NEW MOON in Aries | March 24, 2020 - new action, moving through uncertain times, self-healing, courage, feeling what it is like to be alone and scared so that every part of us gets a seat at the table

On TUESDAY, March 24, 2020 at 5:28AM EDT the Aries Moon meets the Aries Sun at 4 degrees giving us this month's New Moon.

This is the first New Moon of the astrological year in the take no prisoners, get fired up, let's start something NEW, "I want it now", sign of Aries.

Aries is very self sufficient. This is the energy of the individual, of "me, myself and I", so Aries can't always see the other person's side of things because if they did they wouldn't be able to take quick, decisive action and that quick decisive action is what this warrior energy is here to manifest.

At this Aries New Moon and with Mars set to retrograde in his home sign of Aries later this year, there is something here about finding out who we are, what we are made of, at what point we draw a line in the sand and how it might sometimes serve us to submit. 

And to keep in mind in this time of "group think", "herd immunity" and our "social responsibilities" we are individuals, too, and sometimes need to go our own way and do our own thing!

Let's unpack the chart!

We have the Moon and the Sun together in early Aries. Keep in mind New Moons are our times in the dark. Think seed into the ground.

They are moving toward a hook-up with Chiron and then Black Moon Lilith - the Moon within hours, the Sun within days.

Chiron speaks of us confronting a very old wounding around our self-esteem, our ability to take care of ourselves, our individualism, our ability to survive. Maybe our inherited fight or flight response is activated. If we are feeling anxious (many, many people have serious karma with trauma though their childhoods, ancestors and past lives - that is being triggered), we are going to have to find ways to deal with it (I have been watching stand-up comedy on Netflix whenever I get that tight-chest thing, like I am holding my breath when I am not holding my breath).

Chiron requires we deal with it - figure out a way to move forward with this pain and insecurity. Tapping, mindfulness training, breath-work, art, coloring, yoga, meditation, prayer, comedy, find something, but what will make it work is the practice of it. It's not going to be a one-off kind of thing.

(Yale's highly rated and extremely popular 'happiness' course is available right now for free HERE - it sounds very much in line with our Cancer/Cappy storyline. I am starting it today.)

Chiron isn't about healing in the traditional sense, this is more about learning to live with/keep going with the wound. We learn to cope. Sometimes through our coping we become like a beacon to other people with the same wounding and can help them.

We can't see what's ahead and we have to keep going anyway. We might get sick or have to care for someone who is sick and we have to keep going anyway. Chiron was a teacher/healer, so we could be looking for new things to learn/teach now. New healing modalities.

If we are healing from an actual illness over the next couple weeks - this chart looks good for healing. The Sun is exalted in Aries giving us physical strength.

The Moon is also conjunct Black Moon Lilith. This speaks of female power, taboo sexuality, rebellion, our inner outcast. She is the part of us that wants to break formation and fly in another direction. She pulls us into something unfamiliar/unsafe - not because we necessarily are unsafe, but because our physical body craves familiarity. Merging with the New Moon energy, BML (as us) might be really freaking pissed off and won't be ignored. How can we handle this kind of uncomfortable rawness without it spilling out onto other people? This is something else we are going to need ways to cope with, too. It won't be stuffed. Physical activity, putting physical energy into a passion project, even some kind of destructive creativity can help.

They are all semi-sextile Uranus (I don't usually use semi-sextiles in these Moon charts, but since it's exact and with Saturn in Aquarius now and so much pointing to Uranus, we will take a look). Reluctance to change. We are aware of this "new" with our resources/money/values, but don't know how to process it. A rock and a hard place. A need to be ourselves and also the need to be part of a group. Bottom line - this is just about adjustments and we make adjustments all the time.

They are squaring the North and South Nodes (Cancer/Capricorn).

The square to the Nodes (our collective past and future - a karmic crossroads) - and this is waning, so the exact square is in the very recent PAST - is a skipped step that we are no longer allowed to skate on by. 

Home, family, inner work and self-care vs work, worldly ambition, authority. We are standing at the crossroads. A time when food in the cupboard makes us feel safer than money in the bank. The flexible strength of vulnerability and newness vs the brittle strength of age and control (think about the way a baby who knows nothing can take a fall and get right back up and an elderly woman who knows everything can break a hip and be done for).

Now this square is a PIVOT POINT because we can stick with the old crumbling traditions/the way we have always done things that we can clearly see isn't working or we can move in a new, more authentic way forward 

(and it will feel more vulnerable, and it will be for awhile because it is new, but we are playing the long game remember this).

If the last few weeks haven't shown us the reality of this house of cards we have built on planet Earth - what is going to have to happen in the next few weeks for us to understand this?

The nodal stories can become VERY LITERAL as we start to move through their final weeks. It's like the lunar energies are desperate to help us get on the best timeline for our next chapter!

A Cardinal T-square shows a clear and compelling need for a new start - action/to deal with this karmic skipped step.

So we start this New Moon (new emotional chapter) from the space of taking new action because of this square. Tension. Frustration. Pivoting. Adjusting.

The Sun and Moon are sextile (opportunity) Hygeia who is squaring Mercury (I feel like Mercury in Pisces here speaks of the spread of the dis-ease and the fear/death anxiety and foggy information) and also semi-sextile Uranus (again, the change, the future, the rock and a hard place between us as an individual and our place within a group).

Hygeia (discovered by Annibale de Gasparis in Naples, Italy in 1849) was classified an asteroid until, at the very end of 2019, astronomers using a very, very large telescope revealed her roundness - which I guess is the difference between asteroid and dwarf planet, how interesting - and now she is expected to be re-classified as a dwarf planet (I would give this girl some respect and get working on that ASAP astronomers!) - since she is larger than Ceres (dwarf planet).

Interesting that this new calculation was right around the time this new corona-virus was getting started in China.

Named for the Greek Goddess, Hygeia, daughter of Asclepius, the 'Father of Medicine', who learnt his trade from Chiron - Hygeia is a healing Goddess, rules hygiene (I am thinking of her when I am washing my hands these days), healing through sleep/rest and since she was in Libra when discovered, probably something about healing through a life of 'balanced and fair living'. Maybe more associated to the sustaining of health and the prevention of illness rather than a cure. In Roman mythology she was named Valetudo (great-granddaughter of Jupiter and one of the Moons of Jupiter).

Mars, ruler of Aries and this lunation is just past his meeting with Pluto in Capricorn. He is conjunct Pluto, Jupiter and Pallas (not shown). This is as big and as powerful as he gets. Extreme measures. Power moves. Anger. Passion. Physical action (Mars) is transformational (Pluto). Excellent energy for a clean slate - and every definition of 'clean' probably applies here.

Mercury in Pisces (and covering these degrees for the third time) - he/she has alot to do with the way this virus, both the dis-ease and the fear/death anxiety is spreading - is squaring Hygeia, so a health crisis, tension, frustration, a lack of boundaries, the need for some collective pivots to move toward healing. And keep in mind Hygeia (unlike her sister Goddesses) does not heal through cure or remedy but through practices - hygiene, balance, sleep. This is a Gemini/Pisces square - facts vs fantasy, local vs infinite, thinking vs feeling.

This will all play out over the next month and especially over the next two weeks as we build toward the Libra Full Moon in April.

Self-healing through Chiron/BML. Facing fears/demons. Every part of us gets a seat at the table. A focus on individual movement that works within our new collective framework. A karmic crossroads where we get to individually decide our priorities - we have been talking about the Cancer/Cappy energy for over a year now - and keep in mind the T-Square's empty leg is in Libra - so a need to bring our partners/other people and fairness and balance into the mix, too.

(Think about the caged immigrants and immigrant children we have been talking about for years. Now our 'own' people and our 'own' children are quarantined. The shadow of our actions will always rebound. If it won’t be realized as an aspect of our own nature, so we can work through it, it will, sooner or later, come at us from the world instead.)

Yes, we have a full plate and a need to be brave since we are in uncharted waters. The Moon is dark. It's not a time for big moves. It's like we have stepped quickly into a lake and our footsteps have stirred up the ground beneath the water and now the water is all muddy - we know this muddied water is temporary, so we wait until we can see where we are going.

Follow the Moon in the night sky. Let it grow/wax a little.

It's a time for courage and that's exactly what this blueprint provides us!

New Moon Affirmations
This New Moon is an excellent time for energetic support to make changes with things ruled by Aries - the head (headaches, acne, eyes, brain), the overall physical self, our physical safety, exploration, initiative, courage, leadership, strength, anxiety, stubbornness, impulsiveness, temper tantrums, anger, stress from inaction - what do we need more of in our lives, what are we needing to release.

AFFIRMATION TIPS: get into a calm, centered frame of mind - always make affirmations from a  positive (meaning certain and happy/content) space - write your affirmations down by hand in script, speak them out loud - with a fire New Moon maybe write your affirmations on strips of paper and burn them - now release your attention from these things knowing that your intention is known.  

Know these things are already yours.
xo all

Back with a bigger picture as we look ahead at the next few months and at Italy's chart.

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