Capricorn and Piscean sextiles | maybe let's try releasing the habit of measuring everything ....

illusory by la-child

The Sun (in Capricorn) sextiles Mars (in Pisces). A retrograde Mercury (in Capricorn) sextiles Neptune (in Pisces).

Sextiles are like handshakes, they create opportunities. Something new is available here from the combining of these energies. It's not a sure-fire success or an iron clad contract, although it can lead to these things. There is agreement though. A sextile can be easy to miss because it's the thing that glides smoothly into place. It's sometimes easier to see the gift in hindsight.

This transit encourages independent thought and action. Courage is available here and change comes more easily. Pisces (ruled by Neptune) encourages change and action through vision and imagination.

We don't create vision. We receive vision.

We shut up. We listen. We still our brain. We move our body.

(I find I have to move my body in new and unexpected ways to get things unstuck. Almost always I have to be outdoors. After dangling from my front porch hanging Christmas lights a couple weeks ago, I felt like an entirely new person. Maybe I need a little more dangle and a little less ladder.)

We live in a time when we try to measure and quantify everything.

This measuring is part of the problem. It creates a kind of scarcity thinking.

When we think time is scarce we hurry. When we think money is scarce we get greedy or envious. When we think attention is scarce we show off. When we think acceptance is scarce we manipulate.

In another reality, one that is as close as the breath we just exhaled and as far away as the distant horizon, none of these things are scarce. Our culture of scarcity has embraced us so completely we have mistaken it for "reality". It isn't.

Neptune asks us to think about - how much cheap ugly does it take to make up for a lack of real beauty? How much entertainment makes up for a lack of play? How many adventure movies make up for a lack of real adventure? How much pornography for a lack of intimacy? How much money for a lack of real security?

The answer is always an infinite amount. We never have enough. Our cup is never full.

This may be good news for the shopping economy, in the very short term, but it's incredibly bad news for our health and for the health of our planet. We are so close to releasing this vision of artificial scarcity - we just have to release the habits and walls that hold us here in this old story and they are breaking apart more and more everyday ...

The Piscean energy encourages attention to our intuition while the Capricorn energy encourages us up that mountain.

Pallas (dwarf planet, warrior) has just moved back into Pisces, too. This Mars/Pallas/Pisces energy can be used to create more than religious or crazy fueled violence.

We can use this energy to step into our own new story. Possibilities that didn't exist within our old story lie right in front of us even if we don't know exactly how to reach them. Let's trust ourselves to know what to do when this time in-between stories has ended. xo all


DancingMooney said...

Hope your Christmas was lovely Cat. We had a beautiful time at the coast, and think we've finally decided where our forever home will be... a place that's almost magical. A big river runs into the ocean, and just south of town are tons of little lakes... some motor boat, some would be awesome for kayaking, swimming, fishing, just enjoying the nature. It's so lush there, we are in love. And definitely setting our sights on 'that'. Plus the baby steps to get there.

I'm still going back and forth about my .com thing. I know I need a center, a home, my domain should mean something, but I haven't put my finger on it exactly yet. I guess that means I don't need to decide right now. Fine by me. One day at a time around here. :)

Blessings to you my friend, and thank you always for your posts.


Catherine Ivins said...

Sounds like a beautiful plan Janell - we had a lovely Christmas, too. Just home with family. Quiet and very nice. I think all the gifts I bought people didn't fit - found out I am a very bad judge of slipper size ... xo