Full Moon in Gemini | tangled up ...

the violence behind by julie-de-waroquier

Today's Full Moon at 22 degrees Gemini is uber complicated. A spotlight is being thrown on a lot of information now. Almost too much to process. With Gemini, truth is shifty and it is hard to tell fact from fiction. We will see what we believe rather than believe what we see. 

Speak clearly now. This is not a time for babble or childish gossip. Let's not say one thing when we really mean something else - even habits like saying "this isn't bad" when we mean something is good dilute our energy. Just say, "this is good!".

This Full Moon could bring us to a decision point with something we have been thinking about for a while - a conversation or communication with someone now could help us decide and even strengthen our resolve to take action.

Full Moons are always potentially stressful because we have the Sun (this month in Sagittarius) opposing the Moon (this month in Sagittarius's polarity sign of Gemini). Oppositions are exactly what they sound like. Yes, you can imagine a boxing ring, some sweaty towels and bandages.

The Moon is opposed to Saturn, too. Remember we talked last week about the Sun and Saturn hanging out together. So, we not only have the Sun opposing the Moon, we have stern Saturn in the Sun's corner, too. We also have all three of them squaring Chiron (in Pisces) and Chiron aspecting Jupiter (in Libra) who is opposing Uranus (in Aries).

All together they create a beautiful Mystic Rectangle (doesn't that sound lovely? well, sometimes yes and sometimes no).

And Mercury, Gemini's ruling planet, is preparing to go retrograde and walking ground we will be covering again. Nothing feels easy here.

This Moon is about choices and endings. With Saturn, our choices will have boundaries - which is actually the good news, because we can maybe see the way forward more easily (usually with Gemini it is hard to choose because there are so many options on the table). With Chiron, whatever is happening can be painful, but there is something of deep value being born now, too ....

Let's look through the signs - check your Sun sign for collective wisdom, but if you know your natal Gemini house you might find that more accurate :

ARIES Rising (Gemini 3rd house) - this Full Moon is about communications, conversations, paperwork, contracts or a decision. You could feel you are not quite ready to commit or there are too many loose ends or maybe being an Aries you are feeling very ready for this! You are more aware of the way you speak, think or what you believe in now. There is some lesson here in seeing the bigger picture.

TAURUS Rising (Gemini 2nd house) - this Full Moon is about your money and your values - everything money can buy and everything it can't. There is some kind of reality (Saturn) to be dealt with here, likely in regard to your finances and your partner's finances. There could be some debt to be paid and with Chiron here, if some financial obligation comes up, know there is something karmic here - an energy from a time in the past when you have taken more than your share or used something that was never paid back. Conversations with other people could spotlight what needs to change. You will probably have to be flexible now. There are open doors, but you haven't wanted to look at them.

GEMINI Rising (Gemini 1st house) - this Full Moon is your annual Full Moon. Your entire life is lit up. I hope you are getting out there and letting your light shine! Maybe something you have worked for is concluding. Any challenges now will likely come through significant partnerships (or a teacher or student) that require you to act/think from a different space or a space of your truth. There might be something happening where a solution seems impossible to work out or something/someone you just do not want to deal with or commit to. Your reputation or the way people see you is changing/challenging you here. Keep communication lines open.

CANCER Rising (Gemini 12th house) - this Full Moon is happening out of sight for you. Pay attention to your dreams now. This is a time to take care of your physical body. Exercise. Eat well. There is energetic support to end bad habits and addictions. Taking care of what is happening behind the scenes allows you to focus on work and your increased workload. Opportunities will come from this. Spiritual, healthful and artistic knowledge can come to you through conversations, travel and teachers. This is a great time to begin a meditation practice or anything grounding (long walks outdoors, gardening, etc).

LEO Rising (Gemini 11th house) - this Full Moon is a launch time for you. Network. Put yourself out there. Maybe something that comes to light for you in a public way is not so comfortable. It's time to connect with other people - there could be a significant friendship here that is very powerful. Creative projects are highlighted here - maybe something new is started, concludes well or maybe you realize it is time to move on and cut your losses. If you are beating your head against the wall regarding a situation involving romance, children or a creative project - it is time to look for another path to what you want. There is one there somewhere. Service to others may help open new doors.

VIRGO Rising (Gemini 10th house) - this Full Moon is strong for you since Mercury (the ruler of this Full Moon) is your ruler, too. This is about your career and reputation in the world. There could be a fork in the road here or some kind of reality check related to your professional life. Something could conclude or come to fruition now. There could be some home vs career drama going on. Maybe the opportunity for an additional job opportunity or something you do publicly/ are known for show up now. Home and family are important and are mirroring that Chironic wound - your truth needs to be expressed here. Talk to your family. Speak up at work.

LIBRA Rising (Gemini 9th house) - this Full Moon is about travel or education or a legal contract or situation. Maybe something comes to light to be focused on or concludes now. Your word will be your bond here. You might study something or learn about something foreign to you that you connect with from a conversation or communication. You could be feeling lethargic and maybe a bit sad and vulnerable now. Your day to day activities might have to be slowed down now. Take it easy on yourself. Pay attention to your dreams.

SCORPIO Rising (Gemini 8th house) - this Full Moon is about other people's money (partner's income, taxes, loans, debts, inheritances). You could be pushed to do something here or pay more for something than you feel good about. Or maybe something about 'other people's money' gives you a reality check. Conversations with people who have shared resources with you matter now. Pay attention. Restrictions are here to help you better channel your resources. There could be a joint venture or a contract coming up that you need to spend time thinking about/working through. Read the fine print. Take your time with paperwork and decisions. Use logic. There may be some wounding regarding children or romance or creativity that comes up now, healing comes through friends and groups. I hope you have found that 'flock'. Even a teeny, tiny one. :)

SAGITTARIUS Rising (Gemini 7th house)  - this Full Moon is about your partnerships and significant relationships. There could be a fork in the road, a commitment or an ending here. Conversations and communications through partners need to be taken seriously. You are the one holding Saturn and the Sun so the lessons are really coming from you and your partners are mirroring them by whatever they are saying. Their truth is your truth. The Chironic wound is about your home and family - there could be some sadness here that comes up. Healing comes through a focus on your career and public life. Increased responsibilities (and you stepping into your responsibility now) will pay off in big ways and get you through this.

CAPRICORN Rising (Gemini 6th house) - this Full Moon is about your health, your day to day activities, your pets and your work. Maybe some kind of stressful change or conclusion is happening in one of these areas. You are very busy now. Capricorn risings have Saturn in the 12th house - you have authority on your side and strong energies behind the scenes that have your back. You can count on this. Communications with co-workers or conversations about all the things you need to do are stressful for the next couple weeks. You might find it challenging to get your message across. Misunderstandings could happen now. Detach from logic and analysis. Meditation will help.

AQUARIUS Rising (Gemini 5th house) - this Full Moon is about romance or children or creativity. You may be juggling multiple situations or people or a situation needs a decision or concludes now. Friends will be helpful as they somehow allow, most likely through conversations and communications, you to uphold your truest beliefs and see what you really want here. There is something painful and freeing at the same time. Groups and travel are helpful. There is value in appreciating your sensitivity, vulnerability and maybe even humility here - not the easiest thing for the detached and self-sufficient Aquarius! Service to others helps as well as attention to detail and keeping things organized. Stay present.

PISCES Rising (Gemini 4th house) - this is a hard one for you guys - there is a t-square pointing at you and I know you have had a hell of a year! This Full Moon is about your home, family and roots. There could be heavy responsibilities at home or heavy responsibilities at work impacting your home. There is a conversation that needs to happen here. You could feel pushed or maybe not prepared for what is going on or maybe like you just can't win. There are opportunities here for you to improve your home life or your career (and yes, make more money, too) that bring more freedom, but for now you need to continue to buckle down and do the work. You can do this! You are almost there!

Be sure to get outside and walk in the Full Moon's energy over the next couple days - this is a very strong one. You don't have to be able to see it for it to challenge your stagnant spaces!

Know that with Mercury the ruler of this Moon and about to retrograde these same degrees - whatever is over or we think is set in stone will be relooked at a couple times. Choices may not be super comfy or what we really, truly want ... but we will keep moving forward and see what these new options/decisions lead to! Stay hopeful and flexible everyone. xo


DancingMooney said...

Is my sun in Virgo Cat? I printed out a chart over summer, but never really did learn how to read it...

We are getting more snow today. I can't believe it! :)

Catherine Ivins said...

Hi Janell- We got about an inch last night. I can't believe you are getting more! It is very cold here. You are Sun Virgo, Taurus Rising!