a spotlight on the way forward ....

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

I was hoping last week to get caught up with a few 'where we are now' and 2017 posts, but couldn't seem to make the time.

We'll get caught up this week.

For today - we have multiple things going on. Jupiter (20 degrees Libra) is opposite Uranus (20 degrees Aries). Mars (5 degrees Pisces) is conjunct the South Node. Retrograde Mercury (9 degrees Capricorn) is sextile Neptune (in Pisces) and our Capricorn Sun is trine (brakes off) the North Node (in Virgo).

The Sun trining the North Node could "shine a light on" our way forward. It is likely whatever happenings all the other energies are stirring up for us are really a way to focus us on our next step and get us to a place we are serious (Capricorn) about taking it.

With Mars (action, initiation, anger, war) hooking up with the South Node of what we are releasing - there is an impetus to let something go now. Addiction issues or situations where we play the martyr or victim could push some of us to find our bottom (solid ground). Boundaries are real things with this energy. We could feel invaded.

Since Mercury and Neptune are sextiling (shaking hands) and Mercury rules the North Node (Virgo) and Neptune rules the South Node (Pisces) - there is a way forward here. The simplest answer (not always the easiest since with all this Capricorn there will be work involved) will have the most support.

The big transit now is Jupiter opposing Uranus. This is a recurring one for 2017, too. This could put what we want to do or be or what we believe at odds with the other people in our life. This has been building for a couple days and will be around for a couple more days. We could feel rebellious. So could other people. Situations can seem larger than they actually are. Differences between ourselves and others will be overblown. Areas where we are feeling stifled will be challenging. We don't need to make some big explosive leap into something new (no big splashy new until after Mercury moves direct, please), remember we still have that Virgo North Node encouraging us toward those small, precise steps that will lead us to bigger and better things.

Back later today with the weekly - xo all

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