Today's Astrology Forecast | Monday, December 7th, 2020 - tending to what needs care and connection, health situations, work situations, tension between the big picture/optimism and the practical details


The Moon is in practical Virgo now. Today brings the challenges to this. Tomorrow the easier energies.

She trined a retrograde Uranus while we slept (3:45AM EST), squares Virgo ruler Mercury at 6:24AM EST, squares the Sun at 7:36PM EST and finally opposes Neptune at 10:45PM EST. All in a day's work for our girl in Virgo - plan for a hot bath and cup of hot cocoa tonight, folks! We will need it.

The Moon in Virgo tends to analyze what we are feeling. That square to the Sun is our monthly Last Quarter Square. A final adjustment to last week's Full Moon Lunar Eclipse before next week's New Moon Solar Eclipse. 


Sag/Virgo - mutable fire vs mutable earth. The big-picture good feels vs the actual details of the situation. We need to take care of what we have to take care of here - the daily stuff/our health/our work - the Virgo - and this is somehow challenging to the Sagittarius enthusiasm/or our beliefs. How do we feel about our service/health/our work/daily routine in relation to our Sagittarius (ie Sag house theme, hope, enthusiasm, foreign, travel, beliefs, religion, legal) objectives/intents? Or maybe there is something here we have glossed over/been TOO hopeful and now we have to take care of it in a more practical way.


At the same time we have the Venus/North Node inconjunct we talked about for Monday HERE with a kind of similar feel to it.  


By tomorrow our practical Moon will be all smooth trines and sextiles, but today's tension/frustration cannot be avoided. It's needed to GET us to the smooth trines and sextiles (opportunities). Looking for a way through today's struggles, we see Ceres is sextiling Black Moon Lilith. So there is an opportunity here to heal an old situation we maybe haven't wanted to deal with. Pray. Connect. Meditate. Tend to what needs care and connection.


xo all

photo by the talented MATZU

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