Today's Astrology Forecast | Friday, December 4th, 2020 - courage and risk, knowing your value, healing words, looking into what you've been avoiding, making time for some fun



The Moon in Cancer makes the rest of her oppositions in the early A.M. EST opposing first Jupiter (1:52AM) and then Saturn (5:29AM). We won't have a Moon at home in Cancer opposing a Saturn at home in Capricorn for 28 years after this morning! Here's to that! She goes void off that Saturn opposition and will be void until 7:53AM EST when she moves into Leo. 


Our focus shifts to creative projects, romance, children, recreation, fun, our need for courage, what our heart desires, our natural white-hot SPOTLIGHT. 


From Leo she will trine (brakes off) Mercury in Sagittarius at 4:51PM EST - this is good news/maybe even something to celebrate. There is a square to a retrograde Uranus at 9:37PM EST, so there could be something unexpected and potentially frustrating to close out the day.


This is also the day Mercury trines Chiron. Words/information that is healing. Chiron is retrograde so this conversation/news could have its roots in an old situation. Maybe words we once needed to hear, but didn't, we are hearing now (maybe not from the same person/situation). With Mercury squaring Ceres at the same time, words that are preachy/pushy/overly enthusiastic will not be helpful. 


Use the trine to Chiron for a brave conversation or to look into information you have been avoiding.


This aspect can also produce a sudden epiphany - now, we get it. Here is why XYZ had to happen. To get us here.  


Old hurts can be healed if we allow it. 


Maybe through a process of discovery. Or maybe even sometimes - Just. Like. That (snaps fingers).


This probably won't be totally comfortable and Sag/Aries (not to mention that Leo Moon) requires some courage/some risk! Be confident.


Also have some fun this weekend - a Sag Sun and Leo Moon (the last before our monthly Leo Moons start opposing Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius - those Cappy planets have to go somewhere!) - demand some fun!


xo all 


photo by the amazing Natalia Ciobanu

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