Today's Astrology Forecast | Friday, December 11, 2020 - burn baby burn, taking action, our new super-powers/new dragons begin lining up to meet us, leveling up


So, here we are on the precipice of our New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius (Monday). This will be the FIRST OF FOUR(!!) New Moons  - one in each of the four ELEMENTS at 23 DEGREES - what sorcery is this?! We start with fire (light!), then earth, then air and finally water. And we kick off  Monday with the 23rd Eclipse in the Saros 142 cycle! What?!


This is what we have been talking about for years. Here we are, this is us, past the point in the game where we always died before. 


Entering a NEW level - WITHOUT all that heavy self-sabotaging karma (old authority contracts held in place by past-life traumas) with NEW super-powers (yet to be discovered), NEW dragons to fight (what would life be without dragons?!), new kinds of GOLD to be mined (what do we value now?!)

And Jupiter is going to get past Saturn once they both get into Aquarius, so the super-powers/tools will come before the dragons. Our empty hands will not remain empty for long. Our empty hands will come in handy.


Excited? Exhausted? (the Sun is squaring Neptune, we might need extra rest) How are we feeling?! And keep in mind every feeling is valid. There is nothing to be smooshed down/covered up. Everyone gets a seat at the table this year or the table gets flipped. We can take this down to a micro level. "Everyone" means every person, every emotion, every part of us/situation we had been ignoring. Can you feel that?! 

Now, after we get through all these New Moons - get this thing going/get our sea-legs, our wings, our fire-breathing dragon abilities, whatever this is for us - then we get our first New Moon of the astrological year in April - at 22 degrees Aries. Because 22 degrees can't be left open/hanging in the wind. It's too powerful. Still mega-powerful, but not so self-sabotaging!

In the meantime we have alot happening today/now/pre-Eclipse.

The Moon is in Scorpio today, making her monthly opposition to Uranus (in Taurus). This happens at 8:43AM EST. Breakthroughs/breakdowns. "Aha" moments. Transformation/chaos vs stability/stagnation. What's our jam these days? The Moon in Scorpio is intense and nurtured through intensity - what we merge (which is never truly just ours ever again), what we purge (which is never truly ours ever again), research, solving problems, getting to the bottom of things. The Moon's next stop will be Sagittarius and she will start building toward Monday's New Moon Solar Eclipse (BIG post this weekend). 


For now though, the Moon is dark. 


(we might have been able to see the Northern Lights here in New Jersey last night, but hubs and I drove to a field where we thought we might find the best view for this/most northern view and only saw distant holiday decorations and our usual cast of celestial characters - we could feel the electricity though. Maybe. Or we might just have been shivering from the cold and, also, we were starving - I made hot cocoa then forgot our cups on the kitchen counter. Note to self - stop saying, "I will make one" and just buy a freaking scarf and slow your roll, life is better with cocoa.)

The BIG news today, the Sun (at 19 degrees Sagittarius) is trining Mars (in Aries) and opposing the North Node (exactly conjunct AND parallel the South Node). 


This is a fiery Sun TRINING (the best aspect in astrology) a fiery Mars - in his home sign for only a few more weeks! HERE is our motivation to move forward. This is courage/confidence. This is a trine, so our next best step is smooth/uncomplicated. 

The Sun is conjunct the South Node - where we are and more importantly what we are leaving behind. Here is the point of no return with something. We either take it to the next step - what comes after Sag, but our ambitious Cappy mountain goat - or we let it go/burn it up. Finish it up. There is no in-between here. Passivity breeds depression/regret at times like this.

The skies are dark, and the Moon is waning. In some ways this is more about what needs to go, BUT it is through our forward action that whatever needs to go gets left behind. 


Everyone gets a seat at the table, but not everyone/everything gets a seat at our table.


Take the bull by the horns now. And you already know what bull and what horns. This is Sagittarius, the place where the ripest fruit is found out on the limb. We might have to stretch a little bit. Do SOMETHING/anything with this. Action. Action. Action.


Life/your muses/your ancestors can use whatever action you take to move you FORWARD! 


Don't overthink this.


This won't be some big complicated thing and if it feels like it needs to be - because we have been procrastinating or whatever this is - then take the first step. If there is really no action you need to take - write down some things you need to leave behind - old beliefs - and burn the strips of paper. 


Walk away from the ashes. Don't look back.

xo all - back with a BIG Eclipse post this weekend!

photo by the amazing thefirebomb


Christine said...

Your post makes me feel hopeful/excited for these new energies. Something I haven't felt in a long while. The solar eclipse on Monday is conjunct my natal Uranus in my third house? Any ideas? I'm partly excited, partly terrified.

Catherine Ivins said...

Hi Christine - sorry this popped into spam for some reason! 3rd house Uranus is kind of like having Mercury in Aquarius - outside the box thinking at the very least. Hive mind access. Needing to express yourself/communicate in unique ways. The eclipse would reset that connection I would think. Maybe activate one month earlier - near 11/11 - or later near 1/11 if not on the eclipse date and then play out over time. This was a very positive eclipse - what house does Uranus rule in your natal - Aquarius house - because eclipse events could show up there and that house will be in major play over the next year!