Today's astrology Forecast | Sunday, March 15, 2020 - exaggeration is the new black, reaching toward the water table, sweating into the sheets, feathering our nest

Today we have the Moon (in Sagittarius) squaring Neptune (in Pisces) at 3:51PM EDT. It is her only aspect - so more impactful than it would be otherwise - we spend the day (emotionally) building toward it and the night (emotionally) unwinding from it.

Exaggeration is the new black here.

Things will not be as they seem/feel (stay away from the news since Sag rules the media) - "the sky is falling" or something too idealistic can take hold of us - with everything going on in the world, the Henny Penny scenario is probably most likely.

Understanding/truth/our beliefs will be challenged (that square) by our imaginations/illusions.

If we are imagining some kind of worst-case scenario we have the ability to stop doing that (health/financial). Mercury is in Aquarius, for the third time in just a few weeks, so we know how to do this (!) - step back, take a breath, distance yourself a bit and remind yourself that everything will seem bigger than it really is now. Keep in mind Mercury in Aquarius's tendency to think too far ahead and bring yourself back to this moment. Hug a tree. Get your hands into some dirt. Pray. Meditate.

We have two stressful cycles uber activated right now. Unknowing and confinement. Keep in mind we are in another death-bed scenario designed for us to experience our ability to rise from our sweaty sheets and keep going. 

Let's break down today's energies because they pull us into the next couple weeks.

The unknowing. What don't we know? What if we didn't need to know all the answers RIGHT NOW? What can we learn from this experience? And keep in mind, some/most of this learning comes through our cells/bodies living through the experience. It's not about "what we do" it's about who we become. If we have a confused sense of losing our center right now - this is a sign we are seeing the world more clearly than before. Think about times in our life when we have approached situations like a newbie (unknowing). We've walked into walls, but also through doors and into totally unexpected spaces. 

The confinement. What if we could only rely on ourselves? With Chiron in Aries and squaring the Nodes this is a big part of our fear here. Imagine a tree that needs to reach down toward the water table to survive during a drought. Pushing upward and not reaching the end is naturally confining. We (as a collective and individually) have driven ourselves upward (Sag) full of confidence and optimism expecting to reach our goal - and then, we don't. We then feel trapped, exhausted by the climb and also shaken and betrayed by the way things haven't worked out as we had planned. This is a natural time to go within where we have ACCESS TO THAT WATER TABLE.

Keep in mind neither of these places - the space of unknowing and the space of confinement are places we want to stay too long. There are inherent traps here if we hang our hats. Think - the Eagles song "Hotel California". We will want to check out and we will need to leave.

But there is a reason we find ourselves here now.

Neptune solves our problems by surrounding us with fog. We can't see what to do or what is going on because it is not a time for direct action. Take care of yourself. Think about that North Node in Cancer we have been talking about all last year - coming home, creating a sanctuary, being able to appreciate our own vulnerabilities - we have feathered our nest for a reason. 

Back later with the weekly.

xo all

photo by the talented MD-Arts

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