Today's Astrology Forecast | Tuesday, December 8th, 2020 - a day to make the effort, get it done, opportunities, your words are your superpower



The Moon is Virgo is having an easier time of it today. Our efforts with work, our health, getting organized, cleaning things up, stepping into responsibilities, dealing with authority, finding practical solutions or results will be more accessible/apparent via an opportunistic sextile with Venus (in Scorpio) followed by the Moon's smooth trines (brakes off) to the powerful Cappy planets - Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn. 


She goes void this evening off that final trine at 5:35PM EST and is void until she moves into balance/partnership favoring Libra at 7:01PM EST.


(by Thursday the Moon in Libra will be squaring these same Cappy planets EST, so take advantage of today's energies as best you can)

The Moon is waning today so most helpful with our efforts to wrap something up/finish it. Results can come in now.

I was thinking last night while working on the upcoming Jupiter/Saturn conjunction of how I once used declinations (the planets movements north and south of the equator) with charts, but since my ephemeris dropped them a few years back, it seems I did, too (plus adding in the new planets/asteroids has been enough to stay busy with)


When I checked for today - Mercury and Pluto were parallel, so I thought I'd toss a few words in here about that and we can see if it seems to fit - anytime I mention parallel or contra-parallel going forward you will know this is what I am speaking of (north/south equator positions because the skies are not flat like our printed charts are) and see if it is helpful.


Mercury parallel Pluto seems especially important this week with all the Gemini (North Node), Aries (Mars) and Venus (Scorpio) action answering to them plus last week's Eclipse in Gemini. This also seems to echo something I was recently writing about here, but I can't remember what! 


Mercury/Pluto makes our words more powerful. Transformative. We need to think about what we are thinking about. Think twice/speak once. That sort of thing. Dotted lines are signed. Important paperwork/financial dealings. Intimate conversations. Secrets can be languaged and spoken out loud. Excellent energy for getting to the bottom of things/solving old problems. Difficult conversations create deeper levels of intimacy now. On the downside - our thinking could get more pessimistic, so watch for that. Also battles for mental supremacy and mind games are possible. People prone to verbal manipulations can be highly effective. Careless language (disrespect for ourselves and others) and our careless treatment of other people's words (and their reaction to ours) can be karmic.


Keep  this stuff in mind as well as the Virgo/Cappy today. Use what is helpful and (as always, since I am never advising to replace your own eyes/mind with mine) disregard what isn't.

xo all

photo by the talented quadratiges

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