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winter by voorikvergeet

Doesn't it feel better somehow to call the Winter Solstice the longest night rather than the shortest day?

The shortest day sounds like I am missing out on something. The longest night sounds like I can lie in bed and finish my book and still get a good night's sleep.

This is a good time during the busy holiday season to take stock of where we are, what we've done and where we are going.

This is a season when melancholy can set in if we aren't careful. We have to remember when looking at the bad stuff that was or the good stuff that never was - to own the fact we have survived it!

In Capricorn, the Sun gets serious. We are heading into the serious time of year - the time our ancestors could starve if they hadn't stocked up properly or catch a cold that would turn into pneumonia.

(Can a cold turn into pneumonia? I am one of those people who think it can, although I guess the cold has just left our lungs in a weakened state. I also think I can catch a cold from getting wet on a cold day, although science, and my local doctor, tells me it doesn't work that way. I know it happens though.)

If they hadn't prepared for winter, they wouldn't survive.

They would celebrate the Winter Solstice and go into hibernation for a few weeks (exhausted from the harvest, escaping the cold and, intuitively, the germs, too, I'm sure), venturing back out sometime mid-Aquarius season for some social interaction and hoping to trade whatever they still had plenty of to restock whatever had grown scarce.

This is true for us today, too. Without structure, responsibility and discipline - mandated by Capricorn's ruling planet Saturn - we'll be in trouble when the cold settles in and the stuff we need to survive is covered with two feet of snow and ice. I think I write this so often, that anyone who doesn't think this way (or know they need to hear this) probably wouldn't read this blog. I am sure I am preaching to the choir here.

Today is the Capricorn ingress and sets up the next 3 months, so it's a good time to look at where all the planets are and how the energies are working together.

Mercury is retrograde (in Capricorn!). Mars has just moved into Pisces. I know some astrologers think Mars in Pisces is kind of a "peace on earth" transit. It could be, I guess, but Pisces (ruled by Neptune) ability to dissolve reality can make it a treacherous space for fiery Mars (action, violence, war).

If Mars were a person he would be a passionate, impulsive (and easily angered) young man. And we all have this masculine, passionate, youthful, angry energy inside us. When we don't acknowledge this young man we meet him in other people and outside situations.

Collectively Mars into Pisces is a time of escape or surrender. He also energizes our Pisces house.

In my chart, for example, Pisces rules my 4th house of home and family. It's my roots and my mother or father (this varies based on our chart and interpretation). I have the planet Jupiter in my 4th house and Jupiter is the ancient ruler of Pisces making the whole thing more impactful (I blame all this for my inability to keep my house neat and organized). So, I know at some point during Mars transit through Pisces he will meet up with my natal Jupiter.

So, now Mars has moved in. Maybe I have more energy at home. Maybe I clean this place up. Since I have a home business maybe I have more activity there or more energy. Maybe I am more easily angered at home or attract this impulsive, passionate energy into my home through other people. Maybe I spend more time and energy on my family.

Maybe my plumbing overflows (like a toilet did 10 minutes ago here).

We'll look at the rest of the energies for the next 3 months over the next few days.

For now, stay safe.

Stock up (physically with things like food, candles, maybe wood and books - emotionally with family, friends, good memories and plans - and spiritually with meditation and prayer).

We saw what happened Monday when Mars moved into Pisces conjunct Pluto and Mercury went retrograde and Mars isn't exactly conjunct Pluto until the end of the month.

Today, just breath, take in the long night and let's acknowledge what we have all survived. 

NOTE - the Sun is squaring the Moon (in Libra) today - what we want and what we need are in conflict here. It's a good day to deal with our own stuff and not tell other people how to deal with theirs. We could attract challenging situations and tension. We may have to adjust to others. Just breathe. Tomorrow the Moon will hook up with Jupiter and we will all feel more optimistic. xo

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DancingMooney said...

For some reason, Winter Solstice always makes me think "we're gaining daylight now!"... I mean, we are... but to me, that's what I feel resonates. Spring is coming.

Hope you are finding some time to relax this week, and looking forward to Christmas. :)