Full Moon in Virgo | March 9th - coming down to earth, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself, a need to make things better and healthier, a dragon the size of a mouse, the solutions are coming

On March 9, 2020 at 1:43PM EDT, the Moon in Virgo opposes the Sun in Pisces at 19 degrees giving us this month's Full Moon; the year's first Super Moon. A Full Moon brings something to light (to our attention or into the open), to a fullness or to a culmination
It's the space in our breath when our lungs are full. We can't take in anymore. We have to exhale.

Let's unpack the chart.

The Moon is not only opposing the Sun (in Pisces) this year, she is also opposing Neptune (ruler of Pisces). So, we have the Sun inching past foggy, mystical and imaginative Neptune and we have the Moon in practical and grounded Virgo mumbling to herself "what the hell am I looking at here? is this for real? how am I going to clean up this mess?".

There is a kind of perfect storm of confusion in this chart. We have the Sun on Neptune with a Full Moon opposition, Mercury stationing direct (and we know how cray-cray things get at her/his station), Venus (our money, values, love, beauty) conjunct Uranus (chaos, anything-can-happen).

With Sun/Neptune maybe something hidden/something from the past/something we need to heal/something cray-cray is revealed. If we have been overly idealistic, bubbles pop. Fantasies are shown to be, well, fantastical. 

In earthy Virgo, we are brought down to earth

(like the world discovering here's what doomsday predictions will bring us, here is the reality - an economic meltdown, something that cannot be contained - and saying this makes me check where Pholus is in this chart - the genie out of the bottle asteroid/centaur - and he is exactly conjunct the South Node. We have been here before. This is not about a conspiracy theory - this isn't about some deep state trying to control us - this is about how life on planet Earth works - we change the world with our FOCUS. Are we going to let 24 hour news cycles with their own agenda control our focus?).

As the Sun pulls away from Neptune - and as Mercury stations direct and we get our legs underneath us and move through the next two weeks of this Full Moon cycle - we will have more CLARITY.

With the Moon in practical and industrious Virgo we can open ourselves up to answers. Wake-up calls - focused on our health, our work, our daily routines, our pets (or our natal Virgo house theme) are designed to wake us up, not kill us. This chart says there is something we can actually DO besides "wash our hands" of germs and the situation.

Think - better, healthier routine. Think - neutral position. By April we will know where we are going, but let's get our daily routine/any health neglects taken care of now to pave our way forward.

Keep in mind in Virgo we gain dignity and self respect from being good at something that is useful to other people. Think back to your Virgo New Moon intentions from September. It's a great time to take a step toward something - the Full Moon reflects plenty of inspirational Pisces Sun to light up our paths and those Earth trines will be supportive to physical action.

It is certain all we really have to fear here is fear itself.

Now, the ruler of Virgo and so ruler of this Full Moon, is Mercury - currently standing strong and still and retrograde in Aquarius, preparing to station direct in just a few hours. In Aquarius, she/he can deliver the news/facts we need without a lot of fluff and emotion. Maybe we step away from the fantasies/ghosts/mainstream media hoopla - and take a breath. REMAIN NEUTRAL.

As Mercury stations direct and moves through the end of Aquarius for the third time and goes back into Pisces to clear things up - over the next couple weeks - we will start to see more solutions, more facts (although some collective things could continue to be foggy until late spring/summer), more ways to fix what isn't working, more ways to heal, improved/healthier habits, more ways to make things BETTER and more ways to make better things.

Venus is sitting with Uranus so changes with our relationships, with our money and resources could be coming at us fast and furiously.

The good news. and there is alot here, the Moon is trining that Cappy pile-up providing some earthy and practical superpowers.

She is moving toward a conjunction/meeting with expansive, confident, and 'lucky' Jupiter.

All the energy we talked about for last week (other than the Moons) is in play at this Full Moon plus all the energy we will talk about for next week in the next post.

We'll talk more about this in the weekly tonight. There is alot going on and things can move in many different directions pretty quickly. This isn't about fortune-telling. It's about using the patterns and archetypes to make our life better.

Let's get Mercury moving direct, let's allow the Sun to move off Neptune. We have some nice solar sextiles later in the week and the only fly in the ointment is Chiron's square to the Nodes on Saturday.

Practical, grounded and health-focused advances are coming collectively as we step into this personally. This doesn't mean isolating ourselves. And it means washing our hands, but not of the situation - because this is really about us building a healthier body that can withstand a blow (by bending and not breaking). And keeping our focus on what we want and not on what we don't want - not because there is a deep-state plot to destroy us - but because this is the way life works!

There is alot of stuff coming at us and this isn't going to stop, life is always going to be like this - and yes, this is challenging for our nervous system and we are going to have to find ways (meditation, walks in nature, etc) to deal with this. The world has never been stable - we are just more awake now.

Remember where we are headed as the Nodes change signs in May. We started talking about it HERE.

Back with the weekly!

xo all

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