.

When I see Saturn (time) and Chiron (wound) together I think of the old adage "time heals all wounds". Maybe this applies.

With Mercury in Capricorn and Saturn the ruler of Capricorn - the best way to handle whatever comes up is probably to channel Capricorn. Mature, level headed reasoning is needed now. Personal ambition is favored (not on the backs of others I'd hope). We will survive if we take ourselves seriously. It's winter - stock up. xo

Capricorn and Piscean sextiles | maybe let's try releasing the habit of measuring everything ....

illusory by la-child

The Sun (in Capricorn) sextiles Mars (in Pisces). A retrograde Mercury (in Capricorn) sextiles Neptune (in Pisces).

Sextiles are like handshakes, they create opportunities. Something new is available here from the combining of these energies. It's not a sure-fire success or an iron clad contract, although it can lead to these things. There is agreement though. A sextile can be easy to miss because it's the thing that glides smoothly into place. It's sometimes easier to see the gift in hindsight.

This transit encourages independent thought and action. Courage is available here and change comes more easily. Pisces (ruled by Neptune) encourages change and action through vision and imagination.

We don't create vision. We receive vision.

We shut up. We listen. We still our brain. We move our body.

(I find I have to move my body in new and unexpected ways to get things unstuck. Almost always I have to be outdoors. After dangling from my front porch hanging Christmas lights a couple weeks ago, I felt like an entirely new person. Maybe I need a little more dangle and a little less ladder.)

We live in a time when we try to measure and quantify everything.

This measuring is part of the problem. It creates a kind of scarcity thinking.

When we think time is scarce we hurry. When we think money is scarce we get greedy or envious. When we think attention is scarce we show off. When we think acceptance is scarce we manipulate.

In another reality, one that is as close as the breath we just exhaled and as far away as the distant horizon, none of these things are scarce. Our culture of scarcity has embraced us so completely we have mistaken it for "reality". It isn't.

Neptune asks us to think about - how much cheap ugly does it take to make up for a lack of real beauty? How much entertainment makes up for a lack of play? How many adventure movies make up for a lack of real adventure? How much pornography for a lack of intimacy? How much money for a lack of real security?

The answer is always an infinite amount. We never have enough. Our cup is never full.

This may be good news for the shopping economy, in the very short term, but it's incredibly bad news for our health and for the health of our planet. We are so close to releasing this vision of artificial scarcity - we just have to release the habits and walls that hold us here in this old story and they are breaking apart more and more everyday ...

The Piscean energy encourages attention to our intuition while the Capricorn energy encourages us up that mountain.

Pallas (dwarf planet, warrior) has just moved back into Pisces, too. This Mars/Pallas/Pisces energy can be used to create more than religious or crazy fueled violence.

We can use this energy to step into our own new story. Possibilities that didn't exist within our old story lie right in front of us even if we don't know exactly how to reach them. Let's trust ourselves to know what to do when this time in-between stories has ended. xo all

a spotlight on the way forward ....

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

I was hoping last week to get caught up with a few 'where we are now' and 2017 posts, but couldn't seem to make the time.

We'll get caught up this week.

For today - we have multiple things going on. Jupiter (20 degrees Libra) is opposite Uranus (20 degrees Aries). Mars (5 degrees Pisces) is conjunct the South Node. Retrograde Mercury (9 degrees Capricorn) is sextile Neptune (in Pisces) and our Capricorn Sun is trine (brakes off) the North Node (in Virgo).

The Sun trining the North Node could "shine a light on" our way forward. It is likely whatever happenings all the other energies are stirring up for us are really a way to focus us on our next step and get us to a place we are serious (Capricorn) about taking it.

With Mars (action, initiation, anger, war) hooking up with the South Node of what we are releasing - there is an impetus to let something go now. Addiction issues or situations where we play the martyr or victim could push some of us to find our bottom (solid ground). Boundaries are real things with this energy. We could feel invaded.

Since Mercury and Neptune are sextiling (shaking hands) and Mercury rules the North Node (Virgo) and Neptune rules the South Node (Pisces) - there is a way forward here. The simplest answer (not always the easiest since with all this Capricorn there will be work involved) will have the most support.

The big transit now is Jupiter opposing Uranus. This is a recurring one for 2017, too. This could put what we want to do or be or what we believe at odds with the other people in our life. This has been building for a couple days and will be around for a couple more days. We could feel rebellious. So could other people. Situations can seem larger than they actually are. Differences between ourselves and others will be overblown. Areas where we are feeling stifled will be challenging. We don't need to make some big explosive leap into something new (no big splashy new until after Mercury moves direct, please), remember we still have that Virgo North Node encouraging us toward those small, precise steps that will lead us to bigger and better things.

Back later today with the weekly - xo all

Sun into Capricorn | winter is coming ....

winter by voorikvergeet

Doesn't it feel better somehow to call the Winter Solstice the longest night rather than the shortest day?

The shortest day sounds like I am missing out on something. The longest night sounds like I can lie in bed and finish my book and still get a good night's sleep.

This is a good time during the busy holiday season to take stock of where we are, what we've done and where we are going.

This is a season when melancholy can set in if we aren't careful. We have to remember when looking at the bad stuff that was or the good stuff that never was - to own the fact we have survived it!

In Capricorn, the Sun gets serious. We are heading into the serious time of year - the time our ancestors could starve if they hadn't stocked up properly or catch a cold that would turn into pneumonia.

(Can a cold turn into pneumonia? I am one of those people who think it can, although I guess the cold has just left our lungs in a weakened state. I also think I can catch a cold from getting wet on a cold day, although science, and my local doctor, tells me it doesn't work that way. I know it happens though.)

If they hadn't prepared for winter, they wouldn't survive.

They would celebrate the Winter Solstice and go into hibernation for a few weeks (exhausted from the harvest, escaping the cold and, intuitively, the germs, too, I'm sure), venturing back out sometime mid-Aquarius season for some social interaction and hoping to trade whatever they still had plenty of to restock whatever had grown scarce.

This is true for us today, too. Without structure, responsibility and discipline - mandated by Capricorn's ruling planet Saturn - we'll be in trouble when the cold settles in and the stuff we need to survive is covered with two feet of snow and ice. I think I write this so often, that anyone who doesn't think this way (or know they need to hear this) probably wouldn't read this blog. I am sure I am preaching to the choir here.

Today is the Capricorn ingress and sets up the next 3 months, so it's a good time to look at where all the planets are and how the energies are working together.

Mercury is retrograde (in Capricorn!). Mars has just moved into Pisces. I know some astrologers think Mars in Pisces is kind of a "peace on earth" transit. It could be, I guess, but Pisces (ruled by Neptune) ability to dissolve reality can make it a treacherous space for fiery Mars (action, violence, war).

If Mars were a person he would be a passionate, impulsive (and easily angered) young man. And we all have this masculine, passionate, youthful, angry energy inside us. When we don't acknowledge this young man we meet him in other people and outside situations.

Collectively Mars into Pisces is a time of escape or surrender. He also energizes our Pisces house.

In my chart, for example, Pisces rules my 4th house of home and family. It's my roots and my mother or father (this varies based on our chart and interpretation). I have the planet Jupiter in my 4th house and Jupiter is the ancient ruler of Pisces making the whole thing more impactful (I blame all this for my inability to keep my house neat and organized). So, I know at some point during Mars transit through Pisces he will meet up with my natal Jupiter.

So, now Mars has moved in. Maybe I have more energy at home. Maybe I clean this place up. Since I have a home business maybe I have more activity there or more energy. Maybe I am more easily angered at home or attract this impulsive, passionate energy into my home through other people. Maybe I spend more time and energy on my family.

Maybe my plumbing overflows (like a toilet did 10 minutes ago here).

We'll look at the rest of the energies for the next 3 months over the next few days.

For now, stay safe.

Stock up (physically with things like food, candles, maybe wood and books - emotionally with family, friends, good memories and plans - and spiritually with meditation and prayer).

We saw what happened Monday when Mars moved into Pisces conjunct Pluto and Mercury went retrograde and Mars isn't exactly conjunct Pluto until the end of the month.

Today, just breath, take in the long night and let's acknowledge what we have all survived. 

NOTE - the Sun is squaring the Moon (in Libra) today - what we want and what we need are in conflict here. It's a good day to deal with our own stuff and not tell other people how to deal with theirs. We could attract challenging situations and tension. We may have to adjust to others. Just breathe. Tomorrow the Moon will hook up with Jupiter and we will all feel more optimistic. xo

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of December 19th - NOT quite time to decide, productive escape plus it could be a Merry , ie everybody gets along just fine, Christmas

where the wild roses grow by krowka7

Let's dive right in.

When we wake up Monday morning the skies are quite different than when we went to sleep. A new story is taking shape for all of us! Mars has moved into watery Pisces and Mercury has stationed retrograde in Capricorn. Whatever story kicks off now (and yes, it could already be in motion) will play out through the end of January.

When Mercury retrogrades we focus on the "re's" - we rethink, redo, re-imagine, rework, reconnect, release, relax (my wish for all of you this holiday season!). People and situations from the past can come back for another look. Our mind turns in toward itself. This is why it is so easy to misplace things, say the wrong thing, send the wrong email, etc - the stuff we can normally do without thinking, well we can't do that stuff very well when Mercury is retrograde.

Mercury's normal speed is very fast, so when he slows down we feel it. Breathe!

Expect that people will take their time getting back to you, that things will be delayed, that you will get to the movies at the wrong time or the electricity will go out and the show will be canceled. We are not meant to fly through life at 90 miles an hour when Mercury is retrograde - this is the one third of the year we are supposed to be looking backward and flying 90 miles an hour looking backward only works if you are a bumble bee.

For the rest of us our cars brake down, our computers zonk out and our systems go haywire which requires us to SLOW DOWN. With the holidays approaching, it's a good excuse to kick back!

With this retrograde happening in serious Capricorn, we will be personally focused on our natal Capricorn house themes as well as the universal themes ruled by Capricorn - government, business, authority, career, reputation, tradition, structure.

With Mars in Pisces actions could be indecisive, wishy-washy, escapist, healing, secretive, artistic - you get the drift (literally!). Pisces isn't Mars favorite place - it's kind of like putting a lit match into a glass of water - you get a whole lot of smoke and sizzle, but not much else. The good news is Mars in Pisces is excellent energy for compassionate and healing activities and for creating imaginative or other worldly (spiritual, religious) art.

Mars in Pisces gives us permission (not that we need any!) to binge watch Netflix (I've heard good things about "The OA" already), read five books in five days, daydream and run off to the ocean!

Escape is totally practical and productive now - just be sure not to overdo it in unhealthy ways.

Pisces Suns get more powerful (and maybe easier to anger or irritate) and our Pisces natal houses get more active (and maybe easier to anger or irritate) with Mars hanging out here!

Mercury's station is conjunct Pluto - the planet of karma and transformation. Also the ruler of all the taboo stuff we don't want to look at. So now we'll have to. This feels like an important decision is needed, but we really need the next few weeks to review things first. So, let's review things first.

Mercury will be retrograde until he/she stations direct on January 8th, but will not really be covering new ground until January 27th. Mars will be in Pisces until January 28th. I wouldn't start anything important, if you do not have to, until after these dates.

On Monday and Tuesday - the Moon is in Virgo - great energy for detailed work and for service to others to provide us with emotional support. Clean the house. Clean up your eating. Get organized. Good days for paperwork and to care for pets.

On Wednesday, the Sun moves into Capricorn marking the Winter Solstice. Now a light is really bring thrown on our foundations; the stuff that is holding us up. What do we do because we have always done it this way or because our father/culture did? What do we put up with to feel safe and secure? What needs to stay? What needs to go?

We are all burning Capricorn fuel now - so show up, do the work (even if no one knows you are doing it), think long-term and rock-solid.

The Moon is in balanced and other-oriented Libra and aspecting both Mars and Neptune (in Pisces). We will need to adjust to other people with whatever Piscean stuff we are dealing with - art, healing, secrets, addiction, escapism, spirituality, hospitals, prisons, the stuff, places and people that have been "put away".

On Thursday, the Moon goes void at 2:30pm so get things done early. There are aspects to Jupiter (in Libra) now that should lighten the load a bit.

Great energy to be with friends and partners and we have this for the next few days!

On Friday, the Moon moves into Scorpio. This is great energy to be intimate with others and deal with Scorpio ruled matters - other people's money, loans, taxes, reproduction, sex, taboo stuff. With the Moon working so nicely with Mars and the Sun (both in Pisces) - it's also good energy for dealing with authority figures, business, government, men, healing, art, addiction, fantasy, secrets, etc (see Wednesday's Piscean laundry list).

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (first day of Hannukah) - Saturn (in Sagittarius) trines (brakes off) Uranus (still retrograde in Aries). Making changes to something we already have in place is favored here. Everything old is new again.

(take care with fire, candles and driving)

With Uranus there could be some real Christmas Eve/Christmas surprises!  

This is great energy for the old and the new to come together for the holidays.

It's also great energy for whatever we thought we had to put up with or whatever we thought wasn't going to work out to suddenly work out after all.

With Saturn still squaring Chiron we could be dealing with some added responsibility, father issues or authority stuff that could be draining or hurtful - this is fading now. We could also be dealing with Sagittarius themes - legal, politics, wedding, foreign, travel, education, media, publicity.

The Moon is void all day on Christmas. Expect glitches.

Also on Christmas Day we have Venus (in Aquarius) trining (brakes off) Jupiter (in Libra). This is good energy for us to get along with people who are different from us - for our relationships to be fair and balanced! There is the potential for everyone around our Christmas tree to get along this year and for people spending the holidays alone to feel perfectly fine about it!

xo all - back in a couple days

Mercury Retrograde | secret information, slowing down, destabilizing

empire by jaimel barra

Mercury stations retrograde on Monday at 15 degrees Capricorn. Right on top of Pluto. Whatever sludge Pluto dregs up be prepared to think/talk about it for a while. Capricorn rules our security - our bottom line, our structure, authority, rules. In the collective she reigns over the government, business, systems and whoever reigns over us.

Pluto is about transformation and karma. He rules over the stuff we try not to think about. And now we'll have to.

The next three weeks will be very intense (and this energy really lasts until the end of January when Mercury starts covering new ground). I hope everyone has wrapped up the majority of things they need to get done this month because from here on in things could be a bit less stable. Things will also slow down. We will probably need more rest and more sleep.

Do the usual Mercury retrograde things - back up your files this weekend, recheck all correspondence for the next few weeks, cross your t's and dot your i's, realize that what you say to someone could stir something in them you did not intend to stir up (that Pluto conjunction) and we'll pay attention to what is stirred up in us, pay your bills, keep things organized, lighten your schedule if possible, don't make any large purchases, keep your receipts and know the store's return policies. Do the "re"s as they come up. Whatever comes back around now is here for us to rethink/rework, it's not necessarily here to stay. If it stays past the end of January, it will be around for awhile (yes, the same can probably be said of the U.S. President elect!).

When a planet stations he/she is very powerful. I like to use the finger through a flame analogy - you can easily move your finger quickly through a flame without burning your finger, but if you stop mid-flame (like Mercury is doing now), the heat is much more intense and you burn your finger. Mercury really won't move much for the next week or so and even after that he will be retracing his steps, appearing to move backward through the sky. Prepare for projects and life to slow down and move backward a bit.

Mercury is traveling through the t-square housing Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus. The Pluto/Uranus square I was writing about a couple years ago is re-triggered now. This is the big transit shaking everything up.

In the U.S., Monday is also the day the electors cast their votes. And Mars (initiative, anger, war) changes signs. You might remember Mars last changed signs on election day when he moved into Aquarius in the middle of the day and helped to upend the results. Now he heads into Pisces (the sign of foggy 'whatever happens, happens' results). What all of this means to the elector voting process is anybody's guess!

Of course we also have the Russian hacking story that broke when Saturn (the ruler of Capricorn) conjuncted the Sun. This annual conjunction typically brings something about our bottom line (Saturn) to light (the Sun). The retrograde will almost certainly be walking us through this story. Pluto (secrets) and Mercury (information) will challenge us to see the truth here.

We also have a North Carolina governor signing legislation, before he leaves office, that guts the powers of his successor. What a mess.

It will be weeks before it is sorted out. And whatever happens, it won't be pretty. Until we figure out we need both mommy (the Democrats) and daddy (the Republicans) energy to work together we will keep teeter tottering back and forth, like a country on an out of control seesaw. Maybe we will get to self-governance before that happens. Oy.

In some way we are all like that North Carolina governor trying to hold onto our power, so sure we are right - we are lugging around something that is dead and gone, but our minds haven't quite figured that out yet.

There is a theme during this retrograde about us growing the hell up and facing whatever the hell we do not want to face here. Maybe what we want to do and what we need to do have parted company somewhere along our journey. For people who always do what they want, I imagine there are chickens coming home to roost. And the same can be said of people who always do what they have to do and have lost touch with what they actually want. Jupiter in Libra for the next eight months will show us the ways our relationships are out of balance and unfair. The energy other people are carrying for us gets handed back to us here.

Anyhoo, I will write more about this in the weekly.

I also wanted to touch on some energy potential ahead that could spell trouble. I've been back and forth with myself for a few weeks about whether to write about this - I am just an armchair astrologer after all. But once you see something it is hard to unsee it and I've decided to just put it out there ...

Uranus stations direct on December 29th (finger in the flame again). We will start to feel this energy around Christmas (but maybe as early as Monday's Mercury retrograde station on Pluto and we can certainly feel the unsettledness of life right now). It will carry through the first week or so of January.

There are some aspects here that connect to the U.S. chart that governs this period (Libran ingress chart from Autumn equinox) that have a similar signature to the events of September 11th. Now, I'm not saying something like this is going to happen - it could be related to the Russian hacking story, etc, upending things here. But there is also a connection to Mars (violence, angry young man) and Neptune (unclear thinking, medication, religious fervor) that we have seen before when people get hurt.

What can we do? Well maybe not much about any specific situation that might arise. But we can make sure our house is well stocked (food, medication, pet food) in case this has something to do with the grid going down (Uranus rules technology) and I wouldn't be in large crowds during this time period if I could help it (maybe take a pass if you get an invitation to go watch the ball drop in Times Square this year, etc).

We can reach out to family we disagree with this holiday season and really listen this time. We really do all want the same things.

Dialing down our personal narratives dials the collective narrative down, too. 

There is less need for something to happen within the collective that brings us all together if we have already done this ourselves ....

Stay safe. Schedule light. This could just be Trump (very strong Uranus energy and now he's stepped into the U.S. chart) moving ahead with something or upending something, maybe on the advice of an angry young man or channeling his own, who knows. Whatever it is, with Uranus, we won't see it coming.

xo all

Full Moon in Gemini | tangled up ...

the violence behind by julie-de-waroquier

Today's Full Moon at 22 degrees Gemini is uber complicated. A spotlight is being thrown on a lot of information now. Almost too much to process. With Gemini, truth is shifty and it is hard to tell fact from fiction. We will see what we believe rather than believe what we see. 

Speak clearly now. This is not a time for babble or childish gossip. Let's not say one thing when we really mean something else - even habits like saying "this isn't bad" when we mean something is good dilute our energy. Just say, "this is good!".

This Full Moon could bring us to a decision point with something we have been thinking about for a while - a conversation or communication with someone now could help us decide and even strengthen our resolve to take action.

Full Moons are always potentially stressful because we have the Sun (this month in Sagittarius) opposing the Moon (this month in Sagittarius's polarity sign of Gemini). Oppositions are exactly what they sound like. Yes, you can imagine a boxing ring, some sweaty towels and bandages.

The Moon is opposed to Saturn, too. Remember we talked last week about the Sun and Saturn hanging out together. So, we not only have the Sun opposing the Moon, we have stern Saturn in the Sun's corner, too. We also have all three of them squaring Chiron (in Pisces) and Chiron aspecting Jupiter (in Libra) who is opposing Uranus (in Aries).

All together they create a beautiful Mystic Rectangle (doesn't that sound lovely? well, sometimes yes and sometimes no).

And Mercury, Gemini's ruling planet, is preparing to go retrograde and walking ground we will be covering again. Nothing feels easy here.

This Moon is about choices and endings. With Saturn, our choices will have boundaries - which is actually the good news, because we can maybe see the way forward more easily (usually with Gemini it is hard to choose because there are so many options on the table). With Chiron, whatever is happening can be painful, but there is something of deep value being born now, too ....

Let's look through the signs - check your Sun sign for collective wisdom, but if you know your natal Gemini house you might find that more accurate :

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of December 12th - get that shopping done!

hey jude by dorguska

This is the last week we have a direct Mercury before the holidays, so get that shopping/shipping done! And since Mercury is already walking degrees he will cover two additional times - make sure to double check orders and sizes and hold onto your receipts.

On Monday, the Moon (in Gemini) squares Neptune and then on Wednesday Neptune and Saturn finally move out of orb of the Saturn/Neptune square we have been dealing with since September 2015.

We may not feel this - dreams vs. reality, not being able to tell fact from fiction (or real news from fake news?) - energy improve quickly, because with Neptune things tend to dissolve or fade slowly over time and the U.S. chart is still influenced strongly by Neptune through 2017. And we still have Neptune strong in Pisces (until 2025) and hanging with the South Node.

We have had to face the reality that some dreams need to be left behind so we can move forward. And we will all look back at this period and find it hard to believe the stuff we were believing ...

We haven't had to deal with this energy since the Salem witch trials in the 1600's

(we can see the witch hunts and scapegoating in the collective and also in our own lives over the past 15 months as well as our tendency as a collective and individually to get caught up in stuff that isn't real or true - we will be dealing with the repercussions for a long time).

There will still be some strangler situations with this energy next summer when Saturn goes retrograde, but we have so much happening next summer we might not notice!

Whatever comes up this week that relates to Neptune (imagination, escape, addiction, illusion, healing, spirituality, things/people/situations put away) just needs to come up.

With the Sun connecting with Uranus this would also be a good time for something Sagittarian related (or connected to your Sagittarius natal house theme) to pop or shake things up - media, wedding, politics, travel, foreign, education, legal.

Maybe whatever came to light or firmed up last week when Saturn met the Sun changes on us somehow or gives us a surprise or shock.

(in the collective we had the news that the CIA is confirming Russia interfered in the election, so we know this story is not over)

On Tuesday/Wednesday, we have the Full Moon in Gemini. I'm going to do a Full Moon post on Tuesday. It's a big one.

On Wednesday the Moon is in Cancer so we are focusing on home and family.

The rest of the week I will pop in with as we move along! Next weekend the Moon will be in fun loving Leo - an excellent time for that holiday party!

Midnight Monday is the end of my holiday free shipping in my Etsy shops - Polarity and Uncorked. If you have your eye on anything this is the time to nab it.

xo all - back Tuesday with the Full Moon post and I have the post about the next few weeks and into next year almost complete!

Saturn conjunct the Sun | report card time

let it snow by Natalia Ciobanu

The Sun and Saturn are sitting at exactly 18 degrees Sagittarius.

Once a year these big guys meet up and we get to see clearly what is really happening in our world and in the collective. Report cards are handed out now. A light (the Sun) is shown on reality (Saturn).

(Sagittarius rules politics and the story broke yesterday in the U.S. that the C.I.A. has confirmed Russia interfered in the U.S. election to help get Trump elected by hacking Clinton's campaign manager's emails. In the time of Saturn/Neptune dreams vs reality, I would take this as truth. It matters. If we receive any personal truth bombs now - I would trust those, too.)

If things are not going well, if stuff is falling apart, if we are beating our head against the wall - these are all signs we need to change direction. Now. We have strong support from Uranus for leap taking, turnarounds and pivots.

(NOTE - this doesn't guarantee a successful landing, Uranus only guarantees support to get us somewhere else)

If things are going well, if we have achieved something, there will be rewards now for a job well done. 

With Saturn (hard work, commitment, time, responsibility) so close to the Sun (our life force) there will be limits to whatever we are dealing with. On the other hand, with this all happening in Sagittarius sextiling Jupiter and Jupiter ruling Sagittarius - that limit could very well be the sky.

If our relationships are stifling or non-supportive we will feel it. This could be a time when we need to be strong for someone else. With everything happening in Sagittarius there is a higher purpose to whatever we are dealing with.

The good news, if things are not going well, is changes made now easily create different timelines. A new semester always starts after report cards are given out. We all get a fresh start. We don't get a do-over though - that report card is on its way home to Dad. Doing the same thing we did before will not work.

Doing something new gives the energies at play something to work with! Our muses grow tired of seeing us bang our heads against the wall, too. They whisper to us to go outside and rake the fallen leaves (stretched muscles create the space for us to stretch ourselves in new ways) while we stare transfixed at our computer screen.

I was born during one of these Saturn/Sun conjunctions (I have these planets within 1 degree in my Aquarius house) so can't really feel this energy clearly because I am always feeling it - it's background noise. It's like carrying a stern father around in my pocket - I think most people will be glad to set him down in a few days!

This is a good time to care for the basic structures of our life - the stuff that supports us.

We are living in a time of disintegrating safety nets (just like our ancestors did!), but there are things we can do to give ourselves a steadier ground to walk on. It could be as simple as cleaning our house and putting in place sustainable systems to keep it clean. The same could be said about our money. What astrological house holds 18 degrees Sagittarius in our natal chart? This area of life is being brought to our attention now.

The Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus transits happening now - are huge. I can't remember a time when so much powerful energy was coming together like this. There is destiny here. Some interesting babies will be making an appearance.

I still have that big post to write about the energies ahead. There is so much happening now and about to happen. Lots of twists and turns. Besides Saturn sitting with the Sun in Sagittarius sextiling Jupiter we've got a trine with Uranus and a square to Chiron. There is almost too much to talk about.

We are approaching a Full Moon in Gemini - if we think we have everything figured out, we can be assured we don't.

I'll be back this weekend to write about that. xo all

Venus into Aquarius | valuing the new and unusual

girl with tattoo oil onlinen by xxaihxx
Venus moved into quirky Aquarius yesterday where she will hang out until January 3rd.

Aquarius Suns and Risings (1st house Aquarius) get more attractive now - both easy on the eye and able to attract what they want. Everyone's natal Aquarius house becomes more attractive, too.

Things, people and situations out of the ordinary will catch our eye. Instead of being attracted to the sameness we find in others, we will find ourselves more drawn to those who are different from us.

In Aquarius, social Venus becomes more detached. She values her space and so is able to allow other people theirs, too. If we begin some kind of relationship now - business or personal - know this need for freedom and individuation will be one of the cornerstones it is built on.

We could take a big step back from anything that feels smothering now.

Last year we had this transit in March, and having Venus in this area of the heavens during the holidays may leave some people feeling more isolated or alienated. It's all fine to be on the outside when we choose to be (Aquarian energy is always two steps ahead after all), but if we feel misunderstood or unappreciated or like we just don't fit in, it's no fun to watch everyone else singing Jingle Bells and getting drunk together on the spiked eggnog. We won't want to follow the crowd, but we don't need to be the bitter Christmas elf pouting in the corner either. Let's use this energy to see the unusual beauty in ourselves and other people. Yes, we might be off dairy, but the eggnog won't kill us and it's mostly Jack Daniel's anyway.

Since Venus rules love, money, women, beauty and our values - all of these areas get a shot of something new and different now. Aquarius is a fixed sign and changes (especially changes that are future or humanitarian oriented) made now have a way of sticking. With Mars in Aquarius, too, (until December 19th) these areas (and the areas ruled by your Aquarius house) are ripe for change and innovation.

xo all

Today Mercury is trining (brakes off) the North Node at 9 degrees Virgo. Some people will get important news or information. Conversations and communications (interactions with siblings, computers, transportation) could matter now. Pay attention. Mercury is walking the degrees he will re-walk two more times over the next few weeks so things that come up now can come back around again. Let's do our best to handle things now, so we aren't dealing with information misadventures later.

Hopefully back tomorrow night with some big picture stuff!

Mars Sextile Uranus | do something new

shepherdess by natalia ciobanu

We have Mars (in Aquarius) sextiling Uranus (in Aries) now. Sextiles are 60 degree separations and always make me think of handshakes and hugs. There are agreements here that things will run smoothly. Both planets are getting along. They exchange phone numbers and their favorite holiday cookie recipe.

Since Mars is the ruler of Aries and Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius and each planet is in the other's sign - they are said to be in 'mutual reception'. This makes the whole thing stronger. The hug becomes something like a bear would do while it was squeezing the life out of us. Except, of course, we will live to hug another day.

Mars rules action and initiative and Uranus rules change and sudden developments. This is excellent energy to try something new. Changes will run more smoothly. Doing something the same old way will feel like we are running through cement. Think innovation and action now. Breaking away from the group and doing it on our own is favored with this energy.

Take care when working with fire, driving your car and around hotheads. And, let's not be that hothead. Patience may be in short supply, but the Aquarius energy should allow us to detach from trying situations.

I was so frazzled and impatient yesterday morning talking to the grumpy (always grumpy) clerk at the post office when an elderly woman smiled such a warm smile at me she flipped a kindness switch on in my brain. Instead of wanting to knock the clerk in the head with my package I wanted to bring her a cup of tea. Really. I might have poured it over her head, but at least I would have let it cool off first. We can help each other out this way. We are all in this together.

Certainly incredible innovations that will change the world are being green-lighted as I am typing this. The world is an amazing place filled with amazing creatures, including us!

xo all

Also today the Moon is conjunct Neptune and the South Node. There is a surreal quality to our emotions with this and lots of compassion and connection. It could make some people overly emotional - keep this in mind and let's give ourselves and other people a break. This is excellent energy for imaginative work and healing.

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of December 5th - desiring something new ....

weird world by alexandra sophie

I didn't find time for the big picture thing I wanted to write this weekend - I will get it up this week. December is a very active month with alot of things getting shaken up from mid-month on.

If we have an option to wrap some things up (shopping, travel, meetings) before Mercury goes retrograde on the 19th or even better by the Full Moon on the 13th, we will probably be better off.

The energy on Christmas day itself (which also falls during Hannukah this year) is deeply intimate and connecting, but there are lots of other more challenging energies we will be dealing with, particularly in our Capricorn natal houses and with Capricorn themes - business, government, structure, career, authority, on other days in December.

OK back to this week!

On Monday, the Moon is void all day, so we can get lots of practiced work done. Expect distractions. Don't start anything new.

On Tuesday, Mars (in Aquarius) sextiles (shakes hands) with Uranus (in Aries). This is one of those mutual reception things we have talked about before - since Aries is ruled by Mars and Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. This gives the transit an extra energy and more impact, especially if it touches planets and points in our chart. It's good energy for change and initiative, freedom and passion.

On Wednesday the Moon is again void all day. Venus moves into Aquarius. I will do a post about this, but know that Aquarian Suns and Rising signs get more attractive (both physically attractive and able to attract). Everyone's Aquarius house gets more attractive, too. With both Mars and Venus in Aquarius many people will be wanting a little (or a lot) more freedom and change. Within relationships it can be best for both people to do their own thing at times. Whenever Venus changes signs the themes she rules - women, money, our values, beauty and our self-esteem have new energy available to work with. In Aquarius, Venus will want to break the rules and try new things.

The Moon is squaring Saturn so probably some Sagittarius theme (politics, travel, foreign, education, religion, our beliefs, grandchildren, legal, publicity, wedding) is creating tension and needs to be dealt with. Whatever it is should work better on Friday when the Sun and Jupiter sextile.

On Thursday, we get more active. Mercury (in Capricorn) trines (brakes off) the North Node (in Virgo) and the South Node (in Pisces). Mercury is about communication, conversations and ideas (also siblings, the local neighborhood, teaching, writing, transportation and education) and he is walking degrees he will walk two more times during his upcoming retrograde. Know that information, communications and ideas that come up now connect to our future or to what we are releasing. People we meet now may be important later and people who leave, we are done with (although this could change as Mercury retrogrades and then moves direct over the next few weeks). Whatever comes up it ain't over 'til it's over. New stuff is in flux, too. Pay attention. There could also be some challenging news in regard to work or authority figures now.

Life is very busy. If we let important details be pushed to the side they will come back and bite us in the ass later - maybe enough to require stitches or even an ass-implant (do they do those yet?). Small brush fires can turn into raging infernos by the end of the month and into January if we are not attentive now.

On Friday, the Sun (in Sagittarius) sextiles (shakes hands, gets friendly, sits down and has a cup of joe) with Jupiter (in Libra). The next day the Sun joins Saturn - I'll write about this in the dailies because it's important - and something gets cemented. Reality can hit like a ton of bricks. But that ton of bricks can be the footings of the most solid foundation we have ever built. It's time.

xo all - back this week with the big picture and dailies

Mercury into Capricorn | the weight of our words

*** by ankazhuravleva

Capricorn is a serious sign. It rules the dead of winter and that indomitable mountain goat who just puts one foot in front of the other until he reaches the summit.

With Mercury (thoughts, communication, ideas) moving into Capricorn today, our words will want to be taken seriously. Communications will be fact-checked. Sentences will be properly punctuated and spell checkers will be applied. Ideas will be more traditional. Words that are focused and precise are most effective now.

Traditional stories and songs will resonate.

This isn't Mercury's favorite place to hang out - and because of his upcoming retrograde, he will be here awhile (thru the end of January). He prefers words be fast and flexible and Capricorn is the opposite of this. Words are solid and fixed here. Flowery language isn't welcome. We mean what we say and we say what we mean.

When we take our words and ideas seriously other people will, too.

(This is also true of all Capricorn ruled things such as businesses - if we don't take our business seriously no one else will. Women say to me "my husband doesn't take my business seriously and he won't take it seriously until it makes serious money" and I'm always thinking "he won't take it seriously until you do and you won't make serious money until then either". Some people do get lucky, and I have a few times, making money without taking things seriously. I've always found that money doesn't stick though - I need to be serious, ie have sustainable systems in place, to make "sticky" money.)

Mercury in Capricorn doesn't change its mind. It's fixed.

And this is where the potential pitfalls lie because a fixed mind is, well, sort of, decaying, isn't it (the dead of winter thing I guess)? Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn does alot of what it does out of fear. We will be able to see how fearful thinking and negative language holds us back and/or is connecting us to the wrong things (probably old things that used to work for us) and holding us separate from the stuff we want now.

Mercury is traveling degrees he will re-walk during his upcoming retrograde (this is called his shadow period) so whatever is happening now in our Capricorn natal house and with Mercury ruled themes (communication, conversation, ideas, education, neighbors, siblings, transportation) we will be re-working and dealing with for the next few weeks.

Contracts inked and promises made during this transit will be long lasting so let's be certain we want them to be. Write that operations manual. Write that bucket list. Write that 5 year plan.

We also have Mars trining Jupiter today - this is excellent energy for things to fall into place and for us to be in the right place at the right time. Action on our part is needed to make this work. Take action! With Mars in Aquarius and Jupiter in Libra - this is excellent energy to bring something new and passionate to our relationships and for that energy to expand our life.

I'll write an overview this weekend, some big picture updates and some stuff about December which will be another crazy month! xo all