today's astrology forecast | wednesday, November 30th, 2022 - time to rethink or revise something home and family related, a week to let go and let God


During Tuesday's almost all day void Moon - did you notice how stretchy time was? I swear we lived twenty minutes that lasted two hours.


We had a funeral for two of my husband's family members, one who died last month and another whose funeral was delayed by covid. I was worried something was going to go wrong - with Mars retrograde and out of bounds in my Gemini 8th house (one of the things the 8th house rules is death/funerals and I had made all the arrangements), the void Moon and Mercury opposing Mars, so we decided to go to the cemetery an hour early to make sure everything was alright. We discovered the workers had dug the graves at the entirely wrong plot. And the nun who could set the whole thing right was out of state because her nephew was in a car accident - very Mars/Mercury, too (he is ok)! 

Then we were told the family plot didn't extend where we thought it did. We applied Saturn - were mature, patient, willing to work within established limits/the rules even as we asked for more (Sag!), dealt with the grayest haired person we could find (I am not kidding here, and, of course, hubs knew nothing about this whole 'apply Saturn' thing, but just did his normal thing, which can be pretty Saturny). We were eventually able to get it ironed out and the funeral proceeded on time, plots dug exactly where we wanted them even if they were a bit beyond our legal boundaries (thank goodness for the Neptune squares, out of bound Mars and void Moon!), but with Mars retrograde in Gemini, even the two graves which I thought were enough 'double' to satisfy the dualistic energy and have things run smoothly, wasn't, and the two graves had to be dug twice! The cemetery said they had never opened up the wrong plots before and I (almost) believed them.


Now the Moon has moved into Pisces and quickly moves into a square with the Sagittarius Sun today. Our First Quarter Square - mutable, changing, Pisces/Sag. Squares from planets in Pisces can be exhausting or disappointing. Something can dissolve. There might be the need to give up something in order to keep going or something slips through our fingers ready or not. Boundaries thin. Our faith is tested. Endings are gentle/peaceful. We might need a rest. The Sag Sun can be quite blustery/a know-it-all, so here may be where we find out we don't. Big plans, that were full of hot air to begin with, can drift off course. Pisces rules our collective 12th house of what is behind us, so we can't see what's coming/don't know what we don't know - we have to turn the wheel over to bigger hands than ours in Pisces. Let go and let God often applies.

This is also the day Pallas stations retrograde at 26 degrees Cancer, so something home/family/mother/nurturing related may change course or come to a halt. There is the need for re-thinking/re-visions. With a confusing Pisces First Quarter Moon happening at the same time and all the Neptune squares this week, this won't be the time for big decisions, so whatever is slowing/confusing or drifting off course is going to need to drift for a while. Some strategies and Cancerian action may need a time out because we JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO.

Pallas represents both wisdom and skills. I see her as a co-ruler of smart, but detached Aquarius (this might be just me though), so don't see her as particularly well-suited for the emotional/maternal waters of Cancer (and she did spring fully formed from her father's head - a father's daughter type energy), but certainly there is EMOTIONAL WISDOM here, maybe an old story connected to our roots or the root of a current project that needs revising. She is going to get all the way back to 10 degrees Cancer before she stations direct on February 16, 2023. Mercury will square the North Node that day and the Sun will meet Saturn. With so much happening this week and so much happening on the day Pallas turns direct in the middle of February, whatever this is that is held up now or changes direction, it matters/is no small thing. 


Take a breath and your time here.


Remember the weekly post - the best stuff is found through Saturn this week. Patience. Restraint. Responsibility. Maturity. Stay humble. Work WITH the limits/rules (even as we sometimes effort to move beyond them - Mars out of the bounds of the Sun).

xo all


Big picture post in the works!


photo by the talented darkgomo

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