Weekly Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of December 14th - December 20th, 2020 - HUGE shifts this week!! time to look up



I feel like the white rabbit in Alice's wonderland, "I'm late. I'm late".

MONDAY - New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, Venus sextile Jupiter, Mercury conjunct South Node

TUESDAY - Venus sextile Saturn, Venus into Sagittarius, Chiron stations direct

THURSDAY - Saturn into Aquarius

FRIDAY - Juno into Sagittarius

SATURDAY -  Jupiter into Aquarius, Mercury conjunct the Sun, Venus trine Chiron

SUNDAY - Mercury into Capricorn

A HUGE - and optimistic - New Moon Solar Eclipse this week plus no squares, no oppositions, four planets changing signs and one stationing direct - what forward-leaning magical NEW VISION is this as we head toward Jupiter and Saturn's historic meeting on the Winter Solstice (the 21st) as Mars makes his final square to powerful Pluto?! It ain't all popsicles and puppies, but there is A GIFT FOR ALL OF US in here somewhere. And I'd bet we have earned it.

MONDAY - BIG New Moon Solar Eclipse at 23 degrees Sagittarius - post HERE

TUESDAY - Venus sextiles Saturn - at the very end of Scorpio/Capricorn - then moves into Sagittarius. So, over the last month Venus has traveled all the way to the end of Scorpio and Saturn (since December 2017) has traveled all the way to the end of Cappy. Venus, in her detriment, moving through a sign that opposes one of her own and Saturn, king of the heap, strong and steady in his home territory. 


Now, they move into an opportunistic sextile - something, maybe financial/relationship/resources - concluding/moving into a new chapter on a positive note. The bottom line getting firmed up. A reward for our hard work/perseverance? Here is where a financial situation can be stabilized, maybe through old resources. Or this might speak of a relationship situation or financial situation or life/death situation - whatever we've been through 'hell' with that has confirmed in us how strong we are because WE ARE STILL HERE.

Venus moves quickly into Sagittarius. Sagittarius Suns and Ascendants (1st house cusps) get more attractive now - both able to attract what they want/need and easier on the eye. And all of us get a visit from Venus in our Sagittarius houses (what house or houses carry Venus energy in your natal chart?) and those houses get more magnetic.

Sagittarius is the sign of the archer. If we were archers - we would gather our energy. We would pull back our bow. We would take aim. We would hold our bow "in tension".

This holding position is important to landing our arrow where we intend it to go - to hit our target.

(of course, if we are in some kind of life and death battle with that arrow then I guess we just let it fly and hope for the best, but most situations we are facing are not quite so dire)

The same way an archer's "in tension" allows her arrow to hit her mark, our own "intentions" release our energy where we need it to go. Intentions are not wishes; they are not hopes - wanting to do something is 180 degrees from intending to do it. Intention releases the potential that makes things happen.

So, we have Venus (love, women, beauty, what we value, our self esteem, money) moving into the sign of "potential".

The search we began when Venus dove into Scorpio continues. But now instead of looking at the stuff that is underneath, the underpinnings none of us really want to look at, she looks way out into the horizon at the stuff we might one day meet up with.

Sagittarius is the sign of hope, optimism and faith (also bullsh*t and bombast, so check yourself before you wreck yourself can apply here, too). 


Do we have faith that better days are ahead for us? Things can be different AND better.

This is also the day wounded healer Chiron stations direct. We are moving on from what hurts. Remember Chiron in Aries healing requires action/independence/bravery. We are still covering old ground, but we aren't just sitting here/wallowing/waiting. Progress will start to be made. Chiron is in Aries for a few more years so we are still dealing with very old (even familial DNA/past lives) personal insecurities, lack of independence, lack of motivation, etc, but Chiron's direct station as Venus sextiles Saturn and moves into Sag is all very supportive of the New Moon's promise that THINGS WILL GET BETTER.


On THURSDAY - Saturn exits stage left, his home sign of Capricorn, and enters stage right, his "ancient" home sign, of Aquarius (Uranus - what the hell have you done with the place?).

Saturn (limits, structure, authority) will be in Aquarius (the future, groups, humanitarianism, tech) until March 7, 2023. The last time Saturn was in Aquarius was 1991-1994 - what was happening in your life then? I had some crazy big responsibilities and powerful beginnings followed by HUGE endings. 

We start this transit with limits/rules (Saturn) with groups/our freedoms (Aquarius), chaos/disruption (Aquarius) as our new reality/structure (Saturn), but it is going to be about much more than this as we move through it. We are on the Age of Aquarius timeline now. Anything is possible as long as we have never done it before.

Looking backward, trying to do "it" the way we did "it" before (think: what Saturn collectively rules here - our careers, work in the world, government, business, structure, time, your Cappy house theme) IS NOT GOING TO WORK. Business as usual is over. Remember what we talked about in THIS post about this time of UNKNOWING. We are going to need a beginner's mind to navigate these new waters. The future will not look like the past. We are going to have to balance Saturn's need for structure, limits, supportive routines, etc with Aquarius/Uranus's need for innovation, freedom and spontaneity as we turn toward each other instead of looking for someone above us to care for us/control us. 


We will talk about this in a BIG Jupiter/Saturn post!

On FRIDAY - Following right behind Venus, Juno moves into Sagittarius. 


Our relationships/commitments/contracts should begin to feel less intense/less heavy than they did with Juno back in Scorpio. We pull ourselves out from under the microscope and apply a wide angle lens to the situation. Maybe our ideas about commitment expand/become more hopeful or idealistic. For some people, relationship justice/legal situations can be happening. Relationships/commitments that are started now are going to need to allow for some freedom/exploration for both parties or things are going to get very uncomfortable. There might be more judgement with Juno here or maybe our expectations with partners/commitments are just too high. There could be promises made that prove very hard to keep. Including her retrograde, Juno will be in Sagittarius until November 2021, so this will be a LONG transit. Good news for some relationships that will benefit from this type of energy, but if you are in a legal situation within a relationship/contract  (or in something where you are being overly optimistic/too hopeful) that story-line could take some time to play itself out.


On SATURDAY - Jupiter moves into Aquarius, Mercury meets, and then passes, the Sun (kicking off a new cycle and concluding the old one) and Venus trines Chiron.  

Venus (at 4 degrees Sag) trines a newly direct Chiron (in Aries). Can we believe Chiron is only at 4 degrees Aries after all this time?! We release the little hurts as we look toward a more hopeful future. We can more easily move through our weaknesses/vulnerabilities as we open ourselves to broader/foreign experiences. Or maybe our weaknesses/vulnerabilities (freak flag) actually opens the door to something more expansive. Love (Venus) heals (Chiron). Peace (Venus) heals (Chiron). Beauty (Venus) heals (Chiron). Women (Venus) are healing (Chiron). What supports our new vision is healing.

Mercury catches up with the Sun at 28 degrees Sagittarius. Here is TRUTH/what we need to know to move forward. Information comes in. Clarity. PAY ATTENTION.

The BIG news, Jupiter leaves Capricorn for the airier energies of Aquarius kicking off a new chapter. That pile-up of Cappy energies is NO MORE. Now, Saturn is in Aqua, too, of course and Saturn is strong here, but Jupiter is better equipped to deal with Aquarius air than Capricorn earth. This is where we are challenged to change as we open ourselves up to progress/the future. Jupiter will be in Aquarius until the end of 2021, except for a brief couple months in Pisces (his ancient home sign where he can really get his groove on) from May until July.

We are going to really dive into this in the Jupiter/Saturn - "time starts back up" - post for the Solstice! The chart is cray-cray!


On SUNDAY - Mercury gets serious/goal-oriented and heads into realistic Capricorn. So he/she got the big idea/the truth/the expansive news from the Sun (in Sag) and now he takes this information into sober Cappy to see what he/she can realistically DO WITH IT.


We didn't think Cappy energies were just going to ride off into the sunset with Saturn and Jupiter did we? We haven't even reached Capricorn season yet!


Capricorn is a serious sign. It rules the dead of winter and that indomitable mountain goat who just puts one foot in front of the other until he reaches the summit.

With Mercury (thoughts, communication, ideas) moving into Capricorn, our words will want to be taken seriously. Communications will be fact-checked. Sentences will be properly punctuated and spell checkers will be applied. Ideas will be more traditional, at least for awhile. Words that are focused and precise will be most effective now.

This isn't Mercury's favorite place to hang out - he prefers words be fast and flexible and Capricorn is the opposite of this. Words are solid and sturdy here. Flowery language isn't welcome. We mean what we say and we say what we mean. When we take our words and ideas seriously other people will, too. It's just what we need for grounding with all the fire and air and perfect timing as always!

xo all

photo by the talented CarpeSav

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