Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of December 19th - NOT quite time to decide, productive escape plus it could be a Merry (everybody gets along just fine) Christmas

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Let's dive right in.

When we wake up Monday morning the skies are quite different than when we went to sleep. A new story is taking shape for all of us! Mars has moved into watery Pisces and Mercury has stationed retrograde in Capricorn. Whatever story kicks off now (and yes, it could already be in motion) will play out through the end of January.

When Mercury retrogrades we focus on the "re's" - we rethink, redo, re-imagine, rework, reconnect, release, relax (my wish for all of you this holiday season!). People and situations from the past can come back for another look. Our mind turns in toward itself. This is why it is so easy to misplace things, say the wrong thing, send the wrong email, etc - the stuff we can normally do without thinking, well we can't do that stuff very well when Mercury is retrograde.

Mercury's normal speed is very fast, so when he slows down we feel it. Breathe!

Expect that people will take their time getting back to you, that things will be delayed, that you will get to the movies at the wrong time or the electricity will go out and the show will be canceled. We are not meant to fly through life at 90 miles an hour when Mercury is retrograde - this is the one third of the year we are supposed to be looking backward and flying 90 miles an hour looking backward only works if you are a bumble bee.

For the rest of us our cars brake down, our computers zonk out and our systems go haywire which requires us to SLOW DOWN. With the holidays approaching, it's a good excuse to kick back!

With this retrograde happening in serious Capricorn, we will be personally focused on our natal Capricorn house themes as well as the universal themes ruled by Capricorn - government, business, authority, career, reputation, tradition, structure.

With Mars in Pisces actions could be indecisive, wishy-washy, escapist, healing, secretive, artistic - you get the drift (literally!). Pisces isn't Mars favorite place - it's kind of like putting a lit match into a glass of water - you get a whole lot of smoke and sizzle, but not much else. The good news is Mars in Pisces is excellent energy for compassionate and healing activities and for creating imaginative or other worldly (spiritual, religious) art.

Mars in Pisces gives us permission (not that we need any!) to binge watch Netflix (I've heard good things about "The OA" already), read five books in five days, daydream and run off to the ocean!

Escape is totally practical and productive now - just be sure not to overdo it in unhealthy ways.

Pisces Suns get more powerful (and maybe easier to anger or irritate) and our Pisces natal houses get more active (and maybe easier to anger or irritate) with Mars hanging out here!

Mercury's station is conjunct Pluto - the planet of karma and transformation. Also the ruler of all the taboo stuff we don't want to look at. So now we'll have to. This feels like an important decision is needed, but we really need the next few weeks to review things first. So, let's review things first.

Mercury will be retrograde until he/she stations direct on January 8th, but will not really be covering new ground until January 27th. Mars will be in Pisces until January 28th. I wouldn't start anything important, if you do not have to, until after these dates.

On Monday and Tuesday - the Moon is in Virgo - great energy for detailed work and for service to others to provide us with emotional support. Clean the house. Clean up your eating. Get organized. Good days for paperwork and to care for pets.

On Wednesday, the Sun moves into Capricorn marking the Winter Solstice. Now a light is really bring thrown on our foundations; the stuff that is holding us up. What do we do because we have always done it this way or because our father/culture did? What do we put up with to feel safe and secure? What needs to stay? What needs to go?

We are all burning Capricorn fuel now - so show up, do the work (even if no one knows you are doing it), think long-term and rock-solid.

The Moon is in balanced and other-oriented Libra and aspecting both Mars and Neptune (in Pisces). We will need to adjust to other people with whatever Piscean stuff we are dealing with - art, healing, secrets, addiction, escapism, spirituality, hospitals, prisons, the stuff, places and people that have been "put away".

On Thursday, the Moon goes void at 2:30pm so get things done early. There are aspects to Jupiter (in Libra) now that should lighten the load a bit.

Great energy to be with friends and partners and we have this for the next few days!

On Friday, the Moon moves into Scorpio. This is great energy to be intimate with others and deal with Scorpio ruled matters - other people's money, loans, taxes, reproduction, sex, taboo stuff. With the Moon working so nicely with Mars and the Sun (both in Pisces) - it's also good energy for dealing with authority figures, business, government, men, healing, art, addiction, fantasy, secrets, etc (see Wednesday's Piscean laundry list).

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (first day of Hannukah) - Saturn (in Sagittarius) trines (brakes off) Uranus (still retrograde in Aries). Making changes to something we already have in place is favored here. Everything old is new again.

(take care with fire, candles and driving)

With Uranus there could be some real Christmas Eve/Christmas surprises!  

This is great energy for the old and the new to come together for the holidays.

It's also great energy for whatever we thought we had to put up with or whatever we thought wasn't going to work out to suddenly work out after all.

With Saturn still squaring Chiron we could be dealing with some added responsibility, father issues or authority stuff that could be draining or hurtful - this is fading now. We could also be dealing with Sagittarius themes - legal, politics, wedding, foreign, travel, education, media, publicity.

The Moon is void all day on Christmas. Expect glitches.

Also on Christmas Day we have Venus (in Aquarius) trining (brakes off) Jupiter (in Libra). This is good energy for us to get along with people who are different from us - for our relationships to be fair and balanced! There is the potential for everyone around our Christmas tree to get along this year and for people spending the holidays alone to feel perfectly fine about it!

xo all - back in a couple days

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DancingMooney said...

Merry Christmas to you Cat!

Why did I never think of relaxing as one of the Re's! Hello?!

I'm taking your que and going to do some for me/for fun-art/painting this week. Also seriously thinking about painting my shipping bench teal, paint I have left over from the junk refunk show this summer...

"think long-term and rock-solid"

also rethinking blogging again, but it would be more like a content page (dancingmooney's page) than a place for community... tutorials and how to's of things... inspiration. I am still thinking it over. It's been on my mind for over a year, but the new year feels like a good time. I just... wasn't sure exactly where I was going next, but I think I have it together now. ♥

definitely some going to the beach in our plans this Christmas. So excited.

if you see visits in your blog stats from McMinville,OR that's me. No idea why our interweb-thingy thinks that's where we are but it's me... always reading, but don't always take the time to comment.

Love you much, friend. Merry Christmas.