Today's Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Friday, December 18, 2020 - payoffs through individual and group efforts, taking a broader view of our relationships, being smart and strategic, Jupiter reaches the end of the line in Cappy


The Moon is in Aquarius now - we are nurtured through our groups, causes, the goals that bring us into connection with other people, our friendships, the internet, astrology, our freak flags, by giving something a little air/space. Not her favorite place to be since the Moon rules our emotions and Aqua can be a bit detached, but not as God-awful exhausting as these recent Cappy Moons certainly.


The Moon here gives us some air between Cappy responsibilities and Pisces connectivity. And we are going to be talking Aquarius, Aquarius, Aquarius soon. And it's Friday. Let's all take a breath. 


Her only aspect today a productive (opportunistic) sextile to Mars at 22 degrees Aries. 


Squaring that uber activated 22 Cappy from last January, Mars (as us) can make things happen via our individual (and group - that Aqua Moon) efforts. If the U.S. Congress cannot get a stimulus deal together under these skies - especially with Jupiter in his final day of Cappy and his only day without Saturn - they really all do need to just go home ... forever.

Juno moves into Sagittarius today - applying a wide angle lens to our relationships/contracts. We talked about this in the weekly HERE. She is going to be in Sag for a nice long slog, so if you are in a close relationship/commitment/contract - maybe give it a read and, more importantly, a think.

This is Jupiter's final full day in Cappy where any and all rewards have been hard-earned for us for the last year. He (as us) is more than ready to get the hell out of dodge. Venus is sextiling Pallas - the opportunities here coming (for our relationships, our resources/finances/self-esteem) by being smart and strategic. Pallas is in Aquarius now, so prepared to try new approaches/futuristic thinking. Venus in Sag, looking for adventure/a reason to be optimistic. We attract what we want by embracing potential. Seems clear cut this Sag/Aquarius sextile, but somehow never is (maybe because everything feels just a touch out of reach). Just keep in mind Venus is answering to Jupiter now, so his position at the very end of Capricorn comes into play here, too. 


Not alot of opportunities/rewards, but at least one. WE ALL GOT/GET AT LEAST ONE. Jupiter always does his job.

Next up will be the Saturn/Jupiter post (the world re-starts, like a computer rebooted with a new operating system) and then we will take a look at the charts for the first vaccinations - the UK chart and the US - and see what they can tell us about what the hell is going on. Also I noticed something interesting/peculiar in Obama and Biden's charts that could connect to the virus and we'll talk about that.  

xo all

photo by the talented winonaramon

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