Today's Astrology Forecast | Tuesday, December 1, 2020 - a turning point month, Mercury into Sagittarius, transitioning to a wider/higher view, don't make a mountain out of a molehill today


This week kicked off with our annual Gemini Full Moon - this year a partial Lunar Eclipse. We talked about that HERE. The next Eclipse is a BIG Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on December 14th (the past comes back and then says good-bye). 


We are in between Eclipses now - in the spin cycle - almost anything can happen! 

The Moon is void ALL DAY today as she prepares to come home to Cancer tonight. 


Rest if you can (especially if you were particularly exhausted/wired the other day - we had a powerful solar flare, still lingering). Do routine work. Don't launch anything you need something 'to come of'. Time gets stretchy and wonky.

After Mercury's Cappy sextiles of the last few days - opportunities through serious conversations, paperwork, intense information - now he/she (as us) flies into Sagittarius until December 20th. 


Mercury rules our minds, thinking, communication, the process and physical means of getting things from point A to point B including commerce, our local environment, our siblings, our tech hardware, our transportation - now he/she comes up from the depths of Scorpio and moves into the "sky's-the-limit" space of Sagittarius.

The scope of information available to us broadens


All the little details we have been immersed in during Mercury's transit through Scorpio fade from view a bit. It's like we have applied a wide angle lens to our camera. There is more to see (know) but less to specifically look at.

Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter) is optimistic energy. So those big bodacious ideas will carry us further now. People will be thinking and talking BIG. Making BIG plans. Using BIG persuasive, language. It's a good time to sell your "whatever it is", but also a good time to be sold a bill of goods. Keep in mind that words and information could mislead us as our focus moves away from those pesky details and onto the larger landscape.

Sag's mutable energy is rather boundless and stretchy. This can be a good thing. Sometimes a very good thing. But it can also have its drawbacks. The fly in the ointment - always a fly in there even as the weather grows frosty. Damn flies.

Sagittarius is the great teacher/sage. The archer rules wisdom and philosophy. This is a good time to take something we are interested in to a higher level. Sagittarius rules our collective 9th house (plus the house in your chart with Sagittarius on the cusp!) so communications and information could focus on 9th house themes - legal issues, foreign issues, higher education, travel, religion, weddings, politics, the media, marketing.

Any planets you have in your Sagittarius ruled house will host a meet-up with Mercury over the next few weeks. Since Mercury's archetype is the 'fleet-footed messenger' and 'the magician' the more Sagittarius points and planets in your natal chart the more mental activity and Mercurian transformation you can likely expect. Our planets in the other mutable signs - Gemini, Virgo, Pisces - will be impacted by squares and oppositions.


Keep in mind the void Moon today coupled with Mercury's widening of our view could see us making a mountain out of a molehill. We are in the Eclipse portal - our semi-annual trip through the galactic spin cycle. The Eclipse was in Gemini, Mercury (ruler of Gemini) changes signs today and Mercury rules our North Node way forward now - watch what you are saying/thinking. Words are very powerful now. With everything we say/think/write we are casting our SPELL. Lining ourselves up with the future. 


What are you agreeing to/deciding/signing off on? Who do you want to be now? 


The Moon is waning - finishing up. We should be, too. Big changes coming folks!

xo all

photo by the talented Jana Cleve

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