Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, December 23, 2020 - hurtful words, pressure, when push comes to shove what do we do, working with power, clearing the decks


The Moon is in Aries now - we are nurtured/nourished by action, time alone, men (among other things, this seems like enough to state - we can all find something here I think). She will square Pluto at 5:26PM EST and meet up with Mars 14 minutes later. Of course, this means Mars is squaring Pluto, too. For the third and final time, and we know this already, but here is its most exactness. 


To make this all even more challenging - Mercury is also squaring wounded healer Chiron, so words/information can hurt (or maybe we get news that someone is sick). Think twice/speak once. We will all be feeling the pressure.

We had a Mars/Pluto square on August 13th and again on October 9th - this one is the wrap-up by virtue of being the last one. The final Cappy 2020 square that finishes up (in a way) these major power struggles. Our actions/independence vs the power structure/the power machinations we can't see. Trump (Mars on his ascendant, his Presidency's activation of the U.S. Mars) vs Congress - in a very literal way today with the stimulus package. 


Mars is powerful in his home sign and Pluto is, well Pluto is Pluto. Expect intense competition and unbridled ambition. Manipulations. Obsessions. Jealousy. Your power could be challenged or you could be the one doing the calling out.

Keep a focus on what you are trying to accomplish and how important whatever is happening actually is. Do you really need to win here? The fight about the parking space will not be a fight about a parking place, but about every other time someone has taken something you thought you should have. Keep this in mind. The other person will be feeling the same energy, too, so things can get out of control quickly.

If you are "waked" this is the time to think about why this situation is "triggering" you. If we are repressing anger/passion/strong urges - here's where the lid comes off and this stuff will get played out through other people.

If your kid is tossing a crazy fit - think about what you are repressing!


Squares denote tension and crisis and create change. Plutonian changes are permanent. The ground has been scorched and there is no going back. Very deep issues can be challenged and put to bed. The bed won't be covered in rose petals, but at least the struggle with this one will be over.


So, if the tension is a minor thing (the parking lot space as an example) - take a breath, channel some higher ground and live to fight another day. Pluto does rule death, folks. And being squashed by an irate driver doesn't sound like how we want to spend the day before Christmas Eve, right?

On the other hand maybe we really DO need to win/stand up for ourselves here - and for many this could be a work/career situation - if this is the case, we will probably not be able to just dis-engage.  

Where do I need to stand up for myself? How can I focus my will? How do I express anger? How do I work with power? When is my anger out of proportion to the situation?

Avoid unnecessary run ins with the boss/authority because THEY WILL WIN. If you are the boss/authority avoid making other people feel threatened because YOU WILL LOSE in the long run. And we are playing a long game here. Keep this in mind.

Anger can be a “negative” emotion,  when perverted into rage or violence or when it is repressed, so that it squeezes out sideways in passive-aggressive responses and actions.

But anger is passion, too. We can't get angry if we don't care. Passion is the energy of creation - passion makes the world. Anger is a similar energy alerting us to the need to remake our world when our creation has gone wrong. Think - Frankenstein. Let's try to stay conscious.

And get some physical exercise. Mars needs to move. If there is something you need to literally rip apart/dismantle - this would be good energy for that.


The Moon will move into Taurus tomorrow and start squaring Jupiter and Saturn - freshly housed in Aquarius - so we will get to feel what that will be. Back tomorrow.

xo all

photo by the talented Nick Sachos

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