Today's Astrology Forecast | June 16th, 2022 - what we value now, attracting the future, willing to be present for every step, better the carrot than the stick



The Moon finishes up in sober Capricorn today. She trines Venus, sextiles Neptune, inconjuncts the Sun and finally goes void at 2:41PM EDT off a conjunction with Pluto. She is void for about three hours and then moves into airy/detached Aquarius.

This is also the day the Sun trines Saturn and squares Neptune (part of this week's New Moon story, the Sun taking about a month to do what the Moon does in a couple, days - we talked about this HERE) and Venus meets the North Node (a BIG part of this summer's - NEW FUTURE - energies - we talked about this HERE). 

We can see how the Moon in Cappy - us being goal-oriented, unemotional, serious - think of the 'traditional' dad in a traditional 'mom/dad' scenario with all his power/responsibility -  is totally tied into everything else that is happening. 

Venus meets the North Node now - this is the way forward. 


Taurus - something more stable, comfortable, less complicated, simple, those new seeds we are putting in the ground, using what we already have, taking care of our bodies, taking care of our resources and our money, the Earth and what we value. Your Taurus house theme.


The Sun's square to Neptune is the challenge/what is standing in our way - the lie, the old dream, the nostalgia for what was, the illness, the addiction, the escape. 


The trine (smooth flow) to stable Saturn in Aquarius - the new reality, new rules, new responsibilities. Saturn is saying "no" to certain options and this is being reinforced by the Moon in Cappy inconjunct the Sun in Gemini. Some doors are closed.

That's OK, even if it looks like it isn't. 


Because some doors are OPEN. This summer is about a radical NEW REALITY, but Venus (right now where Mars, Uranus and the North Node will be later) is saying it's really already here. Look around you. Uranus and Saturn will both be retrograde by the time Mars gets there and the North Node is always retrograde. What seeds are you planting? What are you nurturing? Black Moon Lilith is in Cancer and, so is Ceres. This is challenging, but also a whole lot of STRENGTH. Five planets are in their home signs. 



Think about what makes the most sense/cents. What is the most practical, but also the most beautiful? Venus is in a nice alignment with Neptune and in her home sign of Taurus, this isn't about settling. This is about attracting what are actually the most important things. The things we can't live without. In some ways this is about survival, yes, but if we are lined up with our values we can flourish. The flower in your garden needs rich soil, sunlight and water. Room to grow. That's really it. What do you need? The answer is something similar.

(think about how good it feels to buy something you really want, but then think about the follow-up feeling later if you've bought something you really can't afford or hadn't put enough effort into somehow, the 'thing' can never live up, always disappoints - we need to know what we really value now/what really matters)

Venus is at 22 degrees when she meets the North Node in Taurus - she's looking for love/money in all the right places!


A master number. The iChing hexagram for 22 is one of my favorites and very suited to Venus in her home sign - it is called "beauty".


The iChing hexagram is a stack of six lines built from the ground up like a flower in the garden would grow. In each of the iChing's 64 hexagrams the pattern of broken and solid lines - which represent a unique interaction of yin and yang - tell a story. 


One of my favorite stories for beauty is "making your feet beautiful, putting away the carriage and going on foot".


This one is about not looking for a shortcut. "We are not expecting to travel quickly, to be whisked away from the dust of the open road in a isolated carriage. We are willing to be present for every step. We are not laying claim to any special status. There is a humbleness here and honest commitment to the journey. Without the carriage our trip won't be fast, but we will have the chance to discover the landscape on the way. There are things we would have missed in the carriage. We focus on that and not on the speed of our journey, our windblown hair, our tired feet."

When Mars and Uranus reach the North Node at the end of July/beginning of August they will be at 18 degrees - the iChing hexagram "corruption". I am going to talk about this in another post, but I would rather make my decisions/lean into my path NOW. Deal with reality now. Make contacts. Get things going now and next week when Venus trines Pluto and Mercury sextiles Jupiter. 


You probably do, too.

So, think about what makes the most sense/cents. Venus/North Node/Beauty - this is the carrot.  


Venus in Taurus is about enjoying life and Venus is sextiling Neptune (and Neptune is retrograde, so connecting to the part of the old dream that is still valuable). This isn't about settling, but we might need to broaden our concept of what 'success' looks like.  


The old definitions are already dead, killed off by Pluto on Saturn in January 2020. Keep this in mind, too.

xo all

artwork by the amazing Christobaldo1971

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