Saturn Square Chiron | Sun Conjunct Mercury - taking ourselves seriously

novooo by nikelena

The Sun is conjunct Mercury. A baby born today would be a good communicator, using language and interacting with others very early - later he would probably be a better talker than listener though.

For the rest of us, this transit can make for a very mentally active time. We could also be going here and there - lots of errand-type activities (Mercury rules not only the transport of words and ideas but the transport of everything else as well as the things we use for the transport like our telephones, computers and cars).  

With tomorrow's New Moon in Capricorn this is an excellent time for planning. 

With a spotlight (Sun) thrown on communications (Mercury) now - there could be answers. With Mercury retrograde, the answers may lead to more questions. Or maybe someone from our past reappears. Whatever happens now, whatever we are making happen now, it is probably best to use this energy to plan our way forward and take action on what shows up, but not make any firm commitments or decisions since all the cards are not on the table yet ...

Saturn is squaring (tension) Chiron. This one hurts. Maybe we get a 'no' from an authority figure. On the other hand maybe we need to step into our own authority and say no. It's a good time to remember we learn from experience not from success or failure. The results of our actions are often out of our hands.

Maybe some obligation or responsibility or debt needs to be lived up to - did we make a promise or commitment near December 2nd? Maybe some rule is rubbing us the wrong way or restricting us. Maybe something about whatever is hurting feels very familiar - that would be something to think about.

When I see Saturn (time) and Chiron (wound) together I think of the old adage "time heals all wounds". Maybe this applies.

With Mercury in Capricorn and Saturn the ruler of Capricorn - the best way to handle whatever comes up is probably to channel Capricorn. Mature, level headed reasoning is needed now. Personal ambition is favored (not on the backs of others I'd hope). We will survive if we take ourselves seriously. It's winter - stock up. xo

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