today's astrology forecast | Wednesday and Thursday, June 22nd - 23rd, 2022 - all part of falling in love with reality



The Sun is in Cancer. The Moon is finishing up in Aries today - we are nourished/nurtured by action, physical movement, taking the initiative, time spent alone, time spent with men, passion, anger. 


She meets up with ruler Mars at 2:58PM EDT and sextiles Saturn at 10:18PM EDT. 


We want to be constructive with all this fire. Take it seriously. Don't waste it, but don't burn the house down either. Be brave, but not overly pushy or impulsive. We want to be taking action on what we want (the Moon is waning, so good for things we are finishing/wanting to release), exercising, doing something new/fresh. It's good energy for independent work. Avoid rushing which can lead to accidents. The sextile to a retrograde Saturn tonight shows opportunity when we deal with what we have been procrastinating. Good for working on long term goals/career goals/dealing with responsibilities.

This afternoon Venus leaves her home sign of Taurus for Gemini. She starts answering to Mercury in Gemini, so we will feel the change, but with Mercury in his/her home sign (and the Moon moving into Taurus tomorrow) - the change should be smooth/as it should be. With Venus in 'multiple everything' Gemini, what we want can change ... and change again. This gets tricky with the Sun in Cancer where we will be more emotionally attached to things.


We talked about this in detail in the weekly HERE

Chiron, at 16 degrees Aries, squares Ceres in Cancer. This is kind of echoing the Black Moon Lilith in Cancer square Jupiter we have been talking about. 


Mother/family/home wounds are triggered. 

Chiron in Aries heals through action/initiative/courage and Ceres in Cancer takes things very personally, handles things in private, within the family, within her shell. We can see how this Aries/Cancer square gets tricky/uncomfortable. We are pushed to leave our safe space or pushed to create one. 

Yesterday, Pluto retrograded back to 27 degrees Capricorn, preparing for his second go at the U.S. natal Pluto (U.S. Pluto return), which will be exact on July 11-12th. The first exact hit saw Russia invade/bomb Ukraine just as transiting Mars edged past Venus in Capricorn right on "time runs out". This second exact hit will have transiting Venus EXACT on the U.S. natal Mars (with transiting Mars in Taurus, so answering to her) and Ceres in Cancer EXACT on the U.S. natal Mercury. Whatever is happening then, and it won't just be about Russia/Ukraine, might be what is setting off big changes/the potential chaos at the end of the month and into early August. 


We talked about that first conjunction HERE, we'll dig into the second one next week. 

TOMORROW, the Moon will be in Taurus, the sign of her exaltation. We are nourished/nurtured by more traditionally nurturing things - a warm bed, a soft touch, good food, security, time spent in nature, time spent with what/who we value/love, all the good stuff money can buy and all the good stuff money can't.


The Moon is exalted in Taurus because she can really settle down here. Just keep in mind with Uranus in Taurus (Moon meets Uranus on Friday) and Saturn in Aquarius (Moon squares Saturn on Saturday) changes and challenges are par for the course.


At 12:11 on Thursday, she will sextile the Cancer Sun at 2 degrees.

The sextile is this month's Waning Sextile. Taurus/Cancer. Cancer is about the past and Taurus the here and now. This waning sextile feels like just the salve for yesterday's painful Chiron/Ceres. Releasing the past/working with what we have. Enjoying our physical senses - the things that feel safe and nurturing. Taking care of our home/family/finances. Enjoying nature/good food. Keeping things simple. This sextile is part of last week's Full Moon story about releasing the lie/exaggerated hope and falling in love with reality - pulls that Full Moon story forward as we head toward the Cancer New Moon (conjunct Black Moon Lilith and squaring Jupiter) next week.

I hope something here is helpful.

xo all

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