the astrology of friday and the weekend | June 3-5, 2022 - decisions, a change of direction, a Leo Moon weekend so have some fun

Sylvia Demers Artwork


We begin FRIDAY with the Moon wrapping up her journey through her home sign of Cancer. She trines Neptune at 5:04AM and goes void off an opposition to a retrograde Pluto (power struggle, home vs career, family responsibilities - Neptune is the way through this one - chill out a bit, pray/meditate, listen to music, get yourself to the ocean) at 11:14AM. 


The Moon is void until 2:38PM EDT when she moves into Leo and trines Jupiter - making late Friday afternoon/Friday night a good time for adventure/to shine. Good for date nights, fun with the kids. A time to be generous. Have some fun.

This BIG news today is Mercury stations direct! 


We talked about this HERE


Delays, revisions, etc - whatever has been holding us up since about May 10th will begin to move forward. Decisions will be made. Some things that BEGAN during the retrograde period will begin to unwind. But, Mercury is still in grounded/stable, but fixed earth Taurus, he won't get fully up to speed until he gets back into Gemini (his/her home sign) on June 13th. 


With Mercury in stable Taurus what moves forward now will need to make sense/cents.

On SATURDAY, the Moon continues her monthly journey through Leo. We are nurtured/nourished by fun, romance, children, attention, THE WHITE-HOT SPOTLIGHT. She trines independent/action oriented Mars at 6:15AM EDT, squares Venus at 6:46AM EDT (some relationship/financial tension possible), sextiles the Sun at 7:22PM EDT and squares Uranus (tension/frustration/surprising developments) at 11:46PM EDT.

The sextile to the Gemini Sun is this month's Waxing Sextile. 


This one is all about strutting our stuff. Information, choices, following our heart. Here is some of the 'potential', the creative opportunity of the May 30th New Moon in Gemini. The Moon is waxing/growing and so is our NEW IDEA/CHOICE/WHAT WE HAVE LEARNED.

The challenge today is the Sun's square to Juno, bringing a light on a relationship/contract tension or frustration. We could be having trouble deciding/committing or with Juno in Pisces, the terms of the agreement/relationship can be too unstructured, loosey-goosey. Maybe one party is distracted. The way through this one is that Waxing Sextile - Gemini/Leo - talk about it/deal with facts and details/follow your heart. 


There IS a creative solution here.

This is also the day Saturn stations retrograde until late October (25 degrees Aquarius). We talked about this, too, in the weekly HERE. We are reviewing our careers, goals, responsibilities, obligations/relationship with groups and authority. Saturn's retrograde can see us letting go of certain restrictions/obligations or stepping into them. Situations with authority can turn around. This can be a second chance to do the right thing. 


We will talk about this more as we move through it.

On SUNDAY evening, the Leo Moon steps into some tension/frustration - an opposition to that retrograde Saturn at 5:03PM EDT, followed by a square to a direct Mercury at 7:12PM EDT, so both planets stations are challenging us emotionally. Maybe through work/responsibilities/authority/group situations/financial situations. Maybe we just don't want the weekend fun to end and it's time to get serious. She goes void off that Mercury square (disagreement/argument/challenging information) and is void the rest of the night. So, enjoy Sunday before that opposition to Saturn might rain on your parade and use the void of course moon at night to rest/relax/prepare for next week.

xo all

artwork by the talented Sylvia Demers

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