Weekly Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of December 6th -13th, 2020 - the Eclipse spin cycle continues! BIG karmic endings/lessons, BIG karmic beginnings, old issues getting sorted out, opportunities abound now, take action


MONDAY - Venus inconjunct North Node

WEDNESDAY - Sun square Neptune

THURSDAY - Venus sextile Pluto

FRIDAY - Sun trine Mars and oppose the North Node

SATURDAY - Mars sextile the North Node

SUNDAY - Mercury square Mars

The Eclipse spin cycle continues! Between the Lunar Eclipse in Gemini (November 30th) and the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius (December 14th) - life is determined to spit us out in quite a different state than when we went in. 


What is happening in your life? I would guess it is something BIG. 


Old issues have a way of coming back around during Eclipse cycles to be sorted out/put to bed. New situations arrive with big ramifications. Some of these old issues are childhood/familial DNA/past lives, so we may or may not be totally aware of the importance of what is happening now. Old debts are coming due/being marked paid in full, so we can MOVE ON. An old life is fading to black.

People are often telling me about the things that are falling apart, but the truth is whether something is falling apart or coming together DEPENDS WHERE YOU ARE LOOKING. If you are looking at the old structures/what used to support you/maybe even who you used to be - you are going to see what is falling apart. 

But isn't there some place else you can be looking? We are in Sagittarius season. I think there is!


MONDAY - Venus, at 19 degrees Scorpio, inconjuncts the North Node at 19 degrees Gemini. 


Scorpio/Gemini. Gemini is our mutable air sign - it stays detached from the information it gathers, so it can move from this thing to that thing quickly. This way of going through life is unavailable to intense Scorpio (our fixed water sign), so seems unimportant/frivolous to Scorp. It's really the nuts and bolts of things (we have a real appreciation of the little things that make up our lives now, don't we?), and, of course, Scorpio makes things a little more real than Gemini actually wants to deal with. These energies form a rock and a hard place. We need to adjust. On the one hand here is this really important thing I want/want to do/be there for and on the other hand here is the stuff I have to do/where I need to be/these errands/this small stuff. We have to balance this stuff out today. Do our best with it.

WEDNESDAY - the Sun at 18 degrees Sagittarius squares Neptune at 18 degrees Pisces. 


This aspect can bring about confusion/deception/rose-colored glasses. Maybe our addictions/escape mechanisms/self-sabotaging avoidances are on display. This might be our Sag house being undermined by our Pisces house. Squares to Neptune can make us tired/sad, keep this in mind. BUT happening pretty much right on top of the South Node (what is releasing) and during an Eclipse cycle, the stuff that Neptune is impacting - dissolving/fading - can be exactly what needs to GO. We have to trust this because it may or may not be so easy to see this. 


Keep in mind the Sun is going to trine Mars this week and Mars is going to sextile the North Node, so we need to keep our focus on reality/what we have to do or can do right now. MARS in ARIES is what is driving this train. 


BIG karmic endings and BIG karmic beginnings are happening ALL MONTH.

THURSDAY - Venus, at 23 degrees Scorpio now, sextiles Pluto at 23 degrees Capricorn.


Remember Venus is deep in Scorpio, a sign of her detriment since she rules Scorpio's polarity sign of Taurus. But, now OPPORTUNITY as she sextiles Scorpio's ruler Pluto, deep in practical/realistic Capricorn. This is intense. Here's our power. I was wondering where I put my power?! Stepping into our authority. Our goals. Committing.

FRIDAY - the Sun at 19 degrees Sagittarius trines Mars at 19 degrees Aries and opposes the North Node at 19 degrees Gemini

The Sun is sitting on the South Node now and trining a brave/new Mars in Aries - a great big spotlight on what has ended/is ending and how that ending has brought us to where we are right now. We are releasing the old story/beliefs - whatever has completed - and moving smoothly/easily into our next right actions.

SATURDAY - now Mars, at 19 degrees Aries sextiles the North Node at 19 degrees Gemini

Our actions are lining us up with the future. If an opportunity comes along now grab it. Be brave. Take action. WE ARE MOTIVATED TO MOVE ON!

SUNDAY - Mercury reaches 18 degrees Sagittarius and squares Neptune

So, we end the week with Mercury doing what the Sun did at the start of the week. Maybe here is the information/the facts that doesn't line up with the illusion/delusion. Plans might not materialize exactly as we had hoped. There is some possibility of disappointment here. AND because Mercury rules the North Node, there is a deeper/subplot that is really the actual plot, but everyone won't be able to see it. Again karmic releases. Whatever is leaving has to leave. Whatever doesn't work out isn't meant to be right now. For many people the stuff that is leaving is already gone, maybe even long gone. The vacuum that has been created by the emptying is activated. Squares are tension/frustration. This won't be comfortable, but with Mercury ruling the North Node, getting real about this stuff is necessary.

I'll be back to add in the Moons and we'll talk about the MEGA Solar Eclipse on December 14th in Part II of December 2020!! 


It's an incredibly important week as we build toward the Solar Eclipse - even the little things we are doing/thinking/saying can make major ripples/cut very old cords that are holding us back. Past life PTSDs getting cleared up. Almost everything we are running into/dealing with - is karmic now. Be brave. Hold on loosely. Intend for what you need to go to be finished with you.

xo all

photo by the talented MilliganVick

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