Today's astrology Forecast | Wednesday, March 4, 2020 - things lighten, out-of-the-box love or money, a second look, saying it again, asking again, one of those March pivot points we talked about

Our Moon, at home in Cancer turns our focus to and nurtures us through home, family, real estate, mom, mothering, anything that feels like an "inside" job, allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and not have all the answers.

Her only aspect today is an opportunistic sextile to Uranus at 6:25AM EST - out-of-the-blue or forward-leaning money, love, relationships, resources. This is nice background music for the rest of the day's energies because -

this is also the day, and we talked about it HERE in the weekly for WEDNESDAY - Mercury retrogrades back into Aquarius, sextiling Venus on the way and then Venus moves home to Taurus.

Now, Mercury first walked 29 degrees Taurus back in early February - so we could be re-looking at something that we first talked/thought about back then. With Mercury in Aquarius now, and us having been backward through the confusing Piscean waters, we should be able to get a clearer/more logical look - we step back and see things more clearly. Reconsidering something from a better/less emotional angle. We might make a choice. Have an important conversation. Make a deal. Ask a question again.

That sextile to Venus indicates this is a good thing - an opportunity. Water/earth sextiles are yin - things should flow, there should be cooperation. I once read someone said "the odds and the Gods" are smiling upon us with sextiles and that sounds about right!

This is fleeting and then Venus takes this idea/conversation - home to comfort-loving Taurus. Maybe it makes sense/cents. So this is maybe something that makes us feel more loved/more secure/aides our resources/our wallet.

March is going to bring us multiple pivot/choice points and here is one of them.

xo all

photo by the talented IrinaJoanne

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