Mercury into Capricorn | the weight of our words

*** by ankazhuravleva

Capricorn is a serious sign. It rules the dead of winter and that indomitable mountain goat who just puts one foot in front of the other until he reaches the summit.

With Mercury (thoughts, communication, ideas) moving into Capricorn today, our words will want to be taken seriously. Communications will be fact-checked. Sentences will be properly punctuated and spell checkers will be applied. Ideas will be more traditional. Words that are focused and precise are most effective now.

Traditional stories and songs will resonate.

This isn't Mercury's favorite place to hang out - and because of his upcoming retrograde, he will be here awhile (thru the end of January). He prefers words be fast and flexible and Capricorn is the opposite of this. Words are solid and fixed here. Flowery language isn't welcome. We mean what we say and we say what we mean.

When we take our words and ideas seriously other people will, too.

(This is also true of all Capricorn ruled things such as businesses - if we don't take our business seriously no one else will. Women say to me "my husband doesn't take my business seriously and he won't take it seriously until it makes serious money" and I'm always thinking "he won't take it seriously until you do and you won't make serious money until then either". Some people do get lucky, and I have a few times, making money without taking things seriously. I've always found that money doesn't stick though - I need to be serious, ie have sustainable systems in place, to make "sticky" money.)

Mercury in Capricorn doesn't change its mind. It's fixed.

And this is where the potential pitfalls lie because a fixed mind is, well, sort of, decaying, isn't it (the dead of winter thing I guess)? Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn does alot of what it does out of fear. We will be able to see how fearful thinking and negative language holds us back and/or is connecting us to the wrong things (probably old things that used to work for us) and holding us separate from the stuff we want now.

Mercury is traveling degrees he will re-walk during his upcoming retrograde (this is called his shadow period) so whatever is happening now in our Capricorn natal house and with Mercury ruled themes (communication, conversation, ideas, education, neighbors, siblings, transportation) we will be re-working and dealing with for the next few weeks.

Contracts inked and promises made during this transit will be long lasting so let's be certain we want them to be. Write that operations manual. Write that bucket list. Write that 5 year plan.

We also have Mars trining Jupiter today - this is excellent energy for things to fall into place and for us to be in the right place at the right time. Action on our part is needed to make this work. Take action! With Mars in Aquarius and Jupiter in Libra - this is excellent energy to bring something new and passionate to our relationships and for that energy to expand our life.

I'll write an overview this weekend, some big picture updates and some stuff about December which will be another crazy month! xo all


DancingMooney said...

"Write that operations manual. Write that bucket list. Write that 5 year plan."

Love this! I've been super focused on sustainability lately. I don't think I understood that thing about sticky money before, but I get it now...

Hope you're looking forward to a wonderful weekend Cat.


Catherine Ivins said...

I am going to get my decorations up. I can't wait to be looking at Christmas everyday! I hope all is well with you Janell - I can't believe it's December! xo