Today's Astrology Forecast | Friday, March 6, 2020 - unexpected changes, working through some tension/frustration/wonk so we can get to the fun stuff

We wake with a fresh and fiery Moon in Leo.

For the next couple days we are nurtured through our Leo natal house theme and the collective Leo themes of happiness, generosity, play, recreation, risk, creative projects, children, self-expression, romance, following our heart, taking the spotlight, taking the center stage, needing attention.

In Leo, the Moon gets busy squaring the Taurus planets - first, Venus at 7:00AM EST and then Uranus at 11:05AM EST - setting us up for some maybe uncomfortable and unexpected situations. We want/need to feel happy/valued. We want/need to know what the future holds. There is some tension/frustration here, maybe some shake-ups and changes. Things should ease as we move through the day and the Leo Moon moves off those squares and gets her groove back.

The Moon won't be making any aspects on SATURDAY, so we'll move through that fun-loving/heart-centered/creative Leo vibe unobstructed.

On SUNDAY (see the weekly HERE for lots of info) we have the conjunctions of the Sun/Neptune and Venus/Uranus - this has been in play all week and for another few days. More pivot points.

Sun/Neptune will let us know if we need some rest, some art, some music, a Netflix marathon!

Venus/Uranus could bring some unexpected goodies and our "wants" become focused on the future/something innovative/something else. 

The Moon (in Virgo here) makes nice with the Venus/Uranus conjunction pulling Virgo themes - our day-to-day stuff, our health, our pets, our work - into this.

Keep in mind we are building toward Monday's Virgo Full Moon happening as Mercury stations direct - answers come in, our trajectory/momentum is about to shift.

xo all

photo by the talented argyria

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