Did Project Runway accidentally thought-seed a pandemic | a quick hop down the rabbit-hole


Since we are in the Eclipse spin-cycle with Neptune squaring the nodes - why not jump fully into the rabbit-hole for a quick astro adventure. 


It's warm down here, there are friendly bunnies and chocolate, I wouldn't let us down and forget that 


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On March 28, 2019, yes, one year BEFORE the infamous March 2020 lock-downs - a contestant on the reality/design competition show Project Runway - a designer named KOVID - introduced his mask-matching outfit to the judges. The next day he posted an Instagram pic of his creation by saying he was "killing it".


Let's take a brief look at the chart!



I've added my tested stand-ins for the virus - Pandora (pandemic), Pan (the panic) and Wuhan. Keep in mind Pandora and Wuhan are conjunct on Algol (considered by the ancients to be the worst of the worst of the fixed stars) in the U.S. Sibley chart - we talked about that HERE.

So, as this episode was airing (I would assume, since this is a fairly popular international show on Bravo TV that has been on for a few years - a sizeable audience was watching) we have the Sun conjunct asteroid Pandora (6th house health). We have Uranus (chaos/the unexpected/the future) conjunct Asteroid Pan (on the DC). We have chart ruler Venus in Pisces (the sign of viruses/no boundaries/pandemics) as well as Mercury and Neptune who are EXACTLY conjunct. Mars (always a trigger) is conjunct fixed star Algol. Pluto sits at the 22 degrees where "time runs out" and Asteroid Wuhan exacting trining (brakes off) the North Node of Fate - we know this doesn't end well!


(although maybe it did for Kovid that night, I'm not sure)


The infamous 2020 meetup of Saturn and Pluto hasn't happened yet, but here they are both direct with Saturn (reality) on a collision course with Pluto (death). BUT first Pluto and then Saturn stations retrograde - delaying their meeting/the"death postponed". Until 2020.

Reminiscent of the Simpson's announcing Trump's Presidency (among other things and maybe I should look at that astro), I thought it might be interesting to think about what this could mean (and how I might get Heidi Klum to talk about me winning the lottery). But maybe let's not think too hard or too long on a cold Tuesday night if thoughts of a holographic universe (life as an illusion) or glitches in the matrix or maybe just our very human ability to see what we are looking for (although there are 360 places/degrees these celestial bodies could be, so it is more than a little interesting where they show up here) - might just leave us tossing and turning ....

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