Venus into Aquarius | valuing the new and unusual

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Venus moved into quirky Aquarius yesterday where she will hang out until January 3rd.

Aquarius Suns and Risings (1st house Aquarius) get more attractive now - both easy on the eye and able to attract what they want. Everyone's natal Aquarius house becomes more attractive, too.

Things, people and situations out of the ordinary will catch our eye. Instead of being attracted to the sameness we find in others, we will find ourselves more drawn to those who are different from us.

In Aquarius, social Venus becomes more detached. She values her space and so is able to allow other people theirs, too. If we begin some kind of relationship now - business or personal - know this need for freedom and individuation will be one of the cornerstones it is built on.

We could take a big step back from anything that feels smothering now.

Last year we had this transit in March, and having Venus in this area of the heavens during the holidays may leave some people feeling more isolated or alienated. It's all fine to be on the outside when we choose to be (Aquarian energy is always two steps ahead after all), but if we feel misunderstood or unappreciated or like we just don't fit in, it's no fun to watch everyone else singing Jingle Bells and getting drunk together on the spiked eggnog. We won't want to follow the crowd, but we don't need to be the bitter Christmas elf pouting in the corner either. Let's use this energy to see the unusual beauty in ourselves and other people. Yes, we might be off dairy, but the eggnog won't kill us and it's mostly Jack Daniel's anyway.

Since Venus rules love, money, women, beauty and our values - all of these areas get a shot of something new and different now. Aquarius is a fixed sign and changes (especially changes that are future or humanitarian oriented) made now have a way of sticking. With Mars in Aquarius, too, (until December 19th) these areas (and the areas ruled by your Aquarius house) are ripe for change and innovation.

xo all

Today Mercury is trining (brakes off) the North Node at 9 degrees Virgo. Some people will get important news or information. Conversations and communications (interactions with siblings, computers, transportation) could matter now. Pay attention. Mercury is walking the degrees he will re-walk two more times over the next few weeks so things that come up now can come back around again. Let's do our best to handle things now, so we aren't dealing with information misadventures later.

Hopefully back tomorrow night with some big picture stuff!

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