Weekly Astrology Forecast | December 28, 2020 - January 3, 2021 - karmic culminations, fast changes, January is going to be exciting and explosive so enjoy any downtime and rest when you can


 I hope everyone had a nice holiday!


January looks to be quite an explosive/powerful month (December 2020 through February 2021 is massive), so enjoy any downtime when and where you can find it. Aspects from Neptune to our personal planets can make us tired/indicate a need for some extra rest/hydration. 


Life is liberating and has liberated us from old contracts and worn-out timelines. Our Aquarius house is GETTING ALL FIRED UP. It's let go or be dragged time people! 


Although the future is absolutely unpredictable (Aquarius!) - or will be once Uranus stations direct on January 14th - I would guess the next 20 years/200 years will be all about SCIENCE/technology, the integration of "the other" - evolving scientific theories, digital currency, quantum physics, gene medicine, contact with aliens, computers merging with people, changing gender identities, astrology (or will this ancient language of archetypes and patterns be lost to the old world?! I hope not) - what have I missed? No doubt ALOT. Certainly all the humanitarian/equality stuff that is Aquarius, too. And we don't want to miss that!!


The 60's may have tricked us though - I just wanted to hold hands and sing Kumbaya around a campfire, although my Aquarius stellium always told me (because I don't really want to hold hands and sing Kumbaya!) that this wasn't going to be the way the Age of Aquarius was to roll out.


I can and am still grieving the loss of that though. 


Even if I wouldn't have actually been there .... :)


This week looks quieter than what lies behind and ahead, but we do have a BIG Cancer Full Moon which will, as always, get its own post.


TUESDAY - Full Moon in Cancer (8 degrees)

WEDNESDAY - Venus square Neptune

THURSDAY - Venus conjunct South Node/opposes North Node

FRIDAY - Mercury sextile Neptune

SATURDAY - Mercury inconjunct North Node


TUESDAY'S Full Moon in home and family oriented Cancer wraps up our last six month/eighteen month Cancer story (we talked the New Moon in Cancer back in June HERE - that one was also a Solar Eclipse). Since the Moon rules Cancer, Cancer Full Moons are UBER powerful - with this one we have the Sun trining Uranus and the Moon inconjunct Chiron. Powerful/forward leaning changes that trigger or come through very old/familial wounds. Here we go. We must let go of where we've been/who we were. Inheritances are wrapping up folks. This Moon is a definite pivot point (January 4th is another one as Mercury meets Pluto) AWAY from very old contracts that have expired/old kings who no longer need to be satisfied by us. 


We'll talk about this Monday night in a BIG post.

On WEDNESDAY - Venus at 18 degrees Sagittarius squares Neptune at 18 degrees Pisces. 


This is Venus (love, money, women, our values, resources and self-esteem) and Neptune (our imagination, illusion. deception, escape) - this is mutable energy and squares bring challenges/tension. We are going to need to be flexible. Venus/Neptune is dreamy, although often kind of disappointing energy. We will need to be careful with our values, our money, our resources. We could be confused about what we want or what we believe, so this isn't the best time to make an important decision. We could have an urge to escape or martyr ourselves. Whatever this is, something is almost certainly wrapping up because

on the very next day, THURSDAY, Venus meets the South Node at 19 degrees Sagittarius and opposes our Gemini North Node. 


Venus on the South Node is an ending/release. This is KARMIC. This is old. The debt needs to be marked PAID IN FULL and so it will be. Old issues that are still impacting our self-esteem are ripe for disintegration. Weak links snap. The waning square to Neptune can make whatever this is that needs to fade-to-black, a little less painful. Neptune is a natural anesthetic. Venus/South Node can also bring people from our past back, sometimes for a quick (and again that Neptune square is a natural anesthetic), maybe unconscious, cord-cutting. Pay any bill that comes in now. Just pay it. If an apology needs to be made. Make it. Keep in mind this ending is coming through our natal Sag/Gemini polarity.

So, let's say you are a PISCES RISING and Sagittarius is your 10th house of career/Gemini your 4th house of home and family. The culmination hits your career house as Venus crosses over the South Node. The culmination brings changes to that 4th house (home, family) - which remember is your NORTH STAR this year. If you are a VIRGO RISING, this is pretty much the opposite scenario, Sagittarius is your 4th house - so here is where the karmic culmination is happening - as you point your arrow toward that 10th house (new career/work in the world).

On FRIDAY, Mercury, at 18 degrees Capricorn now (and how is that even possible, he is FLYING!) will sextile - opportunity - Neptune.


This is subtle - good for visionary ideas and language. We might wake remembering our dreams. Ideas are AVAILABLE for the right person - the person who can make them REAL - to pick them like apples. This is good for learning (Mercury) through osmosis (Neptune), so would be a good time to hang out with the smartest person you know. Compassionate (Neptune) language (Mercury) is helpful (sextile). Siblings may be illusive or confusing. Mercury in Capricorn is giving a Neptunian dream a structure to work with. Again this whole thing is subtle, but available. Talk to other people. The opportunity comes as one thought/conversation/idea drifts into another. People with planets/points near 18 degrees Capricorn or Pisces will feel its influence most.


On SATURDAY - Mercury - at 19 degrees Capricorn now - will inconjunct the North Node in Gemini. 


So, yesterday we had the smooth Mercurian energy and today's is a little jagged. Mercury in Capricorn is serious. His/her mind is on work. And Gemini needs variety/breathing room/doesn't like the boss breathing down her neck. That Gemini North Node is requiring us to do a little of this and a little of that and to take breaks as needed. If our Cappy brain can bend to accommodate this we can work with this energy/get it done. Otherwise, Gemini cannot meet Cappy's demands, so our thinking like a Cappy isn't helpful to our moving forward. There is a warning here about being too rigid/maybe too bossy. Yes, keep an eye on the bottom line/your goals/priorities BUT don't forget our path forward - GEMINI! - is about having a beginner's mind/asking questions/making conversation. Information needs to move. Mercury rules Gemini and the North Node, so flexibility/versatility/light communication is a key here.

Back with that BIG Full Moon post then we will dive into 2021.


January and February are the keys to the entire year - they unlock the box!

xo all


keep in mind, as always, I am writing about aspects when they are most exact - you can feel/experience them as they are waxing and waning, too

photo by the amazing Laura Makabresku

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