Mercury Retrograde | secret information, slowing down, destabilizing

empire by jaimel barra

Mercury stations retrograde on Monday at 15 degrees Capricorn. Right on top of Pluto. Whatever sludge Pluto dregs up be prepared to think/talk about it for a while. Capricorn rules our security - our bottom line, our structure, authority, rules. In the collective she reigns over the government, business, systems and whoever reigns over us.

Pluto is about transformation and karma. He rules over the stuff we try not to think about. And now we'll have to.

The next three weeks will be very intense (and this energy really lasts until the end of January when Mercury starts covering new ground). I hope everyone has wrapped up the majority of things they need to get done this month because from here on in things could be a bit less stable. Things will also slow down. We will probably need more rest and more sleep.

Do the usual Mercury retrograde things - back up your files this weekend, recheck all correspondence for the next few weeks, cross your t's and dot your i's, realize that what you say to someone could stir something in them you did not intend to stir up (that Pluto conjunction) and we'll pay attention to what is stirred up in us, pay your bills, keep things organized, lighten your schedule if possible, don't make any large purchases, keep your receipts and know the store's return policies. Do the "re"s as they come up. Whatever comes back around now is here for us to rethink/rework, it's not necessarily here to stay. If it stays past the end of January, it will be around for awhile (yes, the same can probably be said of the U.S. President elect!).

When a planet stations he/she is very powerful. I like to use the finger through a flame analogy - you can easily move your finger quickly through a flame without burning your finger, but if you stop mid-flame (like Mercury is doing now), the heat is much more intense and you burn your finger. Mercury really won't move much for the next week or so and even after that he will be retracing his steps, appearing to move backward through the sky. Prepare for projects and life to slow down and move backward a bit.

Mercury is traveling through the t-square housing Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus. The Pluto/Uranus square I was writing about a couple years ago is re-triggered now. This is the big transit shaking everything up.

In the U.S., Monday is also the day the electors cast their votes. And Mars (initiative, anger, war) changes signs. You might remember Mars last changed signs on election day when he moved into Aquarius in the middle of the day and helped to upend the results. Now he heads into Pisces (the sign of foggy 'whatever happens, happens' results). What all of this means to the elector voting process is anybody's guess!

Of course we also have the Russian hacking story that broke when Saturn (the ruler of Capricorn) conjuncted the Sun. This annual conjunction typically brings something about our bottom line (Saturn) to light (the Sun). The retrograde will almost certainly be walking us through this story. Pluto (secrets) and Mercury (information) will challenge us to see the truth here.

We also have a North Carolina governor signing legislation, before he leaves office, that guts the powers of his successor. What a mess.

It will be weeks before it is sorted out. And whatever happens, it won't be pretty. Until we figure out we need both mommy (the Democrats) and daddy (the Republicans) energy to work together we will keep teeter tottering back and forth, like a country on an out of control seesaw. Maybe we will get to self-governance before that happens. Oy.

In some way we are all like that North Carolina governor trying to hold onto our power, so sure we are right - we are lugging around something that is dead and gone, but our minds haven't quite figured that out yet.

There is a theme during this retrograde about us growing the hell up and facing whatever the hell we do not want to face here. Maybe what we want to do and what we need to do have parted company somewhere along our journey. For people who always do what they want, I imagine there are chickens coming home to roost. And the same can be said of people who always do what they have to do and have lost touch with what they actually want. Jupiter in Libra for the next eight months will show us the ways our relationships are out of balance and unfair. The energy other people are carrying for us gets handed back to us here.

Anyhoo, I will write more about this in the weekly.

I also wanted to touch on some energy potential ahead that could spell trouble. I've been back and forth with myself for a few weeks about whether to write about this - I am just an armchair astrologer after all. But once you see something it is hard to unsee it and I've decided to just put it out there ...

Uranus stations direct on December 29th (finger in the flame again). We will start to feel this energy around Christmas (but maybe as early as Monday's Mercury retrograde station on Pluto and we can certainly feel the unsettledness of life right now). It will carry through the first week or so of January.

There are some aspects here that connect to the U.S. chart that governs this period (Libran ingress chart from Autumn equinox) that have a similar signature to the events of September 11th. Now, I'm not saying something like this is going to happen - it could be related to the Russian hacking story, etc, upending things here. But there is also a connection to Mars (violence, angry young man) and Neptune (unclear thinking, medication, religious fervor) that we have seen before when people get hurt.

What can we do? Well maybe not much about any specific situation that might arise. But we can make sure our house is well stocked (food, medication, pet food) in case this has something to do with the grid going down (Uranus rules technology) and I wouldn't be in large crowds during this time period if I could help it (maybe take a pass if you get an invitation to go watch the ball drop in Times Square this year, etc).

We can reach out to family we disagree with this holiday season and really listen this time. We really do all want the same things.

Dialing down our personal narratives dials the collective narrative down, too. 

There is less need for something to happen within the collective that brings us all together if we have already done this ourselves ....

Stay safe. Schedule light. This could just be Trump (very strong Uranus energy and now he's stepped into the U.S. chart) moving ahead with something or upending something, maybe on the advice of an angry young man or channeling his own, who knows. Whatever it is, with Uranus, we won't see it coming.

xo all


stregata said...

Oh my - this post has me thinking of that alleged Chinese curse: 'may you live in interesting times'... but yes, I think there are troubled times ahead.
Thank you again for your insights - you are an astrologer! - forget about the armchair, it matters not where you 'sit' - and you have considerable talent in translating the stars into understandable terms. Please know how thankful I am for your offerings. xo

Catherine Ivins said...

Thanks Renate - I think of that Chinese 'curse' often these days, too! xo for your kind words as always my friend