Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, December 31, 2020 - the day before hindsight really does become 2020



The Moon, at home in Cancer now and waning from her full glory on Tuesday night, opposes Pluto at 3:10AM EST and then goes void off a square to Mars at 8:44AM EST. She is void of course until 1:59PM when she moves into fun-loving, generous and ego-driven Leo (just in time for New Year's Eve). From Leo, the Sun's sign, she will oppose Saturn in Aquarius (for the first time) at 4:56PM EST and a couple hours later, 7:05PM EST oppose Jupiter - also for the first time in Aquarius. 

That square to Mars feels uncomfortable. Home/family vs independence/action. Then the Leo/Aqua oppositions certainly sound like those fun plans for New Year's Eve are blocked by those powerful Aqua forces (our commitment to the collective, rules/limits). Aquarius rules the internet, so surely some kind of different fun can be found there!


The news here in the U.S. will almost surely be on fire all weekend and into next week because transiting Mars is now squaring the United States natal Pluto (uber activated already) - also see that Moon in Cancer - opposing Pluto and squaring Mars - from the sign of the United States Sun and Mercury - something BIG is brewing here. Trump, that Mars incarnate, has cut short his vacation and is on his way back to Washington. Expect FIREWORKS and these aspects will lead us into Tuesday's BIG pow-wow of Mercury/Pluto. What will be destroyed/dug up??


Today is also the day, and we talked about this in the Full Moon post, but only briefly - Venus crosses the South Node (19 degrees Sagittarius) and then squares Vesta (20 degrees Virgo). 


Venus/South Node is some kind of Venusian wrap-up/result - in the United States it looks like this includes something like: do not pass GO, do not collect $2000. Relationship, resource, financial, self-esteem - something isn't going with us into the New Year and Venus is seeing to that. This is old karmic stuff. The South Node is in Sagittarius - our beliefs/hopes - something here is released as we move toward those Gemini facts and figures. Stay curious. Stay flexible. Keep your eyes/ears open.

Off the South Node, Venus immediately squares Vesta in Virgo. Vesta is our intense focus/what keeps us up at night. In Virgo, she is probably trying to fix something that is broken/imperfect or focused on health (which is obviously part of this) or maybe too fussy over the details of something. Venus is in Sag - seeking adventure, being all easy come/easy go, maybe a little too "know-it-all". The square to Vesta shakes her (as us) up. What's most important now? What keeps us up at night now? Vesta in Virgo, pulls us into 2021 insisting we focus on our health. Physical, financial, relationship. But Venus has her say, too - she still needs breadth of scope, in Sag wants to do the right thing AND live large, can drag our focus away from that broken thingamajig and toward some greener grass over there. Maybe life isn't "a daring adventure or nothing at all" (what's that quote?) or maybe it is. 


What do we want our life to be?


January's post is next and if we thought December 31st was putting anything to bed, most especially us, we might need to buy some stronger coffee. 

xo all

(note the North Node - which Venus opposes now - is at 19 degrees Gemini, the degree of a big June 10, 2021 Eclipse which activates on May 10th - so something about what is happening now could be important then) photo by the talented Amanda-Diaz

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