today's astrology forecast | Wednesday, June 8th, 2022 - saving the pink paint for the unicorn



The Moon moves into Libra today. Now we are nurtured/nourished through other people, our relationships, through balance and fairness (we will also feel all the ways these things are lacking in ourselves/our lives/the world). She opposes Mars and Chiron (in Aries) this morning/today and trines the Sun tonight. 

The oppositions to the planets in Aries can bring up pain/disagreements/anger/old wounds. Libra, in an effort to maintain peace/balance, can bring out any tendencies to pouring pink paint over problems and calling them a Barbie's dream house. Let's avoid that passive-aggressive crap and the 'projecting/exploding all over people' stuff. Libra/Aries is together vs alone, women vs men, collaboration vs independence, peace vs war. 


These things can feel very far apart, but they are just the other side of the same coin. We need to find the middle ground here.

The Moon's trine to the Sun will help/gives us a way through any trouble spots. 


Libra/Gemini. Keep things light. Use humor. Offer choices. Mercury (ruler of Gemini) is recently direct and Venus is all comfy in her home sign - this is good energy for new ideas/conversations. There are ways to feel good/comfortable. We don't have to pour the pink paint, can save that for the unicorns we might be needing at the end of the week. 


Talk. Write. Listen. DO something together casually. Be flexible/adjust. The Libra Moon/Gemini Sun can open up our thinking. We can see other points of view, maybe even that other side of the coin ...


As always, keep in mind the BIG picture. 


Our inner planets are all direct now. The Moon is waxing (growing). This IS a time for forward movement. If something that started/went to sleep back in April/May has WOKEN UP, our attention will likely go THERE. Collectively, this is Gemini season - time to talk, write, socialize locally, try new things/a little of this and a little of that, flirt, take care of your car/your tech, call your sister.

xo al1


artwork by the talented Olechka

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