Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, December 31, 2020 - the day before hindsight really does become 2020



The Moon, at home in Cancer now and waning from her full glory on Tuesday night, opposes Pluto at 3:10AM EST and then goes void off a square to Mars at 8:44AM EST. She is void of course until 1:59PM when she moves into fun-loving, generous and ego-driven Leo (just in time for New Year's Eve). From Leo, the Sun's sign, she will oppose Saturn in Aquarius (for the first time) at 4:56PM EST and a couple hours later, 7:05PM EST oppose Jupiter - also for the first time in Aquarius. 

That square to Mars feels uncomfortable. Home/family vs independence/action. Then the Leo/Aqua oppositions certainly sound like those fun plans for New Year's Eve are blocked by those powerful Aqua forces (our commitment to the collective, rules/limits). Aquarius rules the internet, so surely some kind of different fun can be found there!


The news here in the U.S. will almost surely be on fire all weekend and into next week because transiting Mars is now squaring the United States natal Pluto (uber activated already) - also see that Moon in Cancer - opposing Pluto and squaring Mars - from the sign of the United States Sun and Mercury - something BIG is brewing here. Trump, that Mars incarnate, has cut short his vacation and is on his way back to Washington. Expect FIREWORKS and these aspects will lead us into Tuesday's BIG pow-wow of Mercury/Pluto. What will be destroyed/dug up??


Today is also the day, and we talked about this in the Full Moon post, but only briefly - Venus crosses the South Node (19 degrees Sagittarius) and then squares Vesta (20 degrees Virgo). 


Venus/South Node is some kind of Venusian wrap-up/result - in the United States it looks like this includes something like: do not pass GO, do not collect $2000. Relationship, resource, financial, self-esteem - something isn't going with us into the New Year and Venus is seeing to that. This is old karmic stuff. The South Node is in Sagittarius - our beliefs/hopes - something here is released as we move toward those Gemini facts and figures. Stay curious. Stay flexible. Keep your eyes/ears open.

Off the South Node, Venus immediately squares Vesta in Virgo. Vesta is our intense focus/what keeps us up at night. In Virgo, she is probably trying to fix something that is broken/imperfect or focused on health (which is obviously part of this) or maybe too fussy over the details of something. Venus is in Sag - seeking adventure, being all easy come/easy go, maybe a little too "know-it-all". The square to Vesta shakes her (as us) up. What's most important now? What keeps us up at night now? Vesta in Virgo, pulls us into 2021 insisting we focus on our health. Physical, financial, relationship. But Venus has her say, too - she still needs breadth of scope, in Sag wants to do the right thing AND live large, can drag our focus away from that broken thingamajig and toward some greener grass over there. Maybe life isn't "a daring adventure or nothing at all" (what's that quote?) or maybe it is. 


What do we want our life to be?


January's post is next and if we thought December 31st was putting anything to bed, most especially us, we might need to buy some stronger coffee. 

xo all

(note the North Node - which Venus opposes now - is at 19 degrees Gemini, the degree of a big June 10, 2021 Eclipse which activates on May 10th - so something about what is happening now could be important then) photo by the talented Amanda-Diaz

the meaning of the Full Moon in Cancer | December 29, 2020 - it's time to go




On Tuesday, December 29, 2020 at 10:28PM EST, the Cancer Moon will oppose the Capricorn Sun giving us this month's Full Moon - our annual Full Moon in Cancer.


Full Moons are peak energy/culmination points - often endings. We have the moon (where we've been, what we know, feminine energy, being) and the sun (where we are trying to go/be, masculine energy, doing) as far apart in the sky as they can be from our earthly perspective during a Full Moon. This Moon at home in Cancer - so very strong - the Sun, quite comfortable in serious Cappy, but answering to Saturn in Aquarius who is himself answering to Uranus. 


Cancer/Capricorn is the polarity of traditional female/male roles. Home and family vs work and the world. How we care for ourselves (and others) and meet our needs for safety and security vs how we push ourselves toward meeting new goals for safety and security. Sometimes on some level love/comfort vs money/comfort. Mom vs dad. Lots of family patterns and soul group energies in this polarity - the Cancer/Capricorn axis - that come to the surface now; ripe to be released. 


This release is our gift to ourselves, our ancestors, our past lives and to the planet.

This chart looks pretty straight forward - let's unpack it!

Our last two Cancer Full Moons have been eclipses and this is the first Cancer Full Moon we have had in a couple years without all that Cappy opposition - now we just have Pluto (which is, of course, crazy to say just Pluto, but there I have just said it - ha). 

The Moon is at 8 degrees Cancer, the Sun at 8 degrees Capricorn. The Moon is squaring Chiron in Aries (waning). The Sun is trining Uranus in Taurus (also waning/separating). The Moon is building toward/applying to a trine to Ceres in Pisces. Venus is squaring Neptune. Vesta is squaring the North/South Nodes. 

The Moon's square to Chiron speaks of a painful home/family/mothering situation. This is in the past, but strongly felt here. Chiron's wounds are very old and very deep. We have been over every inch of Cancer territory the last couple years - this has something like 'the last straw' feel to it. 

Keep in mind this pain isn't something that is happening to us, although squares can feel like that. This is actually happening for us. Whatever is triggering us now - understand this is a soul/karmic situation supporting our growth to greater truth/power. They (or the situation) is showing us we are ready to be stronger in our energy. The Chironic wound is actually a great gift.


At the same time the Sun's trine to a future leaning Uranus/Black Moon Lilith conjunction - also waning/separating, so in the past - speaks of change coming from this pain - as we liberate ourselves from what hurts and move smoothly in a new direction.

The Moon's only other close aspect is an approaching trine - brakes off - to Ceres (in Pisces). The Moon and Ceres are both mothering archetypes, so good buddies, I think. Their trine feels a bit smother-mothering, but is also incredibly nurturing, compassionate and fertile. 


Maybe just what the doctor ordered. 


So, this lunation speaks of a familial pain, wounding, "last straw", our movement away from the wound in a detached/intelligent/maybe even rebellious way (remember Capricorn's ruler is in Aquarius now) which leads us toward more compassion and connection. Unconditional love. Forgiveness. God. Peace.

The separating trine to Uranus/BML has made the cord cutting (real or symbolic) a smooth process - not chaotic/disorderly. The applying trine to Ceres (in Pisces) speaks of season of life issues. One door opening as another door closes. Something bigger/even limitless is waiting with open arms.

It's time to go.


This Moon, as all things celestial - perfectly and synchronistically timed to wrap up 2020 and speak of our journey this year in the beautiful archetypal language as only the heavens can. The very old deep wounding, the healing coming through the future/tech/the unknown (our karma with trauma) with the connection, forgiveness, unconditional love, peace, God (which, yes, to some of us might feel like smother-mothering we'll talk about that in the 2021 post) in the future. This Moon speaks of where we find ourselves right now - as the Moon tends to do. Our next New Moon (our second of four 23 degree New Moons) will be a BIG one conjunct Pluto. January - especially once we get toward the middle - is HUGE and February is, too. The two steps forward in January, the one step backward reality check in February. This will start to feel familiar as the year rolls out. Going to write a monthly overview this week.

Make the time to get out and walk in the Full Moon's energy. The Moon rules Cancer and is very strong/fertile here. Remember your mother's smiling face and know she did the best she could ....


The last of my mother's sisters is in the hospital with covid. Refusing food/nourishment - driven suddenly to some late stage of alzheimer's. She was a working, single-mother back in the late 60's/70's when such a thing was not so common. We are not extremely close, since she wasn't very close to my mother, but in a small family there is always a certain closeness. Intimacy. This Moon is so much like her story right now (as I unpack it) I feel I should warn you, dear reader, there might be something I am not seeing here being as how I can only read this chart with my own eyes. Clouded with nostalgia as they are.

And that wistful nostalgia is making me think of this - from that kindergarten bestseller of a few years back and it seems the perfect way to end this Christmas season as the Cancer Full Moon takes 2020 out with a bang:

"I've known since I was forty years old. Wind-up mechanical toys that make noises and go round and round and do funny things. No batteries. Toys that need me to help them out from time to time. The old-fashioned painted tin ones I had as a child. That's what I want. Nobody believes me. It's what I want, I tell you. Well, okay, that's close, but not quite exactly it. It's delight and simplicity that I want. Foolishness and fantasy and noise. Angels and miracles and wonder and innocence and magic. That's closer to what I want. It's harder to talk about, but what I really, really, really want for Christmas is just this:

I want to be five years old again for an hour.
I want to laugh a lot and cry a lot.
I want to be picked up and rocked to sleep in someone's arms, and carried up to bed just one more time. I know what I really want for Christmas.
I want my childhood back.

Nobody is going to give me that. I might give at least the memory of it to myself if I try. I know it doesn't make sense, but since when is Christmas about sense, anyway? It is about the child of now. In you and me. Waiting behind the door of our hearts for something wonderful to happen."

- Robert Fulghum
All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten

Today's Astrology Forecast | Monday, December 28, 2020 - a slow process of fast change



The Moon has been in Gemini for the last couple days - we are nurtured by movement, learning, conversation. She opposed Venus late last night (EST), squares Neptune at 6:58AM EST and then goes void off a 10PM EST sextile with Mars. She will be void until 5:28AM EST tomorrow when her move home to Cancer pushes us toward Tuesday's Full Moon. So, we start today kind of groggy/uncertain maybe with that foggy Neptune and then pick up speed/action/certainty the closer we get to that opportunistic aspect with Mars. 

We are coming off Sunday's Sun/Uranus trine - in play at tomorrow's Full Moon and today, too. The Sun in realistic/sober Cappy making nice with Uranus in Taurus. A smooth integration of the new. Change doesn't always have to be disruptive. 


Today, Pallas moves into a square with Uranus and the Sun a trine with Black Moon Lilith. 


So, maybe yesterday's liberating leaning toward something else runs up against the details/maybe overthinking that complicates it. Or maybe I have this whole thing backward and our intelligent/forward leaning plans run up against some #unexpected #not-totally-unexpected changes. 


Either way it could be what we don't want to see/who or what we don't want to invite to the table that trips us up. That smooth trine Sun/BML will help us integrate what we have been avoiding/not wanting to deal with.


I keep thinking of Uranus on the descendant of both the USA's birth chart and Biden's natal - both major amplifications of 'the other'. And Trump's Sun/Uranus/North Node - all fated to bring our understanding of 'the other' under a magnifying glass/to our attention. Trauma/karma with 'the other' eventually bringing us to the realization that those people/things/situations we mistrust as 'other' are not really our enemies at all, but just splintered off pieces of ourselves.


Where you end and I begin isn't so fixed as we used to think. 


Before the ideas of control/ownership of patriarchal religion and the hijacking of our natural resources engulfed us, we lived in sharing and caring communities. It's rather obvious, or better be at this late date, the so-called civilizing influence of modern societies have been simply a smokescreen for grand theft global, with the biggest losses hitting the pillagers themselves - and their descendants - in the form of soul dis-connection.


Uranus/Aquarius is about to change all of that.

Jupiter and Saturn, as us, have passed through the eye of the needle. Or launched us like a rocket into the stratosphere. Our uncomfortableness isn't so much about our fear of change/the new/the other/our so-called 'junk' DNA being activated as it is about being straitjacketed into something we have outgrown. 2021 won't be the inside job 2020 was, but it will be a hell of alot easier if we actually did/do the inside work. Life has a few more tricks/opportunities for this up her sleeve - one coming as early as tomorrow's potent Full Moon in Cancer which will reverberate over the next couple weeks.

For today, give yourself some extra time. 


The Moon in Gemini is all fast moving go-go-go, but that square to Neptune requires some extra rest or a deeper connection. With smart Pallas in smart Aqua squaring Aqua's ruler Uranus our over-thinking will be on steroids and not apt to be super effective. Just winging it won't be either. So take your time.

xo all

photo by the talented fae-photography

Weekly Astrology Forecast | December 28, 2020 - January 3, 2021 - karmic culminations, fast changes, January is going to be exciting and explosive so enjoy any downtime and rest when you can


 I hope everyone had a nice holiday!


January looks to be quite an explosive/powerful month (December 2020 through February 2021 is massive), so enjoy any downtime when and where you can find it. Aspects from Neptune to our personal planets can make us tired/indicate a need for some extra rest/hydration. 


Life is liberating and has liberated us from old contracts and worn-out timelines. Our Aquarius house is GETTING ALL FIRED UP. It's let go or be dragged time people! 


Although the future is absolutely unpredictable (Aquarius!) - or will be once Uranus stations direct on January 14th - I would guess the next 20 years/200 years will be all about SCIENCE/technology, the integration of "the other" - evolving scientific theories, digital currency, quantum physics, gene medicine, contact with aliens, computers merging with people, changing gender identities, astrology (or will this ancient language of archetypes and patterns be lost to the old world?! I hope not) - what have I missed? No doubt ALOT. Certainly all the humanitarian/equality stuff that is Aquarius, too. And we don't want to miss that!!


The 60's may have tricked us though - I just wanted to hold hands and sing Kumbaya around a campfire, although my Aquarius stellium always told me (because I don't really want to hold hands and sing Kumbaya!) that this wasn't going to be the way the Age of Aquarius was to roll out.


I can and am still grieving the loss of that though. 


Even if I wouldn't have actually been there .... :)


This week looks quieter than what lies behind and ahead, but we do have a BIG Cancer Full Moon which will, as always, get its own post.


TUESDAY - Full Moon in Cancer (8 degrees)

WEDNESDAY - Venus square Neptune

THURSDAY - Venus conjunct South Node/opposes North Node

FRIDAY - Mercury sextile Neptune

SATURDAY - Mercury inconjunct North Node


TUESDAY'S Full Moon in home and family oriented Cancer wraps up our last six month/eighteen month Cancer story (we talked the New Moon in Cancer back in June HERE - that one was also a Solar Eclipse). Since the Moon rules Cancer, Cancer Full Moons are UBER powerful - with this one we have the Sun trining Uranus and the Moon inconjunct Chiron. Powerful/forward leaning changes that trigger or come through very old/familial wounds. Here we go. We must let go of where we've been/who we were. Inheritances are wrapping up folks. This Moon is a definite pivot point (January 4th is another one as Mercury meets Pluto) AWAY from very old contracts that have expired/old kings who no longer need to be satisfied by us. 


We'll talk about this Monday night in a BIG post.

On WEDNESDAY - Venus at 18 degrees Sagittarius squares Neptune at 18 degrees Pisces. 


This is Venus (love, money, women, our values, resources and self-esteem) and Neptune (our imagination, illusion. deception, escape) - this is mutable energy and squares bring challenges/tension. We are going to need to be flexible. Venus/Neptune is dreamy, although often kind of disappointing energy. We will need to be careful with our values, our money, our resources. We could be confused about what we want or what we believe, so this isn't the best time to make an important decision. We could have an urge to escape or martyr ourselves. Whatever this is, something is almost certainly wrapping up because

on the very next day, THURSDAY, Venus meets the South Node at 19 degrees Sagittarius and opposes our Gemini North Node. 


Venus on the South Node is an ending/release. This is KARMIC. This is old. The debt needs to be marked PAID IN FULL and so it will be. Old issues that are still impacting our self-esteem are ripe for disintegration. Weak links snap. The waning square to Neptune can make whatever this is that needs to fade-to-black, a little less painful. Neptune is a natural anesthetic. Venus/South Node can also bring people from our past back, sometimes for a quick (and again that Neptune square is a natural anesthetic), maybe unconscious, cord-cutting. Pay any bill that comes in now. Just pay it. If an apology needs to be made. Make it. Keep in mind this ending is coming through our natal Sag/Gemini polarity.

So, let's say you are a PISCES RISING and Sagittarius is your 10th house of career/Gemini your 4th house of home and family. The culmination hits your career house as Venus crosses over the South Node. The culmination brings changes to that 4th house (home, family) - which remember is your NORTH STAR this year. If you are a VIRGO RISING, this is pretty much the opposite scenario, Sagittarius is your 4th house - so here is where the karmic culmination is happening - as you point your arrow toward that 10th house (new career/work in the world).

On FRIDAY, Mercury, at 18 degrees Capricorn now (and how is that even possible, he is FLYING!) will sextile - opportunity - Neptune.


This is subtle - good for visionary ideas and language. We might wake remembering our dreams. Ideas are AVAILABLE for the right person - the person who can make them REAL - to pick them like apples. This is good for learning (Mercury) through osmosis (Neptune), so would be a good time to hang out with the smartest person you know. Compassionate (Neptune) language (Mercury) is helpful (sextile). Siblings may be illusive or confusing. Mercury in Capricorn is giving a Neptunian dream a structure to work with. Again this whole thing is subtle, but available. Talk to other people. The opportunity comes as one thought/conversation/idea drifts into another. People with planets/points near 18 degrees Capricorn or Pisces will feel its influence most.


On SATURDAY - Mercury - at 19 degrees Capricorn now - will inconjunct the North Node in Gemini. 


So, yesterday we had the smooth Mercurian energy and today's is a little jagged. Mercury in Capricorn is serious. His/her mind is on work. And Gemini needs variety/breathing room/doesn't like the boss breathing down her neck. That Gemini North Node is requiring us to do a little of this and a little of that and to take breaks as needed. If our Cappy brain can bend to accommodate this we can work with this energy/get it done. Otherwise, Gemini cannot meet Cappy's demands, so our thinking like a Cappy isn't helpful to our moving forward. There is a warning here about being too rigid/maybe too bossy. Yes, keep an eye on the bottom line/your goals/priorities BUT don't forget our path forward - GEMINI! - is about having a beginner's mind/asking questions/making conversation. Information needs to move. Mercury rules Gemini and the North Node, so flexibility/versatility/light communication is a key here.

Back with that BIG Full Moon post then we will dive into 2021.


January and February are the keys to the entire year - they unlock the box!

xo all


keep in mind, as always, I am writing about aspects when they are most exact - you can feel/experience them as they are waxing and waning, too

photo by the amazing Laura Makabresku

Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, December 24, 2020 - challenges to our habits and securities, ease and practicality, fresh ideas and conversations, surprising news



The Moon, strong and exalted in Taurus now (nurtured through food, touch, creature comforts, a soft place to land) makes her first squares to Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius early this morning EST. She trines the Sun - our monthly waxing trine - at 12:47PM EST, trines Mercury at 6:47PM EST and finally meets a retrograde Uranus at 7:55PM EST.

The squares to Aquarius might speak of challenges to our habits/our securities. The Moon wants to chill/stop and smell the roses/count her pennies/maintain and there is somehow frustration/tension here from the NEW Aqua placements - although a square to Jupiter can look worse than it actually is. 


The trines this afternoon and evening will help smooth things out a bit. An Earth trine from the Taurus Moon to the Cappy Sun can be very practical/productive. And as the Moon is trining first Mercury and then conjuncts Uranus later in - they are trining each other. A Mercury/Uranus trine speaks of fresh ideas and conversations. Innovative thinking/plans. Surprising news.

So a bit of a mixed bag today that looks like stress this morning (maybe just everyone's last minute stuff), followed by a smoothing out and ending with something #surprising, #notsurprising (that retrograde Uranus). Now that we are going to be in Uranian territory more frequently, life will certainly be less and less predictable. Is this possible :)

Hugs and Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas Eve all -


photo by the amazing evenliu

Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, December 23, 2020 - hurtful words, pressure, when push comes to shove what do we do, working with power, clearing the decks


The Moon is in Aries now - we are nurtured/nourished by action, time alone, men (among other things, this seems like enough to state - we can all find something here I think). She will square Pluto at 5:26PM EST and meet up with Mars 14 minutes later. Of course, this means Mars is squaring Pluto, too. For the third and final time, and we know this already, but here is its most exactness. 


To make this all even more challenging - Mercury is also squaring wounded healer Chiron, so words/information can hurt (or maybe we get news that someone is sick). Think twice/speak once. We will all be feeling the pressure.

We had a Mars/Pluto square on August 13th and again on October 9th - this one is the wrap-up by virtue of being the last one. The final Cappy 2020 square that finishes up (in a way) these major power struggles. Our actions/independence vs the power structure/the power machinations we can't see. Trump (Mars on his ascendant, his Presidency's activation of the U.S. Mars) vs Congress - in a very literal way today with the stimulus package. 


Mars is powerful in his home sign and Pluto is, well Pluto is Pluto. Expect intense competition and unbridled ambition. Manipulations. Obsessions. Jealousy. Your power could be challenged or you could be the one doing the calling out.

Keep a focus on what you are trying to accomplish and how important whatever is happening actually is. Do you really need to win here? The fight about the parking space will not be a fight about a parking place, but about every other time someone has taken something you thought you should have. Keep this in mind. The other person will be feeling the same energy, too, so things can get out of control quickly.

If you are "waked" this is the time to think about why this situation is "triggering" you. If we are repressing anger/passion/strong urges - here's where the lid comes off and this stuff will get played out through other people.

If your kid is tossing a crazy fit - think about what you are repressing!


Squares denote tension and crisis and create change. Plutonian changes are permanent. The ground has been scorched and there is no going back. Very deep issues can be challenged and put to bed. The bed won't be covered in rose petals, but at least the struggle with this one will be over.


So, if the tension is a minor thing (the parking lot space as an example) - take a breath, channel some higher ground and live to fight another day. Pluto does rule death, folks. And being squashed by an irate driver doesn't sound like how we want to spend the day before Christmas Eve, right?

On the other hand maybe we really DO need to win/stand up for ourselves here - and for many this could be a work/career situation - if this is the case, we will probably not be able to just dis-engage.  

Where do I need to stand up for myself? How can I focus my will? How do I express anger? How do I work with power? When is my anger out of proportion to the situation?

Avoid unnecessary run ins with the boss/authority because THEY WILL WIN. If you are the boss/authority avoid making other people feel threatened because YOU WILL LOSE in the long run. And we are playing a long game here. Keep this in mind.

Anger can be a “negative” emotion,  when perverted into rage or violence or when it is repressed, so that it squeezes out sideways in passive-aggressive responses and actions.

But anger is passion, too. We can't get angry if we don't care. Passion is the energy of creation - passion makes the world. Anger is a similar energy alerting us to the need to remake our world when our creation has gone wrong. Think - Frankenstein. Let's try to stay conscious.

And get some physical exercise. Mars needs to move. If there is something you need to literally rip apart/dismantle - this would be good energy for that.


The Moon will move into Taurus tomorrow and start squaring Jupiter and Saturn - freshly housed in Aquarius - so we will get to feel what that will be. Back tomorrow.

xo all

photo by the talented Nick Sachos

The Jupiter Saturn Conjunction of 2020 - ground zero, the king is dead long live the king, what kind of world are we going to create | The Astrology of December Part III - December 21, 2020



On December 21, 2020, on the day the Sun moves into Capricorn and ushers in a new season - the Winter Solstice here (longest night of the year) - Jupiter meets Saturn at 0 degrees Aquarius. This is the closest they have been in 800 years and might resemble the Bethlehem Star that guided the Magi at Christ's birth. I hope we all get to see it!

We get a new 20 year Jupiter/Saturn cycle (the last was in Taurus, this one in Aquarius), a new monthly solar cycle, a new seasonal solstice cycle and a new 200 year Jupiter/Saturn (air) cycle all at the same time (they met in air - Libra - in October 1980 into 1981 to test this out - if you were born then, this transit will be particularly impactful/beneficial). This Jupiter/Saturn is super charged!


If "time ran out" in January 2020, here is where time starts up again. 


This is the meeting of our great benefic expander - Jupiter - and our great malefic constrictor/lord of karma - Saturn - in the very first degree of the sign of the people, the higher intellect, the future, humanity, technology, equality, astrology : Aquarius. Our optimism/hope/beliefs just a hair's breadth away from our pessimism/fear/death - what will we collectively choose? What have we chosen? It's a nail biter, folks.

After spending the last year cramped up in Capricorn (Saturn's sign), here is where Jupiter can finally get past Saturn (our hope/beliefs/faith surpassing our fear/limits/moving past the death). In the blink of an eye (and over the course of a year) a kind of stoic preservation of the old will give way to a more radical reinvention of ... just about everything. In Aquarius, co-ruled by Uranus - who is outside the bounds of Saturn - Jupiter has some room to maneuver. And, in Aquarius it is hard, if not impossible, to know what to expect! We talked about Saturn into Aquarius by sign HERE.


We have to keep in mind Jupiter is not only moving into Aquarius. He is meeting with Saturn who will be in Aquarius, too! Jupiter/Saturn is MORE AND LESS. Something expands and something is reduced. This can be about all the same thing - a kind of two steps forward/one step back or this can be about two different things. Something becomes more in our life as something else is reduced, maybe to make way for it or maybe the two things seem totally unconnected, although they won't be. Jupiter moves faster than Saturn (he will be in Aquarius for one year/Saturn for more than two) and is going to pass him rather quickly. So, we will get the expansion and then the contraction. Keep this in mind with any big moves - the reality checks later. 

In your own chart - your Aqua natal and progressed house gets this push and pull of NEW. The house ruled by Jupiter (your natal Sagittarius house) and the house ruled by Saturn (your natal Cappy house) will be working together. This conjunction unites them for a good long time, so think about their themes and what this might be about for you - again, keeping in mind, Aquarian changes (ie Uranian changes) will not play out as we think they will!

If we look back at the tumultuous/life changing year that was/is 2020 - we have had not only the virus and its likely unprecedented response/ramifications/grief, but a treacherous journey with Venus/Juno requiring us to work through imbalanced relationship energies and take responsibility for what we are mirroring through our relationships AND a journey through Mars/Aries requiring we take responsibility for our actions/in-actions/our passions, our ANGER.

Let's see what the chart for the moment of the conjunction tells us about what we might expect. 


Let's unpack the chart.

We have Jupiter and Saturn at 0 degrees Aquarius. We have the Sun and Mercury conjunct at 0 degrees Capricorn (superior conjunction) with Mercury combust. The Moon is at 23 degrees Pisces - having just crossed over illusive Neptune. She is void! She will then move into Aries and square the Sun. We have Mars and Eris conjunct at 23 degrees Aries and squaring Pluto at 23 degrees Capricorn (this will be exact in a couple days). Lilith is conjunct Uranus (!). Two of our stand-ins for the virus are opposed (Hygiea and Wuhan) from Leo (royalty/the heart) and Aquarius (the people/the intellect). Venus (ruling the 6th and 10th houses here) is inconjunct Lilith/Uranus in Taurus from the Sag ascendant of a chart drawn for Washington DC.

This is a crazy chart (and 2021, especially early 2021, is filled with charts like this one!).


Look at all the 23's - which we talked about HERE - and all those 'starting at the  very beginning' zeroes. The Moon is void and Mercury is combust (blown out of the Sun) - more zeroes? There is power here, but also a kind of fragility. We are starting at the very beginning. This is about the Age of Aquarius, yes, but keep in mind this age is being born THROUGH US. This is not something we are just stepping into. Nothing is set in stone in this chart. The void Moon and a combust Mercury speak of the risk of 'nothing ventured, nothing gained'. We are going to have to be active here. Mars is strong and helping us, but also rather dangerous now. There is a strong potential here - because we have Eris/Mars (square Pluto!) and Uranus/Lilith - of real rebellion - almost always needed to overthrow the old - and again a life and death requirement to bring everyone and all parts of ourselves to the table. 


Jupiter and Saturn meet. They meet every 20 years. 


They last met in Taurus in 2000, preceded by Libra in 1980. So, they stuck a big toe into air (Libra), then moved back for a final earth conjunction (re-emphasizing our possessions, our values, our money, our self-esteem) - kind of the way planets changing signs will sometimes retrograde back into the old sign before moving forward. After today, their meetings will be in air for the next 200 years. They began their journey through air in 1980, in Libra, bringing us into a very important 'relationship' timeline - this was also the time AIDS was being brought into our consciousness - for, maybe the first time, our intimate connections with other people could quite literally kill us. We can see the foreshadowing with what is happening now, and also the important lessons we learned about the need for connection and 'embracing the other' as we moved through that. Jupiter/Saturn return to air now for the long haul; this time in Aquarius. Aquarius air is original, humanitarian, intellectual, scientific, detached.  

Mercury is conjunct the Sun at 0 degrees Capricorn. 


Almost 1 in 3 people have Mercury conjunct the Sun in their natal charts, since Mercury doesn't get very far from the Sun, but this is an exact conjunction and happening at the time of the Solstice. Mercury is blown out. Overpowered. In a natal chart, this might speak of a parent/father/authority who overpowers the child's ability to speak. So, maybe the child grows up more tentative/not confident in his ability to communicate - she might expect other people to interrupt/not hear her/blow her off, and so this will be exactly what she notices/creates. So, maybe she talks too much or too little. Keep in mind this is a very common aspect in a chart and one of the reasons so many communication problems exist! Mercury also rules our lungs/nervous system, so a person born with Mercury too close to the Sun tends toward physical problems in these areas - this is just all in general, other factors can mitigate this. 


In this chart this is something we have to SEE CLEARLY and with the Sun so close it will be hard to see it. On the one hand it is simply showing us what is happening (we are masked/silenced, our lungs and nervous systems weakened by disease/grief/disconnection), but on the other hand, since this isn't just an event chart, but a chart initiating a new CYCLE - this is something we really need to think about (the dystopian nightmare we do not want to be creating)!

The Moon (the people in an event chart) is in Pisces. She has just moved over illusive Neptune (can also be said to represent the virus here) and is VOID - this makes me think of that blown out Mercury. No power. Unplugged. This also makes me think of all the zeroes and all the planets bundled together at the base of the chart. Whenever something is stated more than once in a chart we need to pay attention. 


Now as this chart progresses she moves into independent Aries and squares the Sun. Now she is sextiling (opportunity) Jupiter/Saturn. This is VERY IMPORTANT - the blood and guts of this chart probably. Note she must move into independent/fighter Aries to GET THE OPPORTUNITY - the sextile to Jupiter/Saturn and it comes through a square with the Sun in Cappy (authority, tradition, old goals, what used to stabilize us). A first quarter square - so a tension point created as we move forward from last week's powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. First square/first challenge - Aries/Sag. Risky new moves. Yes. But the chart is showing us - it is the risky/new move that WILL WORK. The opportunistic sextile - which being Jupiter/Saturn is, remember, both MORE and LESS, so not totally without rules/limits, and, almost certainly outside our comfort zone - the opportunity comes through that square!


Also in Aries we have Mars conjunct Eris squaring Pluto in Cappy. All at 23 degrees. Eris, showing us what is tucked underneath/hidden (within society and structures, but also within us!) and powered up by a strong Mars in his home sign. 


The square to Pluto speaks of power struggles. 


This isn't an easy beginning!

Outsider asteroid Lilith is conjunct outsider planet Uranus - ruler of Aquarius. Everyone gets a seat at the table or the table gets flipped! There are no two ways about this. The outsider needs to come inside/be embraced. Lilith/Uranus are inconjunct Venus so this won't be easy. The Sag/Taurus inconjunct we have spoken of before. With the rebellious energies in Taurus they are rather stuck on being rebellious. Taurus hangs onto whatever it needs to maintain the status quo. Venus in Sagittarius is a traveler/don't fence her in. She is easy come/easy go. Venus rules Taurus, so would be comfortable there. Lilith/Uranus would be more comfortable in easy/breezy Sag than in solid Taurus. It's almost like a mutual reception, they might be better off if they could switch places, but this is the next best thing!


Providing, of course, we can understand/accept the contradictions that the horizon can be broader and more secure at the same time.

Another thing to keep in mind is Jupiter is the ruler of the South Node now. What we are releasing/leaving behind. The beliefs we have outgrown. And Saturn will be coming along behind him with reality checks all year. 


It's not a 'leap and the net will appear' scenario. It's more like "take those first wobbly, BRAVE and independent steps and the path will start to appear". 


The path MUST be a new path. 

The path will not look like a path until we start walking it. We are CREATING this new path/new world as we go. Forget the idea of re-building anything. Nothing is being rebuilt. Think creation from the ground up - think of the zeroes in this chart! 

And we cannot allow ourselves to be silenced or docile/unplugged. This chart may not guarantee utopia, but we know we don't want dystopia!




This is a major pivot point as we clear out the old structures to make way for the new ideas. The Moon is waxing (growing) - something within us, birthed through that major Solar Eclipse New Moon in Sag last week, is growing, too.


As we mobilize these new ideas/projects, etc, we need to keep our grounding/keep it organized. Things/situations/relationships get phased out responsibly as we begin to open ourselves up (through our actions) to this new/untested and EXCITING future. We will talk more about this when I start writing the 2021 posts about this ascension process after the holiday.

Powerful new cycles are beginning as this life-changing year comes to a close.

xo all

Please excuse any typos, I am too tired to re-read. My jewelry shops have worn me out this holiday season as I struggle against the tide to do something the way I've always done it. UGH! :) In Part IV we will look at the final Full Moon of this month and year on December 29th with its supportive aspects to change-maker and Aquarius ruler (co-ruler) Uranus! Change won't be stopped folks.

Today's Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Friday, December 18, 2020 - payoffs through individual and group efforts, taking a broader view of our relationships, being smart and strategic, Jupiter reaches the end of the line in Cappy


The Moon is in Aquarius now - we are nurtured through our groups, causes, the goals that bring us into connection with other people, our friendships, the internet, astrology, our freak flags, by giving something a little air/space. Not her favorite place to be since the Moon rules our emotions and Aqua can be a bit detached, but not as God-awful exhausting as these recent Cappy Moons certainly.


The Moon here gives us some air between Cappy responsibilities and Pisces connectivity. And we are going to be talking Aquarius, Aquarius, Aquarius soon. And it's Friday. Let's all take a breath. 


Her only aspect today a productive (opportunistic) sextile to Mars at 22 degrees Aries. 


Squaring that uber activated 22 Cappy from last January, Mars (as us) can make things happen via our individual (and group - that Aqua Moon) efforts. If the U.S. Congress cannot get a stimulus deal together under these skies - especially with Jupiter in his final day of Cappy and his only day without Saturn - they really all do need to just go home ... forever.

Juno moves into Sagittarius today - applying a wide angle lens to our relationships/contracts. We talked about this in the weekly HERE. She is going to be in Sag for a nice long slog, so if you are in a close relationship/commitment/contract - maybe give it a read and, more importantly, a think.

This is Jupiter's final full day in Cappy where any and all rewards have been hard-earned for us for the last year. He (as us) is more than ready to get the hell out of dodge. Venus is sextiling Pallas - the opportunities here coming (for our relationships, our resources/finances/self-esteem) by being smart and strategic. Pallas is in Aquarius now, so prepared to try new approaches/futuristic thinking. Venus in Sag, looking for adventure/a reason to be optimistic. We attract what we want by embracing potential. Seems clear cut this Sag/Aquarius sextile, but somehow never is (maybe because everything feels just a touch out of reach). Just keep in mind Venus is answering to Jupiter now, so his position at the very end of Capricorn comes into play here, too. 


Not alot of opportunities/rewards, but at least one. WE ALL GOT/GET AT LEAST ONE. Jupiter always does his job.

Next up will be the Saturn/Jupiter post (the world re-starts, like a computer rebooted with a new operating system) and then we will take a look at the charts for the first vaccinations - the UK chart and the US - and see what they can tell us about what the hell is going on. Also I noticed something interesting/peculiar in Obama and Biden's charts that could connect to the virus and we'll talk about that.  

xo all

photo by the talented winonaramon

Saturn into Aquarius thru March 2023 - working through our collective karma with trauma, innovative/alien tech becomes reality, taking personal responsibility for the group, new rules for society/social media, an old man gets his first computer


At 12:04AM EST last night, Saturn exited his home sign of Capricorn for his other (ancient) home sign of Aquarius (he shares rulership of this place with Uranus, so if Cappy is his main dig, Aqua is his second home in the mountains, that condo with the noisy and unpredictable neighbor). This timing is good news because that pile-up in Cappy will start to break up before Mercury and the Sun get back there. 

Saturn dipped his big toe into Aquarius back on March 21, 2020 - this was a kind of preview of what was to come - new rules/limits/boundaries. Then he retrograded back into Capricorn on July 1, 2020 and we re-did those final Cappy degrees again


Now he's back in Aquarius for the long haul - through March 7, 2023. Deep breath Aquas.


Our Capricorn natal house is freed up from Saturn's restriction. So yes, our problems are over and yes, there is a whole new set of problems over there. But at least they will be new problems. His move out of Capricorn will feel good, but because this is a house where we are naturally structured and regulated, we might not feel it as strongly as we would when he leaves another house. Plus he is co-ruler of Aquarius so strong here, too. If we have used Saturn well the last two and a half years we could see rewards for our past efforts come in now.


In general Aquarius rules the people, the future, technology, the internet, our higher mind (hive mind), our groups, our friends (not super close friends necessarily, sometimes older sibs show up here or unusual siblings), our causes, our eccentricities/freak flags, astrology, the goals that bring us into connection with other people, aliens, the unusual/chaotic/disruptive/sometimes traumatic. Aquarius is the space in our natal chart where it's never going to work to follow the crowd just for the sake of fitting in. Our rough, uncomfortable edges are there for a reason. Something here or something within your natal/progressed Aquarius house theme can become more work/demand greater responsibilities now. It can feel more limited/restricted, but should over time become more solid/stable. 


This transit is a pretty good indication we are not going to be as social as we used to be (other than online) for still some time and that our responsibilities to the group/collective will continue.

Our Aqua planets/points will feel the intensity of this (and Jupiter is about to join Saturn here - we will talk about this in a BIG post). Our Leo planets will get the opposition which can bring a challenge or conclusion (for Leo risings, maybe within a close relationship). Our Taurus and Scorpio planets get the squares. Taurus, maybe through financial situations that require us to conserve or protect what we own/stake our claim. Scorpios might have to confront limits/boundaries, deal with control issues (for Scorp risings maybe confront a partner or someone else's limits/aging). The other air planets - Gemini and Libra - get the smooth/productive trines. Helpful where we have been indecisive or unfocused.

Ultimately Saturn is paving the way for Pluto's entry into Aquarius in 2023 which will shift everything - in Aquarius we have Saturn paving the way for Pluto, whereas in Capricorn we had Pluto ripping out the pavement in preparation for Saturn! Between now and 2023 we are kind of in the birth canal of the New Age of Aquarius. Past the point we always died before (our past lives/ancestors) within a very important collective story-line (about how we deal with power), but not totally spawned into this new reality/timeline either. 


Many important choices lie ahead of us ...

Now, Saturn is going to get all the way to 13 degrees Aquarius on May 23, 2021 when he will station retrograde until October 10, 2021 when he will station direct at 6 degrees. So, that 6-13 degrees will get the three-peating Saturnian intensity this year - our Aqua planets the conjunction, Leo the opposition and Scorpio/Taurus the squares. And our air planets those smooth trines. In 2022, it will be 18-25 degrees that will get the intense three-peat. 


While Saturn is in Aquarius he will meet Jupiter once on the Winter Solstice.


He will square Uranus (in Taurus) three times - these are BIG deal aspects, the modern and ancient rulers of Aquarius duking it out - February 9, 2021 (7 degrees), June 14, 2021 (13 degrees, also the degree of his station three weeks earlier, so we can see he is taking a long squat here at 13) and December 24, 2021 (yes, Christmas Eve!) at 11 degrees - this one will deliver the final blow/the result.

He will sextile, so opportunities for healings of old/deep woundings, Chiron (in Aries) three times - February 9, 2021 (6 degrees - remember this is also the degree he will station direct the following October, so will be doubly important), June 24, 2021 (12 degrees) and finally on November 26, 2021 (8 degrees) - again, here, the final result. 

He will trine the North Node (in Gemini) once, on April 11, 2021 at 12 degree - brakes off on our future.

In the end, Saturn ALWAYS rewards our patience/hard work. ALWAYS. We are going to talk about this more as we move through this and also in the BIG Jupiter/Saturn post this weekend. For the first year Saturn is in Aquarius, we will have Jupiter in Aquarius, too. This is a protective influence, but can also make some situations even bigger. And keep in mind, Aquarius's other ruler, unpredictable/"don't fence me in" change-maker Uranus is going to be squaring both Jupiter and Saturn. 


We are going to have to feel our way through much of this as we go along. This is about working through our collective karma (Saturn) with trauma (Aquarius)


and ultimately, no matter what we think we know, Aquarius is uncharted/alien (and so chaotic) territory - there is no map. 


We will run through the signs and I will admit I tossed this up rather quickly and we have to keep in mind those squares from our Taurus houses (Uranus!) and healing opportunities to our Aries houses (Chiron) which I haven't factored into these short paragraphs. This is geared to rising signs (sign on your first house cusp), but bringing your Sun to the first house cusp - making it your rising sign, can usually work, too - feel around, see what fits. 


As always take what helps and leave the rest:

ARIES (Aquarius 11th house) - Saturn coming home to your 11th house of friendships, groups and the internet says it is time to take this stuff seriously. Some friendships will end and others will become more committed. Your relationship to the "group" may require you to step into added responsibility and pressure. The good news for you dear Aries is Saturn is 'exiting stage left' your 10th house of career so work pressures will start to ease up. Changes to your career are possible - if something ends now, it is meant to end - let it go. Rewards for your hard work at work could come in now, too


TAURUS (Aquarius 10th house) - Saturn coming home to your 10th house of career/public image says it is time to take this stuff seriously - yes, I know you already take this stuff seriously Taurus! But, now you will be required to step up to the plate, step into your responsibility, change what isn't working to see results - there will be rewards over the next two to three years for the hard work you put into this area of life. Any slacking off/shortcuts will come back to bite you in the butt. If you are dragging around a dead career Saturn will see to it that it gets a nice funeral. A brand new career is possible. You might have to build it from the ground up.

GEMINI (Aquarius 9th house) - Saturn coming home to your house of travel, higher education, foreign people/places, legal issues, publishing, weddings, the media says it is time to take this stuff seriously. Sober and dedicated efforts made in any of these directions will pay off over time. A half-assed attempt at anything here will land you on it. For your sake I hope it's bouncy. The best news for you may be that Saturn is 'exiting stage left' your 8th house of other people's resources/money, debts, loans, taxes, sex, intimacy, reproduction, so situations dealing with these issues will start to ease up and rewards will come in for your hard work over the last three years within these areas. Do I hear a collective Gemini sigh of relief? YES!

CANCER (Aquarius 8th house) - Saturn coming home to your 8th house of other people's resources, sex, death, intimacy, debts, taxes, loans, inheritance, spouse's income says it is time to take this stuff seriously. What is mine? What is theirs? What is ours? Over the next two and a half to three years these issues will become more clearly defined. I am not going to sugar-coat this, this is a tough transit. You have had Saturn in your relationship house for the last couple years, and that hasn't been a picnic either. Alot of what happens now will depend on what you worked through then. A relationship could end or maybe the intimacy just kind of fades to black for a bit. Now stuff has been known to "rise from the ashes" in the 8th house, but it is going to take work. And that is OK. The 8th house is your natural Aquarius house - the space you have always had to do things a little differently - so now you have solid Saturn to give you a wall to push against. The wall is your friend. You've got this thing Cancer! 

LEO (Aquarius 7th house) - Saturn coming home to your 7th house of partnerships says it is time to take this stuff seriously. Relationships started over the next couple years could bring you additional responsibilities. Business partnerships will require firm rules of duty and obligation and firm boundaries. Existing relationships will become more clearly defined as parties become more self-sufficient and self-governing. If you are relying on someone else for something you should be doing for yourself or carrying for yourself, that kind of dependency will end. Committed relationships could strengthen and casual relationships could commit. Anything less than that will fade to black. Saturn's 'exit stage left' from your 6th house of health and your day-to-day routine should lighten your load in these areas. Whew!

VIRGO (Aquarius 6th house) - Saturn coming home to your 6th house of health and your day-to-day routine says it is time to take this stuff seriously. What you eat, how you move your body, what you do everyday, any health issues will require your committed focus. This is an excellent transit (the next three years) to "get your act together". Tend to medical issues as they crop up. Take care of yourself. There could be changes in your daily routine due to increased responsibilities/work load. Saturn is 'exiting stage left' your 5th house of children, romance, creative projects - something here that has required your hard work has peaked/culminated.

LIBRA (Aquarius 5th house) - Saturn coming home to your 5th house of children, creative projects, FUN and romance says it is time to take this stuff seriously. This is the Leo ruled house we talked about all through 2019 - what does your heart want? Well, you are about to find out dear Libra. This stuff won't come easy - you are going to have to work for it and plan for it, but Saturn assures that much can be accomplished here if you step into your responsibility. Saturn is 'exiting stage left' your 4th house of home and family so pressure here will start to ease up. 

SCORPIO (Aquarius 4th house) - Saturn coming home to your 4th house of home and family says it is time to take this stuff seriously. The cracks in your foundation will be mended over the next three years or the whole place will be torn down. Additional responsibilities within the home or for family members is likely. Home businesses will require additional time commitments and hard work to succeed. Family situations will worsen if neglected. If you move homes during this transit the move is likely to be long-lasting and bring stability. Be sure any home renovations are done with quality products and responsible vendors. The good news Saturn is exiting stage left your 3rd house of communication - all that third house stuff (your conversations, writings, sibling situations, local community interactions, transportation/tech snafus) will become less of a struggle.

SAGITTARIUS (Aquarius 3rd house) - Saturn coming home to your 3rd house of communication, writing, speaking, the local community, siblings, transportation says it is time to take this stuff seriously. Thoughts become things now so think about what you are thinking about. Words need to be more deliberately used. Relationships within your local community or with siblings become more sober. You could be required to step up or into your own authority in some way. Learning, teaching, writing will bring rewards but require hard work. Official documents will be signed. Verbal and written commitments should be taken very seriously because they will be built to last. Saturn's 'exit stage left' of your 2nd house of finances should ease up the pressure here. 

CAPRICORN (Aquarius 2nd house) - Saturn coming home to your 2nd house of finances, self-esteem and personal resources says it is time to take this stuff seriously. Start a budget. Do it now. Know where your money is coming from and where it is going. Streamline. Trim the fat. Saturn will firm up your financial foundation by requiring you to be responsible and disciplined with your resources. The best news for you is Saturn is exiting your sign - YAY! - the things you have worked hard with and committed to over the last two and half to three years will bring rewards now.  

AQUARIUS (Aquarius 1st house) - Saturn is coming home to your 1st house of yourself dear Aqua. Yes, you like your freedom, but unlike the other signs when Saturn comes to call - you are ready for him since he co-rules your sign! His move into your first house could require you to step into a new responsibility and deal with added pressure and authority. Your entire persona could change over the next three years. You will be ambitious. There's that mountain. Here you are. Enjoy the view, because I know you are going to reach the top! 

PISCES (Aquarius 12th house) - Saturn coming home to your 12th house of what is happening behind the scenes and what is hidden from view says it is time to take this stuff seriously. Make the time to be alone. Make the time to meditate. Make time for music/art. Do charity work. Something will be pulled out of the closet and worked through during Saturn's stay here. Tend to your health. Something major will end to free up the time/space. Saturn here is preparing you for the years ahead when Saturn moves into Pisces in March 2023. You will be ready! 

xo all


photo by the talented IrinaJoanne

Weekly Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of December 14th - December 20th, 2020 - HUGE shifts this week!! time to look up



I feel like the white rabbit in Alice's wonderland, "I'm late. I'm late".

MONDAY - New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, Venus sextile Jupiter, Mercury conjunct South Node

TUESDAY - Venus sextile Saturn, Venus into Sagittarius, Chiron stations direct

THURSDAY - Saturn into Aquarius

FRIDAY - Juno into Sagittarius

SATURDAY -  Jupiter into Aquarius, Mercury conjunct the Sun, Venus trine Chiron

SUNDAY - Mercury into Capricorn

A HUGE - and optimistic - New Moon Solar Eclipse this week plus no squares, no oppositions, four planets changing signs and one stationing direct - what forward-leaning magical NEW VISION is this as we head toward Jupiter and Saturn's historic meeting on the Winter Solstice (the 21st) as Mars makes his final square to powerful Pluto?! It ain't all popsicles and puppies, but there is A GIFT FOR ALL OF US in here somewhere. And I'd bet we have earned it.

MONDAY - BIG New Moon Solar Eclipse at 23 degrees Sagittarius - post HERE

TUESDAY - Venus sextiles Saturn - at the very end of Scorpio/Capricorn - then moves into Sagittarius. So, over the last month Venus has traveled all the way to the end of Scorpio and Saturn (since December 2017) has traveled all the way to the end of Cappy. Venus, in her detriment, moving through a sign that opposes one of her own and Saturn, king of the heap, strong and steady in his home territory. 


Now, they move into an opportunistic sextile - something, maybe financial/relationship/resources - concluding/moving into a new chapter on a positive note. The bottom line getting firmed up. A reward for our hard work/perseverance? Here is where a financial situation can be stabilized, maybe through old resources. Or this might speak of a relationship situation or financial situation or life/death situation - whatever we've been through 'hell' with that has confirmed in us how strong we are because WE ARE STILL HERE.

Venus moves quickly into Sagittarius. Sagittarius Suns and Ascendants (1st house cusps) get more attractive now - both able to attract what they want/need and easier on the eye. And all of us get a visit from Venus in our Sagittarius houses (what house or houses carry Venus energy in your natal chart?) and those houses get more magnetic.

Sagittarius is the sign of the archer. If we were archers - we would gather our energy. We would pull back our bow. We would take aim. We would hold our bow "in tension".

This holding position is important to landing our arrow where we intend it to go - to hit our target.

(of course, if we are in some kind of life and death battle with that arrow then I guess we just let it fly and hope for the best, but most situations we are facing are not quite so dire)

The same way an archer's "in tension" allows her arrow to hit her mark, our own "intentions" release our energy where we need it to go. Intentions are not wishes; they are not hopes - wanting to do something is 180 degrees from intending to do it. Intention releases the potential that makes things happen.

So, we have Venus (love, women, beauty, what we value, our self esteem, money) moving into the sign of "potential".

The search we began when Venus dove into Scorpio continues. But now instead of looking at the stuff that is underneath, the underpinnings none of us really want to look at, she looks way out into the horizon at the stuff we might one day meet up with.

Sagittarius is the sign of hope, optimism and faith (also bullsh*t and bombast, so check yourself before you wreck yourself can apply here, too). 


Do we have faith that better days are ahead for us? Things can be different AND better.

This is also the day wounded healer Chiron stations direct. We are moving on from what hurts. Remember Chiron in Aries healing requires action/independence/bravery. We are still covering old ground, but we aren't just sitting here/wallowing/waiting. Progress will start to be made. Chiron is in Aries for a few more years so we are still dealing with very old (even familial DNA/past lives) personal insecurities, lack of independence, lack of motivation, etc, but Chiron's direct station as Venus sextiles Saturn and moves into Sag is all very supportive of the New Moon's promise that THINGS WILL GET BETTER.


On THURSDAY - Saturn exits stage left, his home sign of Capricorn, and enters stage right, his "ancient" home sign, of Aquarius (Uranus - what the hell have you done with the place?).

Saturn (limits, structure, authority) will be in Aquarius (the future, groups, humanitarianism, tech) until March 7, 2023. The last time Saturn was in Aquarius was 1991-1994 - what was happening in your life then? I had some crazy big responsibilities and powerful beginnings followed by HUGE endings. 

We start this transit with limits/rules (Saturn) with groups/our freedoms (Aquarius), chaos/disruption (Aquarius) as our new reality/structure (Saturn), but it is going to be about much more than this as we move through it. We are on the Age of Aquarius timeline now. Anything is possible as long as we have never done it before.

Looking backward, trying to do "it" the way we did "it" before (think: what Saturn collectively rules here - our careers, work in the world, government, business, structure, time, your Cappy house theme) IS NOT GOING TO WORK. Business as usual is over. Remember what we talked about in THIS post about this time of UNKNOWING. We are going to need a beginner's mind to navigate these new waters. The future will not look like the past. We are going to have to balance Saturn's need for structure, limits, supportive routines, etc with Aquarius/Uranus's need for innovation, freedom and spontaneity as we turn toward each other instead of looking for someone above us to care for us/control us. 


We will talk about this in a BIG Jupiter/Saturn post!

On FRIDAY - Following right behind Venus, Juno moves into Sagittarius. 


Our relationships/commitments/contracts should begin to feel less intense/less heavy than they did with Juno back in Scorpio. We pull ourselves out from under the microscope and apply a wide angle lens to the situation. Maybe our ideas about commitment expand/become more hopeful or idealistic. For some people, relationship justice/legal situations can be happening. Relationships/commitments that are started now are going to need to allow for some freedom/exploration for both parties or things are going to get very uncomfortable. There might be more judgement with Juno here or maybe our expectations with partners/commitments are just too high. There could be promises made that prove very hard to keep. Including her retrograde, Juno will be in Sagittarius until November 2021, so this will be a LONG transit. Good news for some relationships that will benefit from this type of energy, but if you are in a legal situation within a relationship/contract  (or in something where you are being overly optimistic/too hopeful) that story-line could take some time to play itself out.


On SATURDAY - Jupiter moves into Aquarius, Mercury meets, and then passes, the Sun (kicking off a new cycle and concluding the old one) and Venus trines Chiron.  

Venus (at 4 degrees Sag) trines a newly direct Chiron (in Aries). Can we believe Chiron is only at 4 degrees Aries after all this time?! We release the little hurts as we look toward a more hopeful future. We can more easily move through our weaknesses/vulnerabilities as we open ourselves to broader/foreign experiences. Or maybe our weaknesses/vulnerabilities (freak flag) actually opens the door to something more expansive. Love (Venus) heals (Chiron). Peace (Venus) heals (Chiron). Beauty (Venus) heals (Chiron). Women (Venus) are healing (Chiron). What supports our new vision is healing.

Mercury catches up with the Sun at 28 degrees Sagittarius. Here is TRUTH/what we need to know to move forward. Information comes in. Clarity. PAY ATTENTION.

The BIG news, Jupiter leaves Capricorn for the airier energies of Aquarius kicking off a new chapter. That pile-up of Cappy energies is NO MORE. Now, Saturn is in Aqua, too, of course and Saturn is strong here, but Jupiter is better equipped to deal with Aquarius air than Capricorn earth. This is where we are challenged to change as we open ourselves up to progress/the future. Jupiter will be in Aquarius until the end of 2021, except for a brief couple months in Pisces (his ancient home sign where he can really get his groove on) from May until July.

We are going to really dive into this in the Jupiter/Saturn - "time starts back up" - post for the Solstice! The chart is cray-cray!


On SUNDAY - Mercury gets serious/goal-oriented and heads into realistic Capricorn. So he/she got the big idea/the truth/the expansive news from the Sun (in Sag) and now he takes this information into sober Cappy to see what he/she can realistically DO WITH IT.


We didn't think Cappy energies were just going to ride off into the sunset with Saturn and Jupiter did we? We haven't even reached Capricorn season yet!


Capricorn is a serious sign. It rules the dead of winter and that indomitable mountain goat who just puts one foot in front of the other until he reaches the summit.

With Mercury (thoughts, communication, ideas) moving into Capricorn, our words will want to be taken seriously. Communications will be fact-checked. Sentences will be properly punctuated and spell checkers will be applied. Ideas will be more traditional, at least for awhile. Words that are focused and precise will be most effective now.

This isn't Mercury's favorite place to hang out - he prefers words be fast and flexible and Capricorn is the opposite of this. Words are solid and sturdy here. Flowery language isn't welcome. We mean what we say and we say what we mean. When we take our words and ideas seriously other people will, too. It's just what we need for grounding with all the fire and air and perfect timing as always!

xo all

photo by the talented CarpeSav

Solar Eclipse New Moon in Sagittarius, December 14th, 2020 | the Astrology of December 2020 | part II - a new quest, starting from an older/wiser position, the king is dead/long live the king, karmic good fortune, healing the U.S. myth of exceptionalism



On Monday, December 14th, 2020 at 11:16AM EST the Sagittarius Moon meets the Sagittarius Sun giving us this month's New Moon - our first total Solar Eclipse in eighteen months.


At 23 degrees Sag, this is the first of four New Moons happening at 23 degrees (!). A fire New Moon, then earth (Cappy), then air (Aqua) and finally water (Pisces) before the new lunar year begins in April (Aries) and we return to that transformed 22 degrees. 


What's with all the 23's?? Yes, that's what I want to know! The number 23 is a prime number composed of an even and an odd number. It reduces to the number 5 through addition. In numerology, five is a number of change/freedom/sometimes chaos; a very Aquarian number (2 divided by 3 is .666 and 23 has history with secret societies and people like occultist Aleister Crowley). 23 is the number of female/male chromosomes in a human cell, the number on Michael Jordan's winning jersey, the number of obsession in a strange Jim Carrey movie, the most well-known/beloved Psalm (the Lord is my shepherd..) and it seems the number 23 is connected to the Goddess Eris


And, what do you know, dwarf planet Eris is at 23 degrees Aries (retrograde) for the next four New Moons (!) and then in April when the New Moon kicks off the New Lunar Year at 22 degrees (Aries), Eris is back to 22 degrees Aries, too! What celestial magic is this! I am going to have to do more research into this - right now I am connecting Eris to chaos/disorder/the discontent that stirs change/sometimes trouble. She catalyzes shocks to our system via our troublemaker/whistle blower/terrorist energies, but it seems she is actually more the potential for a new kind of solution than the actual cause of the trouble - which is just what she exposes. 

We were all born with Eris in Aries. 


We don't know what Aries would feel like/be without Eris! Or what Eris will be like/feel like without Aries!


She seems to represent a space in our chart/life where we can easily get caught up in strife and discord - that "go it alone" Aries house, where Chiron is currently working his magic.


Eris was the Goddess whose toss of the golden apple was blamed for the start of the Trojan War that ultimately destroyed the relationship of men and their Gods. More research is needed. I suspect she connects back to the primordial chaos that was the universe before order, so much bigger than the apple story (yes, another female tale of blame and destruction via an apple - what's up with that?!). We will get back to this. 

For now, we have a HUGE New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. 


The Moon and Sun are conjunct the South Node and exactly trining Eris and semi-sextile Pluto. They are conjunct Mercury who is exactly trining Mars and conjunct Eris. The Moon/Sun are squaring Neptune. The ruler of this lunation, Jupiter, is in his detriment in Capricorn, sandwiched between Pluto and Saturn. He is exactly sextiling Venus. It's all hands on deck! 

Let's unpack the chart.

The Moon/Sun are together at 23 degrees Sagittarius. This will represent a different area of life for different people, depending on what house holds 23 degrees Sagittarius in your natal/progressed charts. Collectively, Sagittarius rules our 9th house and mundane things like - travel, higher education, weddings, politics, legal issues, the media, publishing, foreigners, everything outside our comfort zone, exploration, our beliefs and higher thinking. It is our highest use of fire/boldly going where no woman or man has gone before - THE QUEST.

Happening on the South Node of the Moon makes this a Solar Eclipse (karmic event tied to the past), happening so near to the South Node (19 degrees) makes this a Total Solar Eclipse. Eclipses are part of cycles called Saros Cycles and repeat every 18 years - this particular Eclipse is the 23rd (!) Eclipse in Saros Cycle 142. In ancient times, Solar Eclipses were said to speak of the 'death of the king'. In the United States we have the Electoral College meeting and casting their votes (which legally determine last month's election outcome) during the actual Eclipse - although Eclipse events often play out before/after the actual Eclipse. This Eclipse and its aftermath is impacting Queen Elizabeth II quite strongly, whose natal chart is composed of an amazing number of 20-24 degree energies including her 21 degree Cappy Ascendant/South Node conjunction. What a chart she has!


And, of course, every ending ushers in a NEW beginning which is what New Moons are all about. What was happening in your life 18 years ago? Where were you in 2002? You might see a connection to what is happening now. 


So, we get a cosmic reset, much like a computer being turned off and back on and the program that uploads at restart is a little bit (or quite a lot) different than the one we ran on before. Eclipses change us, and we (vibrating differently) change our circumstances by attracting or repelling what our new self lines up with. 

Eclipses can eclipse something out or bring something to light or alternately cover it up and then the New Moon seeding will activate the promise of any slow moving transit currently present in our life.


The Moon/Sun are conjunct Mercury (in Sag) - bringing good news/information - this is waning, so has likely already happened. This is a reason for greater optimism. Hope. Maybe the greener pastures come within view. Mercury is trining Mars, so this is REQUIRING ACTION on our part. This is not a time to be waiting. We are the one we have been waiting for! The actions/whatever actions we take will create the scenario where things start to fall into place. 


Mars is conjunct the U.S. natal (Sibley chart) Chiron (wounded healer). December 14th is also the date the United States will start vaccinations. Mars on the U.S. natal Chiron speaks of this, as well as this healing very deep/old woundings - remember the "event" that stoked this whole fire (the mid-January meeting of Saturn and Pluto at 22 degrees Cappy) happened on the U.S. natal asteroid Narcissus. Healings related to our collective narcissism, through Trump/through Covid. As well as the learning, which may come now and over time, that there will be some things we are going to need to just learn to live with - Chiron.

The ruler of this lunation is Jupiter, constricted in Cappy and surrounded by enemies. BUT, we know Jupiter is leaving Capricorn in just 6 days (!). Trust me, Jupiter likes Aquarius much better, so this is the strongest indication in this chart that through Eclipse events THINGS WILL IMPROVE.

We also have Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius/this Eclipse) sextiling beneficial Venus - one of the best aspects in astrology happening right on a New Moon Solar Eclipse. THIS IS MORE GOOD NEWS. Plus the New Moon makes this stronger/longer lasting than just a regular Jupiter/Venus sextile PLUS the Solar Eclipse makes this stronger/longer lasting than a regular New Moon.


What does Venus rule in your natal chart? This speaks of opportunity. Deep in Scorpio this speaks of truth/getting to the bottom of things. Relationships/finances expand. Feel good/feel better. Things are mutually beneficial.

The Moon/Sun are exactly trining volatile Eris who BRINGS OUT WHAT IS HIDDEN IN THE SYSTEM - these changes/discord/strife bringing us into this new quest/new energy. And alternately the new quest/new energy creating change/discord in our lives. Keep in mind trines are smooth aspects - things fall into place. The brakes are off. The train cannot be stopped. We are going to be working this story for the next few months. Here we go!

The most challenging aspect in the chart is that waning square to Neptune - no small thing, since Neptune squares can bring some dilution to the 'good' stuff. They bring confusion/delusion. Am I even reading this chart correctly? People with strong Neptunian energies might be feeling this most of all. It can also make us tired/not feeling up to the challenges ahead. Keep in mind this aspect is in the past,  IN OUR REAR-VIEW MIRROR. We will still keep one foot on the ground at all times though, because, well, even in our rear-view mirror Neptune is Neptune, but by the time of the New Moon, the inflated grandeur of something will be wearing off. This is something we are moving through/dealing with. Reality coming through. It's not all popsicles and puppies (or dragons and landmines) - we know this or we should/will.


This is an extremely powerful event for our Sagittarius planets/energies. Karmic. Fated. Collectively, in the United States we are working through "the great humbling" by releasing the old myth of American 'exceptionalism' which cannot be taken with us into the new Aquarian humanity that is beginning. We are all - everyone on this planet - exceptional and unique. We don't have to fight for that. We don't have to earn that/prove that. Attempts to try to control life/people/situations to win or to get 'our share' or best someone else will only keep us stuck in the ordinary now. The new energies will not support it. We are collectively and personally being pushed/pulled/dragged - kicking and screaming - into a relationship with collective energies that are GREATER/bigger than ourselves. 


The paradox - we can only find out how truly exceptional we are when we stop needing/trying to be so freakin' exceptional ... go figure.

Part III next as Jupiter meets Saturn in Aquarius and the world turns back on ...

xo all

Today's Astrology Forecast | Friday, December 11, 2020 - burn baby burn, taking action, our new super-powers/new dragons begin lining up to meet us, leveling up


So, here we are on the precipice of our New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius (Monday). This will be the FIRST OF FOUR(!!) New Moons  - one in each of the four ELEMENTS at 23 DEGREES - what sorcery is this?! We start with fire (light!), then earth, then air and finally water. And we kick off  Monday with the 23rd Eclipse in the Saros 142 cycle! What?!


This is what we have been talking about for years. Here we are, this is us, past the point in the game where we always died before. 


Entering a NEW level - WITHOUT all that heavy self-sabotaging karma (old authority contracts held in place by past-life traumas) with NEW super-powers (yet to be discovered), NEW dragons to fight (what would life be without dragons?!), new kinds of GOLD to be mined (what do we value now?!)

And Jupiter is going to get past Saturn once they both get into Aquarius, so the super-powers/tools will come before the dragons. Our empty hands will not remain empty for long. Our empty hands will come in handy.


Excited? Exhausted? (the Sun is squaring Neptune, we might need extra rest) How are we feeling?! And keep in mind every feeling is valid. There is nothing to be smooshed down/covered up. Everyone gets a seat at the table this year or the table gets flipped. We can take this down to a micro level. "Everyone" means every person, every emotion, every part of us/situation we had been ignoring. Can you feel that?! 

Now, after we get through all these New Moons - get this thing going/get our sea-legs, our wings, our fire-breathing dragon abilities, whatever this is for us - then we get our first New Moon of the astrological year in April - at 22 degrees Aries. Because 22 degrees can't be left open/hanging in the wind. It's too powerful. Still mega-powerful, but not so self-sabotaging!

In the meantime we have alot happening today/now/pre-Eclipse.

The Moon is in Scorpio today, making her monthly opposition to Uranus (in Taurus). This happens at 8:43AM EST. Breakthroughs/breakdowns. "Aha" moments. Transformation/chaos vs stability/stagnation. What's our jam these days? The Moon in Scorpio is intense and nurtured through intensity - what we merge (which is never truly just ours ever again), what we purge (which is never truly ours ever again), research, solving problems, getting to the bottom of things. The Moon's next stop will be Sagittarius and she will start building toward Monday's New Moon Solar Eclipse (BIG post this weekend). 


For now though, the Moon is dark. 


(we might have been able to see the Northern Lights here in New Jersey last night, but hubs and I drove to a field where we thought we might find the best view for this/most northern view and only saw distant holiday decorations and our usual cast of celestial characters - we could feel the electricity though. Maybe. Or we might just have been shivering from the cold and, also, we were starving - I made hot cocoa then forgot our cups on the kitchen counter. Note to self - stop saying, "I will make one" and just buy a freaking scarf and slow your roll, life is better with cocoa.)

The BIG news today, the Sun (at 19 degrees Sagittarius) is trining Mars (in Aries) and opposing the North Node (exactly conjunct AND parallel the South Node). 


This is a fiery Sun TRINING (the best aspect in astrology) a fiery Mars - in his home sign for only a few more weeks! HERE is our motivation to move forward. This is courage/confidence. This is a trine, so our next best step is smooth/uncomplicated. 

The Sun is conjunct the South Node - where we are and more importantly what we are leaving behind. Here is the point of no return with something. We either take it to the next step - what comes after Sag, but our ambitious Cappy mountain goat - or we let it go/burn it up. Finish it up. There is no in-between here. Passivity breeds depression/regret at times like this.

The skies are dark, and the Moon is waning. In some ways this is more about what needs to go, BUT it is through our forward action that whatever needs to go gets left behind. 


Everyone gets a seat at the table, but not everyone/everything gets a seat at our table.


Take the bull by the horns now. And you already know what bull and what horns. This is Sagittarius, the place where the ripest fruit is found out on the limb. We might have to stretch a little bit. Do SOMETHING/anything with this. Action. Action. Action.


Life/your muses/your ancestors can use whatever action you take to move you FORWARD! 


Don't overthink this.


This won't be some big complicated thing and if it feels like it needs to be - because we have been procrastinating or whatever this is - then take the first step. If there is really no action you need to take - write down some things you need to leave behind - old beliefs - and burn the strips of paper. 


Walk away from the ashes. Don't look back.

xo all - back with a BIG Eclipse post this weekend!

photo by the amazing thefirebomb

Today's Astrology Forecast | Tuesday, December 8th, 2020 - a day to make the effort, get it done, opportunities, your words are your superpower



The Moon is Virgo is having an easier time of it today. Our efforts with work, our health, getting organized, cleaning things up, stepping into responsibilities, dealing with authority, finding practical solutions or results will be more accessible/apparent via an opportunistic sextile with Venus (in Scorpio) followed by the Moon's smooth trines (brakes off) to the powerful Cappy planets - Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn. 


She goes void this evening off that final trine at 5:35PM EST and is void until she moves into balance/partnership favoring Libra at 7:01PM EST.


(by Thursday the Moon in Libra will be squaring these same Cappy planets EST, so take advantage of today's energies as best you can)

The Moon is waning today so most helpful with our efforts to wrap something up/finish it. Results can come in now.

I was thinking last night while working on the upcoming Jupiter/Saturn conjunction of how I once used declinations (the planets movements north and south of the equator) with charts, but since my ephemeris dropped them a few years back, it seems I did, too (plus adding in the new planets/asteroids has been enough to stay busy with)


When I checked for today - Mercury and Pluto were parallel, so I thought I'd toss a few words in here about that and we can see if it seems to fit - anytime I mention parallel or contra-parallel going forward you will know this is what I am speaking of (north/south equator positions because the skies are not flat like our printed charts are) and see if it is helpful.


Mercury parallel Pluto seems especially important this week with all the Gemini (North Node), Aries (Mars) and Venus (Scorpio) action answering to them plus last week's Eclipse in Gemini. This also seems to echo something I was recently writing about here, but I can't remember what! 


Mercury/Pluto makes our words more powerful. Transformative. We need to think about what we are thinking about. Think twice/speak once. That sort of thing. Dotted lines are signed. Important paperwork/financial dealings. Intimate conversations. Secrets can be languaged and spoken out loud. Excellent energy for getting to the bottom of things/solving old problems. Difficult conversations create deeper levels of intimacy now. On the downside - our thinking could get more pessimistic, so watch for that. Also battles for mental supremacy and mind games are possible. People prone to verbal manipulations can be highly effective. Careless language (disrespect for ourselves and others) and our careless treatment of other people's words (and their reaction to ours) can be karmic.


Keep  this stuff in mind as well as the Virgo/Cappy today. Use what is helpful and (as always, since I am never advising to replace your own eyes/mind with mine) disregard what isn't.

xo all

photo by the talented quadratiges