Today's astrology Forecast | Wednesday, March 25, 2020 - the crack, or maybe that curtain-less window, is where the light comes in

Our Aries Moon moves into a square with Jupiter 8:43PM EDT, Pluto 11:02PM EDT and finally, very late, goes void off a square to Mars at 3:16AM EDT. So, we are in the energy of the New Moon today moving toward these tense squares. Taking action. Doing something.

We could be feeling a bit stronger than we were a couple days ago - the Moon's move from Pisces to Aries is stimulating .. but this tension is out there/hanging over our heads. Won't be ignored.

By tonight, as the Moon faces these tough squares and at a time when the Nodes are exactly where they were back on September 11, 2001, things feel stressful/challenging - the Moon (as us) just wants to get the hell out of fiery Aries and into her void to prepare for earthy Taurus - where she is exalted and yes, she will have to square Saturn in Aquarius, but she also gets to hang out with her buddy Venus. So, we are waiting. 

Today's also the day the Sun (reaching 5 degrees Aries) meets hurting/healing Chiron, following the Moon's moves on Monday.

This brings our attention to what hurts.

And we are going to have to face this stuff, the bright light of the Sun leaves us no where to hide, but this doesn't mean we have to focus solely on this stuff. The news could feel like 9/11, so turn it off.

The good news - as the Sun shines a healing light on our vulnerabilities/old wounding/old, even primal fears - the memory/imprint is lightened/erased.

At the same time Chiron - because planets/points impact each other at contact - adds empathy - for ourselves, that we can share with others later - to the Sun's Aries fuel we are all burning now.

The Sun comes to this space, brings something that hurts to our attention/focuses us here, to allow some healing light in and at the same time the Sun (our fuel tank) is strengthened (and NOT weakened - we will see/feel the learning in that one as we start to feel better) by allowing itself to be changed by Chiron's healing energies around our vulnerabilities/weaknesses.

There is a reason Chiron is in Aries as we move through these challenging times.

The anxiety/fear we are feeling now is in direct proportion to previous times we (and our ancestors/past lives) have somehow been "unable to act" or unable to "win" or unable to "start"- to take care of ourselves, to protect ourselves, to stand up for ourselves, to be ourselves, to move forward when we were weak or fearful.
As we acknowledge our vulnerabilities and weaknesses and everything we could have done in the past that we think would have made us safer/stronger right now

(where the hell are those boot-straps anyway? I think I left mine somewhere back in 2011),


because remember life on this third rock from the Sun is nothing if it isn't magical, (and the cracks are where the light comes in, to steal a line from Leonard Cohen) -

we become MORE BRAVE, have more initiative, more passion and drive.

What if we knew with absolute certainty that whatever move we had made in the past, it wouldn't have helped us now. That we planned to face these dragons with exactly the sword, rock or feather we are now carrying. That we are exactly where we are supposed to be.

We now KNOW what it is like to be human - and not some invincible super-hero (and aren't our favorite parts of those superhero movies the times our heroes become more human anyway?).

Can we finally give ourselves a break? Understand we did the best we could do with the tools we carried and in the situation we found ourselves in. Can we feel compassion? First for ourselves and then this will spread out from us toward other people who we can start to see as afraid, just like us, rather than as weak or greedy.

We are truly all in this together.

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Always ahead of the curve, hubs and I have been cracking without any need of assistance from Chiron. He is methodically filling the entire house with his seed plantings - every table/chair/closed toilet seat covered with trays of early sproutings and today he admits he has lost some track of what is what. He has removed curtains and turned up the heat to keep these young ones warm, while I complain over the heating bill, duck around exposed windows to use the bathroom and dream of cheesecake (he is growing cheesecake isn't he - he has promised me cheesecake).

Although I guess without curtains - we are more ready than some, for that light to come in now ...

xo all

photo by the amazing ankazhuravleva

Back with that big picture and we'll look at the upcoming transits especially the powerful three-peat of Jupiter/Pluto - first one in early April and last in mid-November at that hot 22 Capricorn degree from January when Saturn met Pluto in Cappy for the first time in 500 years and 'time ran out'.

Age of Aquarius gettin' real here, folks!

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