Weekly Astrology Forecast | June 6 - 12, 2022 - talking about the bottom line, shocking clarity, changes with love and money, plots twist


I hope everyone had a nice weekend! 


Hang in there. Summer is COMING!


So where are we now? Mercury is direct and Saturn is retrograde. Something might have/might be about to TURN AROUND on us. 

On Friday we have the final perfection of April/May's repeating Mercury trine Pluto (this is the one with Mercury direct and Pluto retrograde, new conversations/information, old truths/intense situations). TRUTH, deep excavations, intimate conversations, intensity around money, sex, taxes, resources, values, inheritances, careers/goals, third party situations, health situations. 


Thinking/talking about 'life and death' matters, actual deaths or situations that feel like 'life or death'.


This has been in play for a few weeks, is exact again on Friday and then will wrap up a few days after that. This is transformational energy, is what Eclipse season was really all about. We aren't the same people we were a few weeks ago. How will we use these transformed energies?

(when we fight Eclipse 'upgrades', and believe me I understand, I have multiple middle-degree fixed placements that are getting hammered since I like things TO STAY THE SAME - we get as glitchy as our tech when upgrades are not made)

On Saturday, Venus will meet up with Uranus (this is really in play all week as it applies, strongest at the end of the week) - unexpected money, love, values. 

Money can come in or go out. Relationships can CHANGE. What we want can change. 

We don't want it anymore or we suddenly want SOMETHING ELSE. People can come in or make an exit. What we own can turn out to be more/less valuable than we thought it was. 

Something we thought we could count on might be shaken loose, and, yes we can't count on it anymore, but at the same time we are somehow freed up. 


Combined with the Mercury/Pluto feels like this week could bring some kind of SHOCKING CLARITY.

MONDAY - Sun sextile Chiron

TUESDAY - First Quarter Square (Gemini/Virgo)

FRIDAY - Mercury trine Pluto (3rd of three)

SATURDAY - Venus conjunct Mercury


MONDAY - Sun sextile Chiron, Uranus conjunct Pallas, Mars squares Ceres


Uranus reaches the degree of Pallas in Taurus (heads up - Gemini and Cancer season will both have oodles of Taurus energy this year). Out of the box insights. Sudden wisdom. New, even sudden/shocking strategies. Old patterns/routines, etc gone. New patterns start in an instant. This is about physical/real-world stuff, not pie-in-the-sky imaginings. In Taurus (fixed earth) stuff gets SIMPLIFIED. Does it makes sense/cents? It's a go. This isn't about some fancy/decorative thing. This is about SURVIVAL. Our security. Our resources. Our values. Our self-esteem. Our money. New plans. New strategies. Maybe something is stuck and gets a reboot.

Keep in mind Uranus has been in our Taurus house, "shaking stuff up", since the middle of 2018. Now, here's Pallas, a change agent, too, stripping away illusions.

At the same time, Mars, at 9 degrees Aries is squaring Ceres in Cancer. This is tension/frustration. Mars in Aries wants to GO/do and he (as we) runs into this challenge with mama-bear Ceres. Maybe this is our/someone's personal needs vs home/family. Maybe a situation forces us to take action to protect ourselves or someone else. Maybe we are forcing nurturing/mothering on someone or some situation that doesn't need it/want it. Maybe this is about a change of life/season of life issue that needs a kick in the ass, so here comes Mars to do just that. 


Rather than down a half gallon of Ben and Jerry's we can use today's third perfecting aspect as a way through the scuffles - the Sun, at 15 Gemini sextiles Chiron in Aries. 


Ask questions. Don't be afraid to discuss what hurts. Creative opportunities come as painful issues/wounds are talked about. Although the subject matter may be deep/important this is Gemini, so KEEP CONVERSATIONS LIGHT. Consider your options. There is more than one answer/way through here. Or maybe this is about seeing two sides to the story. Be brave. Everyone's weak spots/fragile spaces/vulnerabilities are being exposed with a Sun/Chiron and that's ok/that's what HEALS. What did Rumi say, "the wound is the space where the light gets in"? Look for options. Be willing to adjust. Keep words light.

Gemini season (Sun in Gemini) requires flexibility. We can plant that flag on the 'hill we will die on', but even if the flag gets to stay, we might still be dead. Do some yoga. We want to live.

On TUESDAY, the Moon in Virgo squares the Sun in Gemini (16 degrees) giving us this month's First Quarter Square - challenge to whatever started at last week's New Moon in Gemini. With both Virgo and Gemini ruled by a newly direct Mercury trining Pluto (and unwinding a square to Saturn as they move away from each other) - this is IMPORTANT. The Moon in Virgo wants us to focus on one thing/stick a pin in something/DECIDE. This is a square, so won't be comfortable. This is Virgo, so the best choice will be practical, helpful, healthful and sensible. The Sun in Gemini, who wants to move from one fast thing to the next NEEDS to adjust to the Moon here and so do we.

On FRIDAY - Mercury trine Pluto, Mercury, at 28 degrees Taurus, trines Pluto, retrograde in Capricorn.


This is the final hit of a three-peating aspect we first had back on April 28th. We are getting to the truth/the bottom line. This will be about your Taurus house theme or the collective themes of money, resources, values, love, self-esteem, Pluto in Cappy can pull in career/reputation situations, too. Trines are smooth aspects, this makes deep/intense words/information easier to discuss. The 'keep conversations light' thing is so four days ago. Now, information is intense, BUT the smooth connection allows something to click into place. Pluto/Mercury speaks of transformational ideas. Powerful words. People speaking their truth. It will be easier to manipulate/be manipulated, too, so keep this in mind. Some might take advantage of this energetic flow for their own agendas. Both planets are in earth signs, so there is something practical here. This has been/is a long transit. Reality is transformed.

NOTE - the Moon is in Libra. She makes a nice trine to a retrograde Saturn at 8:27AM EDT, but by 1:36PM EDT she is going void off a challenging square to Pluto. So, although Mercury has the smooth trine, the Moon is making a tense/frustrating square. Whatever this Mercury/Pluto trine has been about for us - it's been in play for weeks and wraps up in about another week - it is likely challenging our partnerships, tossing something out of balance or just feels unfair.


On SATURDAY - Venus conjuncts Uranus. Venus, at 16 degrees Taurus already meets up with disruptive Uranus. People with planets/points near the middle of the fixed signs are already feeling the quaking and shaking of this one.


Collectively here is where our love, money, resources, values, the planet/weather, self-esteem, Taurus house theme is DISRUPTED/changed/innovated.

What we want can change. We don't want it anymore or we suddenly want SOMETHING ELSE. What we own can turn out to be more/less valuable than we thought it was. Something we thought we could count on might be shaken loose, and, yes we can't count on it anymore, but at the same time we are somehow freed up. PLOTS TWIST. Hearts are OPENED. Sometimes broken opened. 


Venus in Taurus wants ease/comfort, but here Uranus is merging with the Goddess, SHAKING THINGS UP. There is no telling what we or someone else will want right now.


On Monday, Mercury will be back in Gemini and the pace/communications will pick up! 


Back with some dailies and a big picture about next year.

xo all

artwork by the amazing Harkale-Linai

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