venus and the north node | our values will determine our future - the huge energies of late July and early August are already in play


We talked about Venus and the North Node in the weekly HERE, but this is REALLY going to matter in a few weeks, so let's dive a little deeper.


As I write this on Monday, June 13th, Venus is at 18 degrees Taurus. 


She is sandwiched between Uranus at 16 degrees and the North Node (our best path forward) at 22 degrees. This is all happening in Taurus, so Uranus and the North Node are answering to HER. 


On August 1st, Mars will meet the North Node AND Uranus at 18 degrees, so he will be then where Venus is right now


(Uranus will meet the North Node on July 31st

That Mars/Uranus/North Node conjunction will be speaking to Black Moon Lilith in Cancer (she will be conjunct Venus and squaring Chiron) - our wounded child/family/tribe - and Chiron in Aries - our wounded masculine. Ceres will be with the Leo Sun. The Sun will be trining Jupiter. Mercury will be opposing Saturn and squaring the conjunction, so we'll have a T-Square pointed at the Mars/Uranus/North Node. THIS IS A BIG DEAL. Big things will be happening. The next day, August 2nd, Venus will sextile - opportunity - the North Node AND Uranus from 18 degrees Cancer.

From Cancer, on August 2nd, Venus will be sextiling (opportunity) the North Node. In Cancer, she will pull in home and family situations and be answering to the Moon. The Moon will be in Libra so pull in relationships/partners, fairness, justice and balance issues and she will be answering to Venus. This mutual reception (both in each other's signs) will give both energies access to themselves, strengthen them, but they have to go through the other feminine energy. 


This will all be happening while Mars is merged with the North Node and Uranus in Taurus and answering to Venus, too. And Venus and Mars will be sextiling each other! Whew! We really want to be in the right place when all this is happening.

I don't know what is going on in your own life, but the summer blockbusters and our future security is being set up NOW. 

OK, so back to the present. Venus has already passed over Uranus. Changes with our finances/our stability. Sometimes this will bring chaos/disorder. Sometimes good opportunities come out of the blue that bring change/anxiety. Remember Venus is in her own sign. She is strong/stable. And even though Uranus in Taurus is answering to her, Uranus has shaken her up. This doesn't have to be a bad thing and with Uranus in Venus's sign, unless we had something totally stuck in the mud and needing to be liberated by any means possible, it really shouldn't be.

Then, Venus meets up with Pallas - our wise warrior/justice energy. 


Everything happens for a reason. So, we NEED Venus to meet Pallas (merge the seductive Venus and the strategic Pallas) AFTER she has been shaken up and BEFORE she merges (as us) onto this NEW ROAD.

What this means to us is we need to strategize, recognize patterns, figure out what will make the most sense/cents. Picture the smart and savvy general at the war table making his plans. Now, this isn't just any Pallas, this is Pallas in TAURUS. So, these strategies should be grounded in reality. This is about making real moves and not just having big ideas. Plans/solutions should be simplified and based on ESSENTIALS. This is about real things we can TOUCH. Taurus is fixed and fertile earth - this is about what we want to GROW. 

Pallas meeting Venus tells us we need to SMARTEN UP!

(and note what Venus does this week, Pallas is doing next week)

Also in order for Venus to meet the North Node of Fate - she has to square Saturn and sextile Neptune. 


There is no way around this stuff. 


Even with travel restrictions lifting, she can't just sneak off to a Motel 6 and meet up with the North Node on the sly.

Both Saturn and Neptune are retrograde, so there are connections to old responsibilities/old limits/old paternal story-lines and old dreams, old ghosts, old needs for forgiveness/compassion/connection. All three of these planets - Venus, Saturn and Neptune are in their home signs, so they are all strong, able to function as they intend to. The kings of their castles. There is a reason for this, too. Life is HELPING US.

The square to a retrograde Saturn speaks of tension/frustration coming through our Aquarius natal house. Rules. Limits. This is Venus/Saturn, so what we want is RESTRICTED. We might have to work within certain limits/boundaries/rules. We might have to step into a responsibility we have been avoiding or let go of an old goal or lose something that used to stabilize us. We might have to work hard. Have patience. Venus can't beat Saturn. To get on the NEW ROAD we might have to change what we want. 


Maybe whatever this is, we are somehow strengthened - made ready for the path ahead, by WHAT WE CANNOT HAVE.


For Venus, the way onto the NEW ROAD/best path forward is the Neptunian sextile. This one isn't a problem. This one is an opportunity, but it NEEDS TO BE TAKEN.

Sextiles are active aspects and require action.

Now, Neptune is retrograde, so this opportunity has its roots in the past, too


So, maybe this is an old dream. 


When Neptune goes back, he can go WAY BACK, so maybe this connects to a past life dream or an ancestor's dream. And now here is an opportunity to integrate dreams with reality. We might have to return to a situation that asks for our forgiveness or compassion. We might be using our intuition/prayer. There could be some undefined need/longing here that we won't want to ignore. Dissatisfaction with what we have/can't have or maybe an inability to acquire more material resources - can awaken us to something BIGGER THAN OURSELVES, something more healing, more spiritual, more CONNECTING. 


Taurus (where Venus is) is fixed earth. Pisces (where Neptune is) is mutable water. These are very different energies, but are magical together. Reality and the dream. Making the dream real. An inner journey. 


This opportunity is coming through your Pisces house


What is the theme of the house Neptune rules in your natal chart (the house with Pisces on the cusp)? What is going on there? What needs to happen that is more simple/more sustaining? What needs to be forgiven? What is the unfinished business? What is the old dream?

Saturn rules karma and Neptune what is behind us, our ancestors, past lives - there are alot of old chickens coming home to roost over the next two months. Old books are being balanced - some of them long ago burned, lost to time, gathering dust on even dustier shelves. 


Bottom line - this is all about the ending of the old complicated sh*t "THAT WE JUST CAN'T DO ANYMORE" and the flourishing of a newer, more simple way of operating. Neptune is past Saturn - a space beyond limits and boundaries. This is like heaven and earth working TOGETHER to guide the shape of things to come, to make the solid world more ethereal and bring the ethereal realms down to Earth. There is something really important, a whole lots of somethings, personally and collectively, we need to get right.

Anyhoo, I wanted to pop this up since I am going to say something quite different in the Full Moon post, but these aspects, with their connection to late July's and early August's HUGE energies are something we want to pay attention to.


I hope this is helpful.

xo all

artwork by the talented NomeEdonna

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