Astrology forecast for Creatives | Week of March 9, 2020 - clean up in aisle six, big full moon, mercury direct, chaos plus opportunities, nothing to fear but fear itself, entering the inevitable

This week kicks off with a BIG Full Moon determined to clean/clear something up plus Mercury stationing direct and ends with both Mercury and Saturn at the important and final 29th degrees of their journeys through Aquarius and Capricorn - does it sound like something is wrapping up here?!

I think I might hope so, because things are starting to feel more than a little bit cray-cray and looking ahead to the Spring Equinox time-frame the energies are HUGE!

We have been preparing for these big changes our whole life. Remember where we are now - we are past the level in the game we have always died before - if we feel like we don't know what we are doing or what is going to happen it is because we don't! And that is both the gift and the curse of our roles here. This is actually the time for patience with ourselves (and other people). We are working through the last crusty bits on the bottom of the pot that we have been avoiding cleaning out forever.

Let's unpack another important week!

MONDAY - Full Moon in Virgo, Mercury stations direct, Venus sextiles the North Node and trines the South Node
WEDNESDAY - Sun sextiles Jupiter
SATURDAY - Sun sextiles Pluto, Chiron squares the Nodes
MONDAY - Mercury moves into Pisces, Third Quarter Moon


Mercury stations direct (Yay) - she/he is still covering old ground until the end of March, but now our eyes are off the rear-view mirror and looking straight ahead.

Something that has been stuck can begin to move forward. In Aquarius we have enough distance from whatever we are dealing with to see the whole picture. this is still Pisces season, so not exactly a time for brain-storming - more a time of rusting grace and our intuition.

At the same time, Venus, past all those Cappy squares, past (though still active) her hook-up with Uranus, back on her home turf now, is sextiling (opportunity) our North Node and trining our South Node. Something new can slide into place now - with a little action on our part - and something old (that South Node) can ALSO be counted on to be there when we need it!

We are very attractive to our future. Move in that direction.

The Virgo Moon opposes the Pisces Sun giving us this month's Full Moon,; our annual Full Moon in Virgo.The Moon creates as Earth trine to Mars (in Cappy). The Sun inspires us to dream/heal and that earth trine gives us the opportunity to REBUILD.

Remember we said 2020 was our rebuilding year!

This is a big Full Moon opposing the Sun and Neptune with lots of Cappy support. We talked about it HERE.

TUESDAY - The Moon in Virgo goes void off a trine to Saturn at 4:42AM EDT (practical grounding, steady as she goes, good for working with authority, stepping into our responsibilities, we will feel good when we do good  and when we get stuff done). She will be void until 6:03AM EDT when she moves into lovely Libra turning our attention to our partnerships and other people. We will feel best if we have another person's arms around us and if things feel fair and balanced and look beautiful. She will square Chiron (tension/frustration around being ourselves vs other people/partners) early on and then slide through the rest of the day un-aspected.


The Sun, in Pisces, is now 60 degrees from Jupiter in Capricorn - forming an opportunistic sextile. More support for this year's Neptune/Jupiter transit in Pisces/Capricorn. Building the dream. We are feeling more optimistic/confident. Excellent energy to move something we want to expand forward since we will meet very little resistance! This is the theme of your Pisces house melding with the theme of your Capricorn house. At the same time our "can't we all just get along?" Libra Moon is squaring ambitious Mars in Capricorn. Tension/frustration. The need to pivot/adjust. But also passion and the friction that makes everything from rocket ships to babies. Later in the day the Moon will square Jupiter and Pluto - it might seem like other people are standing in the way of what we want to do or we might be giving too much or expecting too much from someone else or some situation. Emotionally there is a struggle to maintain our balance.

THURSDAY - The Libra Moon trines Mercury and goes void off a square to Saturn at 4:11AM EDT. When the Libra Moon is stressed our relationships could be, too. Probably before we move forward we need to deal with someone in authority or an old responsibility.

The Moon is void until 5:28AM EDT when she dives into Scorpio. Our attention likely turns to Scorpian themes (going deep with something, research, merged resources and money, taxes, inheritance, sex, reproduction, death, transformation) and if we have anything big going on it will feel more intense/life and death.

The Scorpio Moon will oppose Uranus at 12:13PM EDT (an unexpected challenge/change, buckle up) and then Venus (challenges via love, resources, money, our security, our wants and our needs are in opposition). Exciting or shocking news/changes.

FRIDAY the 13th - The Moon continues through Scorpio (a Scorpio Moon on Friday the 13th!), but with MUCH better aspects today! She will sextile Mars, trine Neptune, sextile Jupiter, trine the Sun and sextile Pluto.

Who said Friday the 13th is bad luck? Not me! All those Scorpio themes we talked about yesterday are working smoothly and opportunistically with our actions, our work, authority, our goals and plans for expansion, our dreams and creativity. A+ day. Of course, I can't see your natal chart - but there is support here.


Looking quickly ahead to the beginning of next week (the end of next week will be HUGE) we have a forward moving Mercury getting back into Pisces. We are walking these degrees for the THIRD time now. Is it three strikes we're out or third time lucky?!

Hopefully by now we are more comfortably guided by our intuition and our knowing that there isn't only one right answer/way forward, no crystal ball holding all the answers!

With Mercury's (communication, intellect) move from Aquarius into Pisces our thinking becomes less stubborn and more flexible. Our focus will not be as razor sharp but seeing the gray areas (as opposed to black and white, good or bad thinking) has its upside, too.

Decisions will become more intuitive and left brained.

But the truth can get a little bit stretchy. If we need to make a major decision now it will be hard to tell the facts from the fiction. But, and this is a big but, on the other hand we have been over this same ground multiple times - maybe there is nothing more to see/feel here! More information isn't going to help us anyway.  

Keep in mind our Pisces natal house is the space where we avoid looking at what is really going on and this is the second year in a row we have been FORCED to deal with what is happening here!

What do we know that we didn't know a few weeks ago? What have we re-vised? Re-viewed? Re-vamped? Re-visited?

At the same time the Sag Moon is squaring the Pisces Sun giving us our monthly Third Quarter Moon. This is a kind of crisis of faith/faith being tested. Maybe something we had put our faith in is dissolving now. What do we still believe? This is tension/frustration coming from our Sagittarius house and its natal theme - collectively this could be a legal issue, higher education, foreign issue, wedding, travel, our beliefs and big picture thinking.

Back with some big-picture stuff because really, what the hell is going on?!

xo all

photo by the talented BirdSophieBlack

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